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13 Importance of Volunteering in Islam

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Giving and helping especially those in needs is very important in Islam. Most of us think that giving should be in the form of wealth, but actually it can also in the form of volunteer. Islam sees volunteer as a productive and beneficial form of helping others in need or sadaqa. It does not have to be in the form of wealth, it is you helping others with anything that you can do. See also importance of charity in Islam.


Volunteering is not only beneficial for others but also as a way to earn reward. Volunteer is a society or groups of people who sincerely work without being paid for the contribution. Here are 13 importance of volunteering in Islam.

1. Encourage self-assessment

Changes in life do not come from nothing. It only happens when you open up the door to constructive criticism. Through this way you can be the best volunteer and make some changes to benefits others. Once you have reached the self-assessment, you can come to self-improvement and become a better person.

Verily, by Allah, we think that every believer blames himself. He says (questioning himself) ‘What did I intent by my statement? What did I intend by my eating? What did I intend in what I say to myself?’ However, the sinner proceeds ahead and he does not blame himself. (Surah Al-Qiyamah:2)

2. Makes you to be organized

A serious volunteer is basically someone who has no time to waste. They dedicate time as much as they can, doing work to help others for the sake of Allah. It can be in the form of helping local mosque, raising fund for orphan, help needy children and elderly, and many more. These serious volunteer realize that the more time they invest means the more fund to collect instead of concentrating on them. These people need to be organized everything – schedule, plan, and deadlines – so, they can spend their precious time for the sake of Allah.

3. Serves as best motivation

Maintaining to always productive 24/7 can be quite difficult. This is mostly because even though we know the benefits of being productive every day, but it mostly centered toward ourselves. If the motivation for being productive centered on other people, the efforts will elevates. Volunteering shifts the focus of our activities from individuals to society in needs. Being unproductive as volunteer means someone – who we could have helped – may be suffering.

The Prophet said, “I and orphan’s guardian, whether he is a relative or non-relative, will be like these two in Garden,’ and then transmitter indicated the index and middle fingers. (Sahih Solero). See also rewards of helping orphans.

4. Competition in goodness

Competition is everywhere these days, but the best competition should be in goodness. Friendly and goodness competition helps encourage people. The Prophet also uses this competition in goodness during battle of Hunain and in everyday life. It is a must to encourage other Muslims to compete with each other in goodness while fostering brotherhood. see also tremendous benefits of blood donating in Islam.

And those who give whatever they (have to) give while their hearts are trembling” referred to people who committed sins, he replied: “No. They are those who fast, pray, and give charity whilst fearing that (theses deeds) may not be accepted (by Allah). They are those who compete with one another in good deeds.” (Bukhari)

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5. Provides vision

As much as productivity matters, but it becomes pointless if it does not pointed in the right division and has clear vision of the actions. The most importance of being productive is the vision or goals. The main vision of volunteering should be helping others in need sincerely and uniting Muslim.

“Ali said, ‘Judge as you used to judge, for I hate differences (and I do my best) till the people unite as one group, or I die as my companions have died.” (Bukhari)

6. Connect to others

Islam appreciates brotherhood and friendship very much. Through volunteering, it opens the chance to connect to other people and strengthen friendship. Each volunteering community has different background and vision with people from different education background, origin, job, and culture. Even though there are lots of differences in the community, the members unite together in one vision to help other in needs.

7. Improve general health and happiness

Ever feel unhealthy and sad? Perhaps, you need to volunteer. According to research, there is nothing great to enhance cardio health than doing something good to help others in need. When we help others or do good deeds, the entire cells in the body transforms and enhance the immune. With volunteering, the intensity of grumbling or complaining will reduce and we can easily accept our condition.

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8. A way to earn Allah’s reward

Volunteering is undoubtedly a good deed if done sincerely for the sake of Allah and not because one wants to show off. If it is done sincerely, Allah will give immense reward for it.

Is the reward for good (anything) but good” 55:60

In reality, volunteering sincerely can be a tough job when other praised for the good and hard word or when things get little rough with the people you work with. Even though you encounter hardship and difficulties, do not give up. Allah tests us to measure the level of “ihsan” in different situations, so, He can reward us based on what we have done. See also importance of helping others.

Other Benefits

The following is extensive benefits of volunteering that we can apply into everyday life. See also benefits of kindness in Islam.

  • Find a new point of view of the world
  • Connect you with society
  • Improve life skills and advance career
  • Reduce depression and anxiety
  • Brings fulfillment and meaning of life

Volunteering is a good deed that everyone can do even without spending wealth. Besides helping others, volunteering helps you become more productive as well as reach self-assessment. Volunteering helps connect with other people and strengthen friendship and brotherhood.

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