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15 Virtues of Childbirth in Islam

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All mothers who are pregnant will want to be able to give birth easily and survived, given the birth is the most severe process that must be faced by the mother who was pregnant.


It takes a tremendous sacrifice for a mother to be able to bear her baby into the world, and one of the virtues of pregnant women in Islam is to get the reward of jihad.

In (QS Al-Mu’minun verses 12-13), Allah says:

“And indeed, We created man from the quintessence (origin) from the ground. Then We made it semen (which is stored) in a firm place (womb). “

“Then we put the semen into a lump of blood, and then we plump the blood into bones, then bones that We wrap with flesh. Then We made him another (shaped) creature. Then All Might be Allah, the Creator of the Most Good, “(Surat al-Mu’minun verse 14).

1.      Expand to read the verses of the Qur’an

God is all-knowing what happens to each of his servants, and God has established everything according to its size.

In (Surah Ar’Rad verse 8), Allah says:

“Allah knows what every woman conceives, what is not perfect, and what is added in the womb. And everything is a measure by His side. “

By always reading the verses of the Qur’an, God willing Allah will facilitate the birth of the person.

2.      Expand istigfar

Istighfar is begging forgiveness to Allah SWT. There are many virtues in istighfar that can be beneficial to the person doing so.

And someone who is giving birth, by multiplying istighfar insha Allah, Allah will simplify the process of his birth, because one of the virtue istighfar is simplify the problem being faced.

In a hadith, Rasulullah SAW. said:

“Whoever accustom himself to istighfar, Allah will provide a way out for him from every difficulty, will give happiness from every distress, and will provide sustenance from the unexpected direction.” (Narrated by Abu Dauddan Ibn Majah)

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3.      Go through the process of pregnancy as a worship

People who undergo the process of pregnancy and consider her pregnancy as a worship, then God willing Allah will always give his grace and help to that person.

4.      Trying to enjoy the pain

When a woman is pregnant, she must feel pain and especially when the process of giving birth. However, it would be nice if people who are experiencing pain in the process of giving birth to the pain as a pleasure. For indeed, the pain he feels is to slay the sins for him.


5.      Not much to complain about

At the time of childbirth complaining is not a useful thing to do, and better istighfar, because complaining does not provide calm.

6.      Expand listening to the verses of Al-Qu’ran

Before the birth process, listen to the holy verses of the Qur’an for peace of mind and heart.

7.      Positive thinking

When the pregnancy and the time of delivery, always think positive for the mind and heart to be more calm.

8.      Do not say rude

When you feel sick, sometimes women who are giving birth unconsciously say harsh words, but it is better not done. Because to say rough does not contain any kindness, and better say istighfar.

9.      Follow doctor’s advice and sayings

During the birth process, it is better to follow the instructions given by the doctors who handle, because the doctors know more about his knowledge and field.

10.  Surrender

When the process of giving birth, it would be nice to surrender to Allah SWT. for He is the Almighty over all that is in this world, and only unto Him we return.

Prior to childbirth, there are many practices of pregnant women according to Islam that can be done, it is to simplify and calm the heart when the process of giving birth later.

And when the process of giving birth, always surrender and plead to Allah SWT. to make things work the way they want. Allah is omnipotent and Most Gracious, he will grant every request of His obedient servant.

11.  Praying Pregnant Mother Very Main

The position of women in Islam proves to be very special that can be seen from the reward to be gained. Prayers performed by pregnant women take precedence when compared with other women who are not pregnant.

Rasulullah SAW said that if two prayer rhymes of pregnant women will be much better and good compared to 80 rakaats prayer by non-pregnant women.

Such privileges are given to pregnant women because they carry the fetus in their stomach. This certainly makes the fetus in the stomach also participate in praying with his mother, hearing the reading of prayer and also join prostration with the mother to worship Allah SWT and always be in His protection.

12.  Istighfar Angel For Pregnant Mom

The next virtue of the mother who is pregnant with the fetus in her womb is the angels who also istighfar for the pregnant woman. Allah Almighty will obey for the pregnant woman with a thousand goodness and also wipe out a thousand evil she has ever done.

13.  Receive Reward Noon and Night

A pregnant woman also has the virtue of getting the reward of fasting during the day and also the reward of worship in the night. Rasulullah SAW said if women who are pregnant will get the reward of fasting in the daytime and also the reward of worship in the night.

This can happen because a pregnant woman always carries the trust of Allah SWT wherever she goes. With this, it is appropriate if women who are pregnant also get the virtue of a great reward in the sight of Allah SWT.

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14.  Get Jihad Reward

A woman who is pregnant with a fetus in her womb will also be rewarded with jihad. Jihad in the way of Allah SWT itself can not only be done by men who are fighting alone, but while pregnant women are feeling pain during pregnancy and birth will also be recorded by Allah SWT as a reward for jihad in the way of Allah SWT.

15.  Martyred

When a woman dies while she is giving birth, she will be considered a dead sahid. Rasulullah SAW said if there are seven types of martyrs other than death for being killed in the fii sabilillah war. One of the martyrs was due to a pregnant woman or childbirth who died.

“Do you know who the martyrs are among my people?” He replied, the martyrs among my people are few. The one who died jihad in the way of Allah, shaheed, the one who died because of Tha’un, shaheed. People drowned, martyrs. People who die of stomachache, shaheed. And a woman who dies of childbirth, she will be pulled by her child to heaven with her umbilical cord. “[HR. Ahmad: 15998].


“And We commanded men to do good to his parents, his mother had labored hard and labored too hard. To bear it by weaning is thirty months … “[Al-Ahqaf: 15].


“And if any of them were told with the birth of a daughter, it was black (red) in the face, and she was very angry. He hid himself from the crowd, due to bad news delivered to him.

Will he keep it by bearing humiliation or will it bury it into the ground (alive) ?. Behold, what a terrible thing that they charge. “[QS. An-Nahl [16]: 58].


“O ye who believe! It is not lawful for you to wear women by force, and do not trouble them for taking back some of what you have given them, except when they have done a real evil work. And get along with them properly. Then if you do not like them, (so be patient) because maybe you do not like something, but Allah makes him a lot of good. “(Surat An Nisa [4]: ​​19).

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