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Importance of Nisfu Sha’ban – Concepts

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There is a common night which is called Nisfu Sha’ban in Islam. It is considered as a special night in its relation to some of theorems and narrated by our theologians. It is recommend to all Muslim to perform the paragon of Prophet Muhammad and religion function in Islam.


However, this article will give readers some explanation about Nisfu Sha’ban and so we can take the advantages of the virtues of Nisfu Sha’ban.

The meaning of Nisfu Sha’ban

In general, Nisfu Sha’ban means a month within in middle of the month or at date 15 of Sya’ban (based on Islam calendar). It is considered as a special night because it is the transition of the moving qibla from baitul maqdis to masjidil haram. Read more about Importance of Marriage in Rajab Month

Al Qurthubi explained his postulate as in QS. Al-Baqarah 142,” Those who are less knowledge among humans will said,

” What makes them (ummat of Islam) turned away their qibla (Baitul Maqdis) whereas they were already qibla to it?” It said, “Allah belongs to the east and west, He give all His guidance to which He wants to the right ways.”

Al-Qurthubi is mentioned that there is range of time between the moving of qibla and the arrival in Medina. Some said the movement happened at the date of 16 or 17 at Sha’ban Hijriah calendar. While Imam Malik said that the movement is happened before the Badr war which is on Rajab month at 2nd of Hijriah year. Read more about History of Christmas in Islam

In addition, there is also mentioned that the night is called as Lailatur Qadr rather than Nisfu Sha’ban.

In its relation to its night worship, some narrated are mentioned that Rasulullah liked to have worship every time and every day. Rasulullah was always done the night pray, Sunnah fasting and other Sunnah worship exceed the time and then completed his worship in Ramadhan.

The virtues of Nisfu Sha’ban

There are some contradiction opinions occur in theologians and community in its relation about the virtues of Nisfu Sha’ban. Read more about Value of Friendship in Islam

As it is narrated by Aisyah,

” Once, I lost of Rasulullah Shallallahu ‘alaihi wa sallam.” The fact is he is in Baqi while raising his face to the sky. He asked, “Are you afraid that Allah and His Messenger will deceive you?”(Means that Rasulullah will not buggering Aisyah). Aisyah said,” Dear Rasulullah, I thought you were visiting your other wives. Rasulullah Shallallahu ‘alaihi wa sallam said, “Indeed, Allah SWT is descending Himself from heaven to the earth in Nisfu Sha’ban. He give merci over the amount of the fleece of the bani kalb.”

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Thus, it is become the guidance of all Muslims to complete their worship at the night because it is believed that that there are many virtues of Nisfu Sha’ban. It is common to see that on the night people are gathering to the mosque to complete of their praying.

Opinion of Theologians about Nisfu Sha’ban

It is already mentioned that there are some contradiction among theologians in relation to the Nisfu Sha’ban whereas there are some of the postulate was dhoif even counterfeit. Below are the explanations:

  • No virtues of Nisfu Sha’ban

“There is no one glorious narrated about Nisfu Sha’ban and the truthful perowi was not mention about the special pray at the night. Meanwhile the occurrence happened in society was came from those who like to play Shari’a of Muhammad which is still loves the majusi’s habit.”(Ibnu Diyah).

Based on Ibnu Diyah opinion, it is mentioned that there is no virtue of the night of Nisfu Sha’ban and it is also not mentioned on Shari’a Islam to have a special pray on the night. Read more about  Prayers at Night of Lailatul Qadar You can Recite.

As a result, he did not take any special ritual on the night, indeed he was assumed that there is no such of Nisfu Sha’ban.

  • Virtues of Nisfu Sha’ban

Other narrated mentioned,

Indeed, Allah was seen of His Ummat in the middle of the night of Nisfu Sha’ban. He forgives all His creatures except those who are polytheists and hostile.” (HR. Ibnu Majah and Athtabrani).

This theorem is mentioned about the special night of the Nisfu Sha’ban. Therefore, those who are complete their worship at the night will get rewards.

It is also supported by another narrated,

In its correlation to Nisfu Sha’ban, all tabi’in community of Syam like Khalid bin Ma’dan, Mak-hul, Luqman bin Amir and some other tabi’in were completed their worship at the night of Nisfu Sha’ban.”(Lathaiful Ma’arif, 247).

Attitudes of Nisfu Sha’ban

Here are some actions that we should reconsider as there are contradictions about the night of Nisfu Sha’ban.

  1. Behave oneself apart from group/community

Due to the contradiction about the night of Nisfu Sha’ban, some of theologians are recommended that we should have faith about the virtues of Nisfu Sha’ban by looking the greatest postulates that will be our guidance to follow in completing our worship and it is not because the trends in some group or community. Read more about Miraculous Benefits of Night Prayers

All ummat in Islam is very recommend to follow the correct guidance and responsible on the actions be taken rather than accused to other as a gentile. This attitude taught us as Muslims to realize Islam as their guidance and responsible for themselves without following some group or community (ashobiyah).

The meaning of Ukhuwah Islamiah, Insaniyah and Wathaniyah are become the guidance in Islam not in the name of the group or community aside of Characteristics of deviant sect we are still Muslim and brotherhood.

2.Behave not to disrupt others

All ummat in Islam should not being disrupt due to the difference opinions occur in society in its relation to the strongest postulates or theorems. Whilst, we should have faith in the pillar of Islam, the pillar of faith, the function of Faith to Holy Quran of Allah, the function of faith to Allah SWT. So, we can manage our hospitality to others.

3. Continuous to worship as Istiqomah not only in a special occasion

We should have spirit to increase our worship not only in the night of Nisfu Sha’ban, though some are believed that we should complete our worship at the night of Nisfu Sha’ban. It is because Allah was not seen our intentions in several occasion like in Ramadhan. Allah SWT love to see His ummat to increase their worship not only in Ramadhan but also in other occasions. Read more about How to Make Ramadhan Fasting Easier for Beginner

May all Muslims will always worship based on the guidance of Rasulullah SAW and also can perform of the Prophet Sunnah, like Friday night of Sunnah Rasul, table manner of Rasullullah, ways of shower in Islam, various of Sunnah prayers, courtesy of visiting the grave etc. It as our function of faith to Allah SWT and virtues of faith to Allah SWT.

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