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15 Practices that Make Women Go to Heaven Easily

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We often hear that most inhabitants of hell are women, but it is not impossible for women to easily enter heaven if they do good deeds and stay away from shirk. Here are 15 practices that make it women go to heaven easily.

  1. Basic Practice As A Woman’s Obligation

Women should stay away from the traits of women who have difficulty entering heaven. The Prophet said, which means: “If a woman (wife) has prayed five times a day, fasting in Ramadan, maintaining her pride, and obeying her husband’s orders, she is invited in the heaven based on which door she likes (according to his choice).” (Narrated by Ahmad, Ibnu Hibban and Thabrani)

  1. Doing Prayer

Allah said: “So the prayer was established (as usual), in fact, the prayer was the prescribed obligation of time for those who believed.” (Surah An – Nissa ‘verse 103) because that woman must have obligatory prayer throughout the day.

  1. Discipline in Doing Prayer

Narrated from Jabir r.a. he said, Rasulullah s.a.w. said: “The parable of the five daily prayers is like someone bathing in a deep river that flows in front of his house five times a day.” (HR. Muslim). The best prayer is certainly done with the priority of doing prayer at the beginning of time.

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  1. Mandatory Fasting

Women must understand the reason for fasting in the month of Ramadan, as from Abu Hurairah r.a. said Rasulullah s.a.w. the meaning: “Every mandate of the son of Adam (man) was duplicated by one goodness with ten types up to 700 times. God’s Word s.w.t. (that is to say): “Except fasting which is done for Me, then I am the one who reciprocates. He held back his lust and left the meal because of Me.” For those who are fasting, there are two joys, which are happy when breaking the fast (or celebrating) and happy when they meet their Lord in the future. And, for the sake of bad breath, the person who fasts is more fragrant than the smell of castor.” (Narrated by Muslim)

  1. Keeping Herself Safe

Word of the Prophet s.a.w. which means: “Truly the world and all its contents are jewelry and as good as jewelry is a woman who is blessed.” (Narrated by Muslim)

  1. Obey the Husband

Rasulullah s.a.w. said that means: “The best of both wives are those who can give their husbands hearts when you (the husband) see them and when she is told according to your orders, and she can keep the honor and possessions when you are not home.” (History of Thabrani)

  1. Polygamy

Word of the Prophet s.a.w. that means: “When it comes to you people who are religious and have morals, please marry her, if not there will be slander and destruction. The friends ask, “What if he is married?” He replied, “Marry her, too (repeated three times).” The point here is not to be a problem for married men to apply and marry a woman.

  1. Using Treasure in the Way of God

“Who builds a mosque because of Allah even though it is only a hole where birds lay eggs or smaller, then Allah wakes up for him (home) like that in heaven.” (Narrated by Ibn Majah, no. 738. Al-Hafizh Abu Thahir said that sanad hadith this is saheeh)

  1. Give Yourself to God

“My servants, there is no concern for you today and neither do you sad. (Those) who believe in Our verses and those who were surrendered. Go to heaven, you and your wives.”

“And they distributed the plates of gold and the cups and in heaven were all things which the heart desired and were pleasant to the eye and eternal in them. And that is the heaven that was inherited to you because of the deeds you used to do. In heaven, there are many fruits for you which you eat.” (Azzukhruf: 68-73)

  1. Devoted to Parents

“Surely those who are devoted are truly in great pleasure (heaven). They (sit) on the couches while looking. You can know from their faces their pleasures are full of pleasure. They are given a drink from pure khamar which is acted (the place), the shell is musk; and for this, they must compete.” (Al Muthafifin, 22-26)

  1. Having Affection for the Islamic Brotherhood

For example, Rasulullah SAW said: “Allah Ta’ala said: “There is no reply except heaven for My servant who is a believer whom I have taken back his beloved from a world and he only hopes for a reward from Me.” (HR. Bukhari). Then, eliminate what is bothering people, like cutting branches in the middle of the road. “I saw someone who had fun in heaven because of him cut off branches that are in the middle of the road because they disturb the passing Muslims.” (Narrated by Bukhari). Rasulullah SAW said: “O people, spread greetings, give food, connect brotherhood, and pray when people are asleep. Surely, you all go to heaven safely.” (H.R Turmudzi)

  1. Willing to Sacrifice For the Sake of the Child

From ‘Aisyah ra. He said: “Certain times there was a poor woman holding her daughters to me, so I gave her three dates. And he gave each of his children a date seed and the one that had been lifted to her mouth to eat, but it was suddenly asked by her two children, then she split the date into two parts and gave them to her two children. I was surprised at the behavior of the woman. After Rasulullah SAW came, I told him the incident, then he said: “Verily Allah has determined heaven for her or Allah has released from hellfire because of her actions.” (H.R Muslim)

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  1. Doing All Matters with Ridho from the Husband

One time, the Messenger of Allah delivered a statement which was rather surprising to the companions in Medina, both men and women. The surprising statement is that among the women who will become residents of heaven is his wife Al Hathab. Hear the Prophet’s statement, all residents of Medina asked each other one another. They were very surprised, why did the Prophet mention Al Hathab’s wife, what was the specialty compared to other women? Because he got many questions, Al Hathab’s wife finally responded to the news about her.

“My husband is a firewood finder on the hill. He sells it to the market and he returns from the market with something we need as a family. He came home, of course, tired and thirsty in the very throat. I realized how poor my husband was in earning a living. When he returned home, I had prepared cold water for conditioning and relieving thirst. I had served food to relieve hunger. I welcomed my husband by standing up, wearing beautiful and neat clothes, not only that, I greeted him with all my longing as if he had not come home for long.”

  1. Believe in God’s Destiny

From Atha’ bin Abu Ribah, he said: “Ibn Abbas ra. said to me: “Will I show a woman who is an expert in heaven?” I replied, of course, I want. “He said: “It was a black woman who had come to the Prophet, then said:

“Actually, I have epilepsy and my genitals are open because of it; therefore, ask God that my illness be cured.” He then said: “If you want to be patient, you will go to heaven, and if you keep asking, then I will pray to Allah that you will recover from your illness.” The woman replied:

“Then I will be patient.” Then the woman said again: “Indeed my genitals are open because of that, therefore, ask Allah that my genitals not be open.” So the Prophet prayed for her so that her genital is not open.” (Narrated by Bukhari and Muslim)

  1. Repentance

From Abu Nujaki Imran ibn Al-Husain Al-Khuza`iy ra., He said: “There was a woman from Juhainah who came to the Prophet Muhammad while she was pregnant because of adultery and said: “O Messenger of Allah, I have made a mistake, and I must have (law), then do it to me.

“Then the Prophet (PBUH) summoned his guardian while saying: “Treat this woman well, if she has given birth, bring her here.” Then, the order was carried out by her guardian. Then after the woman gave birth, was brought before the Messenger of Allāh, and ordered for the woman, then her clothes were tied to stoning.

After She died, the Prophet Muhammad overtook her. But Umar said to him: “O Messenger of Allah, why did you overtake the woman, even though she had committed adultery?” He replied: “The woman truly repented, and if the repentance was divided among seventy residents of Medina, it would still be enough. Have you ever got a person who is more important than someone who has surrendered himself completely to the God of the Most Noble, the Most Great?” (H.R Muslim)

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