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14 Reasons Why Ramadan is A Noble Month

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Indeed Allah Ta’ala specializes the month of Ramadan with great virtues and privileges. Allah Ta’ala said,


شهر رمضان الذي أنزل فيه القرآن هدى للناس وبينات من الهدى والفرقان فمن شهد منكم الشهر فليصمه ومن كان مريضا أو على سفر فعدة من أيام أخر

“(The specified days are) the month of Ramadan, the month in which the Qur’an was revealed (the beginning) as a guide for humans and explanations about the instructions and differentiators (between the right and the vanity).

Therefore, if any of you is present (in the land where he lives) in that month, then let him fast that month. And whoever is sick or on the way (then he breaks), then (it is obligatory for him to fast), as much as the day he left, on other days.” (Surah Al-Baqarah [2]: 185)

Why is Ramadhan special? The following are 14 reasons why Ramadan is a noble month.

  1. Month of Maghfirah (Forgiveness)

HR Bukhari, Muslim, about the practice when fasting Ramadhan Abu Daud: “Whoever fasts with full faith and expects the pleasure of Allah, then his past sins will be forgiven.”

  1. Multiple Rewards

In addition to forgiveness of sins, Allah also provides multiple reward bonuses for those who do well in the month of Ramadhan, namely the importance of the fasting of Ramadhan for 30 days. HR Bukhari Muslim: “Every child charity is folded – multiplying the reward. Each goodness is folded 10 times up to 700 times. “Practice – the practice of the sunnah in the month of Ramadan, the reward is considered to be equivalent to the obligatory practice.” (HR Baihaqi and Ibn Khuzaimah)

  1. Open the Door of Heaven and Close the Door of Hell

HR Muslim about the purpose of fasting in the month of Ramadan: “If the month of Ramadan comes, the door of heaven is open as wide as it is, and the door of hell is closed as possible, and the devils are shackled.”

  1. Fasting is A Special Worship

Bukhari Muslim’s history of the hadith regarding the privilege of the person who fasted in the month of Ramadan: “Every Adam’s practice is for him, except fasting. The fast is for me, and I will repay it because he (the believer) leaves his lust and food because of me.”

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  1. Fasting People are Loved by God

Fasting is a means to get closer to God. If a servant is close to God, any request will be easily granted. Bukhari’s Hadith Qudsi: “If I have loved a servant, I will be a hearing for his ears, a vision for his eyes, a handle for his hands, and a step for his feet.”

  1. Grant the Doa (Surah Al-Baqarah: 186)

“And if my servants ask you about me, say that I am close. I grant the wishes of those who pray, if he prays, then let them fulfill all my commands, and believe in me. Prayers in the month of Ramadan has a special place.”

HR Ahmad and Tirmidzi: “Three prayers that are not rejected: Prayers of people who fast to break the fast, fair leader, and persecuted person. God raises their prayer to heaven. For the sake of my greatness, you will definitely help me though not now. ”

  1. Expect the Descent of Lailatul Qadr

In the month of Ramadan, Allah sent down a very glorious night. Once the glory of the night, God described that the value was more than a thousand months (Surah Al-Qadr: 3). It was said noble because that night, the beginning of Al-Quran was revealed. Some saheeh hadiths narrating lailatul qadr existed in the last ten days of Ramadan.HR Imam Ahmad: “Lailatul qadr is at the end of Ramadan, precisely in the last ten nights, night 21st, 23rd, 25th, 27th or 29th. Whoever works qiyamul lail (evening prayer) on that night is expecting pleasure, then forgiven past and future sins.”

Why is it at the end of Ramadan and not the beginning of Ramadan? It is because 20 nights before, believers sharpened and prepared their souls in preparation for welcoming lailatul qadr.

  1. Fasting Improves Health

The Prophet said: “You are fasting to be healthy.” (Al-Hadist)

  • Rest the digestive organs
  • Enhance the immune system (fasting can rapidly increase white blood cells)
  • Inhibit the growth and development of bacteria, viruses, and cancer cells
  • Cleanse the body from poisons, dirt, and pulp; accelerate skin regeneration; creating electrolyte balance in the stomach; improve the function of hormones and reproductive organs; accelerate the regeneration of body cells; improve physiological functions of body organs and improve nervous system function
  • Improve the ability to hold back and control lust

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  1. Growing Hope and Optimism

When someone fasts, something is expected. Hope was getting bigger by the afternoon. A day full of hunger and thirst, then came when breaking the fast, causing excitement and relief because his hopes had come true. Alhamdulillah. Moreover, the hope of meeting God makes life more meaningful. HR Bukhari “Every person who fasts always gets two joys, namely when breaking their fast and when they meet their God.”

  1. Enter Heaven Through A Special Door

HR Bukhari: “Indeed, in heaven, there is a door called Rayyaan, which will be passed by those who fast on the Day of Resurrection; no one is allowed to pass other than them. When you enter all the door, then the door will be closed forever.”

  1. Drink the Lake Water of the Messenger of Allāh

HR Ibn Khuzaimah and Baihaki: “Whoever in Ramadan feeds the person who breaks the fast, then it becomes forgiveness for his sins and gets the same reward as the person who fasts without being reduced at all. The Companions said: O Messenger of Allah, not all of us have food to give to those who break the fast. He said: Allah rewards those who give breaking if a date, a sip of water, and a drop of milk. Whoever drinks someone who fasts, then Allah will give him a drink from the lake where he will not thirst forever until he enters heaven.”

  1. Momentum to Gather with Family

On the 1st of Shawwal, Muslims celebrate Eid Al-Fitr, the day of victory after fighting with Shaytan and controlling lust during the month of Ramadan. The momentum of Eid Al-Fitr, in essence, is to celebrate returning to the original and holy nature and renew ukhuwah strings and friendship between fellow Muslims by forgiving one another. Linking friendship is highly recommended by Islam. HR Bukhari: “Whoever wants his sustenance to be multiplied and whose age is extended, let him connect the cordon.”

  1. Enlightening and Strengthening the Soul

On the eve of Ramadan, it is highly recommended to perform evening prayers and tadarus Al-Quran. “The best time for night prayer is actually the second or third of the last night.” (Surah Al-Muzammil: 3). For the sake of the glory of Islam in the month of Ramadan, it is permissible to do tarawih at the beginning of the evening after the evening prayer in congregation at the mosque. Night prayer is an affirmation of the soul and an increase in the degree of being noble people (Surah Al-Isra: 79). After the evening prayer, it is also recommended to read the Quran and understand its meaning.

Thus, one will get a broad and deep insight because the Quran is a source of knowledge and inspiration. With that determination and insight, God will then give heavy and weighty words and authority. His words will always contain the truth. (Surah Al-Muzammil: 4-5)

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  1. Momentum to Purify the Treasure

Every Muslim who fasts in Ramadan is obliged to issue zakat Al-Fitr of 2.5 Kg per person in the form of basic food ingredients. Besides helping the poor, zakat can purify their wealth. The sanctified treasure will prevent the owner from tormenting hellfire. The assets will bring peace of mind and inner well-being.

All this kindness, blessing, and grace are given to the Muslims with the coming of this blessed month. Therefore, let the Muslims welcome this month with joy, praising Allah who has brought him together (with the month of Ramadan), and asking Him to be able to fast and do various good deeds in the month of Ramadan.

Indeed Ramadhan is a great and glorious month, a month full of blessings for Muslims. We ask Allah Ta’ala to bestow blessings on the month of Ramadan to us. See you in the next article.

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