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17 Punishments to Leaving Shalat Intentionally

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Shalat five times a day is our obligation in Islam as adult. Shalat is a way to pray to Him. It plays a part as reminder to ourselves to rest from the bustle in the world. Shalat is considered as an escape to ask our needs and salvation in the world and hereafter.


Yet, some muslim still found shalat as a burden to do. They look down shalat and leave it deliberately. It is indisputable that shalat is the first thing will be asked once someone die in the grave. Here, we discuss 17 punishment to leaving shalat intentionally:

  1. Can be punished as a heathen (kafir)

The people who leaves shalat intentionally and denies the obligation can be labelled as heathen. It has no more discussion in ijma’ and undeniable between the dominies.

  1. Shalat is a constraint between Muslim and Heathen

There is a wall to differ Muslim and disbelief. The easiest thing is we could see from one factor, which is shalat. How did they practice their obligation as Muslim? Did they leave shalat from time to time? As Rasulullah said:

“(Barrier) between a Muslim and heathen and disbelief is to leave prayer”(Muslim)

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  1. Shalat is the determinant factor of Muslim faith

We can determine a Muslim faith by knowing their shalat. If the people is truly muslim, he would not leave shalat five times a day. We must remember that shalat is for ourselves, so we would never withdraw shalat. As Umar bin Khattab said:

It is not called a Muslim for people who leave prayers. “

  1. Disparaging prayers can be labeled as kafir

There are no difference between people who leave shalat deliberately and people who underestimate shalat. The law is the same, they can be labelled as heathen and considered as kafir. That is how Imam Ahmad, Ishaq, and majority of shahabaah.

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  1. Allah is wrathful toward people who did not do shalat

It’s clear that Allah hate and angry toward people who ignore his obligation in shalat. In the Hereafter Allah will punish him with a vile and live despicable in the world.

  1. A great sinner is the true word to describe

People who leave shalat most of the time can be included as a sinner. He will not forgiven until ask Allah forgiveness and promise never to do that again.

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  1. Lazy to do shalat can still be called as Muslim

This case is for Muslim who sometimes leave shalat. People often forget to do shalat as he was busy by his activities. It could be harmful because it would be make him lazy to do shalat. We could label the people who seldom does shalat as a Muslim. But we should take him to the right way and always remain him to do shalat.

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  1. The sin is bigger than adultery and robbery

Leaving only one shalat is considered a big mistake. The sin is bigger than adultery and robbery. Shalat is the first command from Allah to our Prophet when Isra’ Mi’raj. It implied that shalat is really matter as part of Muslim obligation in the world.

  1. It’s labelled as an foolish

This case is for people who did not know the law of leaving shalat. As mentioned before, the punishment for leaving shalat intentionally can be considered as kafir. Yet, if the people didn’t know the law before, we could called him as a dumb. He should learn more about Islam and never leave shalat again.

  1. He will enter to the lowest ground of hell

Allah said:

“Now there hath succeeded them a later generation whom have ruined worship and have followed lusts. But they will meet deception. Save him who shall repent and believe and do right. Such will enter the paradise, and they will not be wronged in aught –“ (Maryam: 59-60)

From the verse above, there is mention about deception. It refers to the river in the lowest ground of hell. The place is prepared for the heathen and Muslim who did not do shalat will be placed same as a disbelief.

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  1. Who leave shalat intentionally, his religion has been collapsed

Our Prophet said:

The essence of every matter is Islam and its pole is a shalat.”(Tirmidzi)

Shalat is like a pole that support Islam. The home will be collapsed without the poles, and so do shalat in our religion. Shalat is a basic and the most important aspect as a Muslim. We should never neglect shalat for anythung.

  1. It’s a big sin and disgraceful act

This case is for Muslim who always do shalat at the end of time. We should not procrastinate shalat until the end of time. As we heard adzan, we should immediately do shalat and leave our busyness. It could be considered as a big sin and disgraceful act. As Allah said:

“Ah, woe unto worshippers.Who are heedless of their prayer;” (Al-Ma’uun: 4-5)

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Some opinion from the Dominies

  1. Adz Dzahabi –rahimahullah- said, The person who ends shalat until the time comes includes a big sinner
  2. Ibnu Qayyim Al-Jauziyah said the sin is bigger than killing, stealing, adultery, robbery, and drinking alcohol.
  3. Ibnu Hazm –rahimahullah said “Indeed, those who abandon shalat are the losers, the wretched and the mujrim (sinners).
  4. The opinion of Malik, Shafi’i, and one of the opinions of Imam Ahmad said that the person who left shalat was killed with the punishment of had, but not punished kafir.
  5. This is Hanafiyyah’s opinion said that one who abandons shalat for laziness is fasiq (has committed a major sin) and he must be imprisoned until he is willing to perform shalat.

We could take summary that the sin is bigger than any wickedness for leaving shalat and every Muslim should avoid from it. This time make a promise to ourselves to accentuate shalat in every condition. If shalat has become a habit, we will not feel lazy to do so.

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