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10 Importance of Surah Waqiah in Al Quran Muslim Must Know

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Surah al Waqiah is the 56th surah in the Mushaf of Al Quran which has 96 verses. This surah belongs to makiyyah letter which descended after the Thoha surah and contains a description of the turmoil that occurred on the day of qiyamat, and at the time in the human reckoning is divided into three groups:


the group that hasten to do good ness (As Shabiqun), the right (ashabul yamiin), and the wretched left (ashkhabus syimal) : as well as replies that is obtained by each class.

This surah also contains a rebuttal of Allah against those who deny the existence of God, resurrection day, and the existence of reckoning. It is also mentioned in this surah that the Qur’an comes from lauhul mahfudz.

Surah al waqiah has many virtues when compared with other surah, although every surah in the Qur’an must have them, as well as Ar Rahman’s virtue. Well, what is the virtue of surah al waqi’ah? The importance of surah al waqiah as follows :

1. Surah Waqiah as a reminder of the power of God and increase the Faith

The content of sura Waqiah among others is that God is in charge of the world and the hereafter with no one who knows when the day of qiyamat. Therefore, we should be able to increase our faith by living the reading of al waqiah and its meanings.

2. Surah al Waqiah can be a protector of poverty

As Abu Ubaid narrated:

Abdullah ibn Mas’ud Rodiyallahu Anhu said:

I heard the prophet saying: ‘whoever read surah al waqi’ah every night, he will not be struck by piety forever.’ Ibn Masud said,” I have ordered my daughter to read it every night. ” (HR Abu Ubaid in Fadhoil Al Quran)

Therefore, many Muslims think that Al Waqiah can smooth our sustenance based on the hadith above.

3. Surah Waqi’ah was read by the Prophet Muhammad at dawn

As described in sohih hadith :

Jabir ibn Samurah rodhiyallahu Anhu said:

The prayers that the Prophet Muhammad did like the prayers you do today. But sometimes he lightened it. Pray that he did was lighter than your prayers. In the morning prayer he sometimes read surah al waqi’ah and the like. “

4. Surah Waqiah can prevent us from negligence

The Messenger of Allah (saws) said:

“Whosoever read al-Waqi’ah, then he will be recorded as not belonging to the negligent.”

This hadith is conveyed by Ubay bin Ka’ab. Al waqi’ah is a letter that also contains the circumstances of the afterlife, so it is very important if al waqi’ah is a reminder to us so that we are not negligent during our life in the world.

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5. Reminder of death

Our death can not be known, nor we can know it will be end with khhusimul khotimah or vice versa. Therefore, in order to keep our faith and be protected from paganism, we should read Al-Waqi’ah surah with an open heart so that we can remember death and improve ourselves before the death comes. (read: Importance of Faith in Islam)

6. Al Waqiah make hair messenger gray

Ibn Abbas rodliyallahu anhu said:

Abu Bakr Ash-Shiddiq rodliyallahu anhu said to the Prophet Muhammad SAW: “O Messenger of God, your hair colour turns into gray.” He said: “my hair is gray because of the Surah Hud, Al Waqi’ah, al Mursalat, an Naba ‘ and at takwir. ” (This hadith is self-directed by Turmudzi and this hadith is ghorib hadith)

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7. Know the nature of the inhabitants of heaven

In the commentary of Tafsir Ibn Kathir explained that Allah speaks while informing of the people who first entered Paradise and brought to Him, that they are a large group of the former people, and a small part of the last living people.

The theologian argue that what is meant is the word of Allah in surah al Waqi’ah “tsullatum minal awwaliin, (13) wa qoliilun minal aalkhiriin (14)”.

The Messenger of Allah said:

I really hope you become a quarter of the inhabitants of heaven.

8. Know the beauty of the nature of Heaven

It is clear that there are several verses in surah al-Waqiah which explain plainly about the qualities of heaven’s beauty as in verses 27 through 40. Among them are “wa dzillim mamduud.” (30) “which means and shelter that stretched wide .

Then Imam Bukhori also narrated from Abu Hurairah conveyed to the Prophet Muhammad, he said:

In heaven there is a tree, (if) a man who rides on his way under a hundred years, he remains under his shade and never succeeds in conquering it. If you will, read the dzillim mamduud- “(H.R. Muslin and At-Tirmidhi)

And there are many more of the beauty of heaven described in surah Al Waqi’ah. (Read also Seven Heavens in Islam)

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9. Knowing the nature of hell

In verses 41 to 56 it is explicitly explained about the properties of hell. As the verse “fi samuumiin wa khamiim 42, wa dhillim min yakhmuum (43)” which means:

“in (torment) the very hot wind and boiling water (42), and in the shade of black smoke (43). “

If we read it with an open heart, then our body unconsciouslywill be tremble because of fear of God’s punishment.

10. Reminder of the truth of Al Quran

At the end of this letter, many sentences such as “afaroaytumun Naarolladzi tuuruun (71), a antum ansya’tum syajarotahaaaa am nahnul munsyiuun (72),” which means: “then, explain to me the fire you have lit (from  wood rubbing) (71), did you make the wood, or did We make it? (72) ”

Masya Allah, beautiful sentences and make us wake up. There are still many sentences like this in surah al Waqiah that can remind us of the truth of the Qur’an and the truth of God the Lord of nature. In verse 77 it is also mentioned “wainnahu laquranun kariim” which means “indeed this Qur’an is a very noble reading “(77).

The subsequent verses also explain that the Qur’an should not be touched except by holy person, and many more verses which makes us more and more convinced that Allah is the one who sent down the Quran and that theQuran is a divine words with unparalleled beauty in this world. (read: how to memorize quran)

Thus some of the virtues of Al Waqiah which is expected to make us more love the Qur’an, the more faith, the more diligent to do worship to God, and so forth. Whatever worship we do willingly, Insya Allah it will produce virtues for ourselves. It’s like reading Al-Qaqiah surah both in the night and in the daytime. Wallahu A’lam.

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