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Law Female Leads Prayer in Islam – Complete Explanation

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Prayer is kind of request that contain solicitations, hopes and all praises to Allah SWT. As Muslims, we are constantly expecting to pray to Allah SWT to always ask His forgiveness and protection.


In fact, we are also allowed to complaint and lament about everything at anytime to Allah SWT because Allah SWT is always listening and seeing on what we are doing.

Prayer is one of the ways in order that our hopes and wishes are quickly be granted by Allah SWT because Allah is All Hearing, Allah All Seeing and Allah All Merciful. Allah SWT will surely grant all of our wishes and hopes as long as we are praying in honestly and vengeances.

In fact, Allah is recommended to all his ummat to always prayer continuously to Him without having thought that our prayer will not be granted by him. Read more about  Islamic Rules for Women’s Dress

Women and men are allowed to praying to Allah SWT, both as individually or congregation. Here, praying is refers to women that acting as leader in her small religious community or when she was praying alone which means not in the pilgrim condition.

Thus, how is the law of women in Islam in leading all prayers to Allah SWT?

Women lead prayer in Islam

Today, women are having equal position with men or it is commonly said emancipation due to the growth of our environment. Islam is allowed women to have the equal position with men to compete in the fairways as long as the women are not misguiding in her ways.

Here we can say that women are not always stay at home anymore doing her work, she is allowed to make career of herself as long as not abandon of her obligation in Islam. Along with emancipation is growing, today we can see that women have career as ustadzah or as leader in religious activities such as Ngaji, tahlil or yasin etc. Read more about Prohibition during Menstruation in Islam Women Must Know

As muslims, now days it is common to see women are leading prayer in a religious community both in formal and informal occasion. There are many occasion in small religious communities that women are leading the prayer.

Thus, what is the law to women who lead prayer in Islam? Do women voices are genitals to men? Do men are allowed to pronounce amen to all prayer which is lead by women?

Women Voices Issued

Islam is allowed women to lead prayer as long as all her pilgrims are women. However, in case of her pilgrim was founded some male, it is recommend to her to make lower of her voices. Do women voices are genitals to men? Read more about The Law of Women Going Out at Night in Islam

There is no specific postulate discussion about the issue and based on one of mahzab, it is mentioned that women voices are not genitals unless it will cause of defamation in Islam.

Wahbah Zuhaili dalam Fiqh Al Islami wa Adilatuhu said,

“Most of theologians (majorities) said that women voices are not genitals because all of kinsman Rasulullah SAW are listening the voices of their wives to learn about the law of religions, but forbidden to listen of women voices when she is intonating and make lauder of their voices while reading Al-Qur’an due to worries of defamations.”

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It is obviously mentioned that women voices are not genitals. As muslimah women in Islam it is forbidden to women to make lauder of their voices while reading of the Al-Qur’an due to the worries of defamations. Thus, do men are allowed to pronounce amen to all prayer who led by women?

It is sunnah to all muslim to pronounce amen into others prayer as it is mentioned on the hadidh,”

Those who brought (the prayer) and then pronounce amen, we shall pronouncing the word amen too because the angels are pronouncing amen, and those who pronouncing amen together with pronunciation of the angels, indeed he will be forgiven for all his sin (small) in the past.”(HR. Muslim)

It can be summarized from the above hadidh that as ummat of Islam we are recommended to pronouncing amen into others prayer both as it is lead by women or men. It is believed that when we are pronouncing amen together with the angels’s pronunciation, indeed Allah SWT will forgive all of our small sins in the past. Read more about Prohibitions for Pregnant Women in Islam

Rasulullah SAW was always pronouncing amen into others or angels prayers as it was narrated from Jabir bin Abdullah,

One day Rasulullah SAW was stand up at the podium, and when he was stepped into the stairs he pronounced amen, when he stepped into the second stairs he was also pronounced amen again and it was continued until the third stairs. All of his relatives were notice and asked,” Dear Rasulullah, we heard that you are pronouncing amen when stepping the stairs at three times, what was happened?” Rasulullah SAW answered,”

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When I stepped the first stairs Jibril come and said,” May accident will fall down to someone whose encounter Ramadhan but he was not forgiven.” I said,” Amen.” JIbril said for the second,” May accident will fall down to someone whose no have time seeing his parents or one of them during their were alive, but the parents were not entering him into heaven (because he was seditious), then I said,”Amen.” Then on the third step, Jibril said again,” May accident will fall down to someone who is not intonating shalawat on you when your name was mentioned in front of him.” I said,”Amin.” (HR. Bukhari)

Allowed with Term of Condition

In summary, it is mentioned that the law of women who are leading the prayer is allowed since there are no direct prohibition will be caused of the issue. It is also mentioned that women are having the equal position as men as it is commonly said emancipation in this era as long as it will bring goodness to her and she is not abandoning of her obligation in Islam. Read more about How Women Should Behave in Islam

However, due to the condition mentioned, still we shall need referring to the source of Islam and the basic law of Islam so that our behavior were not caused of mudharat whilst we are getting blessed from Allah SWT.

Hopefully, the above explanation can enhance our knowledge and beneficial to all muslims.

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