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15 Useful Tips for Time Management in Islam

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We should be grateful to Allah SWT by giving time is as one of the other bounty from Allah SWT. Time is an abstract thing which is cannot be able to see or feel with all our senses. Indeed, Allah SWT is the only one who can manage our time both past and the future because time can deliver all human into the purpose of human creation in Islam.


Time is created by Allah SWT to makes all human more respect with everything they have in their life. Islam taught all muslim to always appreciated time by doing worship to Allah SWT. It can be seen by doing five times praying (mandatory praying), sunnah praying (Dhua Praying, Tahajjud) and others worship. Increasing our worship and do good deeds in order to fill the time are one of the ways to increase faith and godly to Allah SWT. Read more about Law Female Leads Prayer in Islam

However, most of human are often waste the time and ungrateful to Allah SWT by doing useless actions. Below are some tips in arranging the time in Islam:

Tips Time Management in Islam

One of the ways to grateful the bounty of Allah SWT is by utilizing our time properly. Time as the bounty of Allah SWT is cannot be repeated because it is should be move forward and cannot be fixed it. Here, human is always being the most lost because he is often wasting the time given by Allah SWT.

In fact, the source of Shari’a Islam mentioned that there is one of Allah SWT commandment contained a remainder to all human to apply the time properly. Read more about The Virtues of Salaam in Islam

Al-‘Asr:1-3,” For the sake of time. Indeed, all human is being in a lost, except to all devout people whose doing the good deeds and advising each other for the truth and advising each other for their patient.”

It is explained that the lost people are those who are not faithfully to Allah SWT and do not do good deeds for their entire life. It also mentioned that they are not advising each other when they are in misguide condition and will not be patient in undergo of this life.

Here are the tips :

1. Make the habit of postpone is disappear

It is not good to postpone a kind of good deeds, however, it is permitted if the condition is refers to worship to Allah SWT such as praying. Sya’ir Arab was mentioned,

” Do not postpone the good deeds today for tomorrow. If only tomorrow comes, you might just get lost.”

We shall not often to postpone on something especially when it has a close relation to worship and other charity because we do not know when death comes. We will not be able to decide the time for our death, thus, we are recommended to always do the good deeds in spite of wasting the time which is considered as worship. Read more about Punishments to Leaving Shalat Intentionally

2. Make priority for the compulsory

Allah SWT loves to people who always godly to Him in referring to the good deeds and avoiding His prohibition. It is recommended to all muslim making the priority from all the obligation so that our time will be filled up properly. Read more about Benefits of Honey in Islam

When all the compulsory charities are filled up, we can continue the sunnah charities and mubbah that will also lead us into the good deeds.

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3. Finish all the job on time

It would be better to finish the entire job on time rather than spin out the time while we are certainly sure that the job can be done at the time.

4. Make a time limit

It is recommended to make the time limit by focusing on the jobs or activities we are doing at this moment. Here, we can utilize our time properly and lessen the useless activities. For example: sleeping time, studying etc.


5. Abandon the useless activities

From Abu Hurairah Radhiyallahu’anhu mentioned that Rasulullah SAW said,

” Among all the good deeds in Islam is when he is abandon the useless things.” (HR. Tirmidzi)

The above hadidh is mentioned that as a muslim, it would be better for us to abandon the useless activities such as exaggerating to watch tv, playing mobile phone the whole day etc since there are many useful activities can be done. Read more about mportance of Witr Prayer

6. Make schedule arrangement

It would be better for us to make a kind of schedule for our daily activities so we can manage our time much better.

7. Lessen the relaxation

Allah SWT will give all human rewards based on their efforts. Those who are diligent and work hard will received the result at end with the proper rewards from Allah SWT. Whilst, others who are in the condition of relax for almost the time, Allah SWT will also give the appropriate rewards as for his efforts.

8. Do not trap with the past

Those who want to manage the time properly must move forward and thinking for future. The past should be part of lesson of their life and can be the motivation for better life ahead. Read more about Importance of Nisfu Sha’ban

9. Train to focus on something

Having targets in our life make us tends to focus on something than the others so it would be easier to be achieved. Once it is fulfilled, we can move into another target so we will not useless our time.

10. Motive oneself to be better

Our motive is become the key of the successful of the time arrangement. There will be no changes if we are no doing the changes from the heart while at the same time we are also required to manage our time properly.

In conclusion, as a faithful muslim, we are recommended to manage our time properly so we can avoid from those who are considered as lost. Indeed, those who are lost will not be able to have the chance to live in heaven because Allah SWT love to people who are managing the time properly in it is relation to increase our worship to Allah SWT. Read more about Punishment of Leaving Fajr Prayer


  • Face boredom with useful activities
  • Always make a plan for unexpected activities
  • Focus with result
  • Divide between hard tasks to smaller activities
  • Hang out with people who also can organize their time well

May this article is useful for us to be better muslim and can it also can motivated us in managing the time properly in order to achieve all of our target.

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