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15 Virtues of Gaining Knowledge in Islam

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Science is an understanding acquired by man through a discovery or research that is structured systematically and can be tested through several specific methods, and can be utilized for human life. Science is the main human key in living life on earth.


Conscious or not, everything we do in everyday life can not be separated from science. We need understanding to pass an action is not it? That is the basic function of science.

By tying to a science, a person is able to do things that are considered beneficial for himself and others with the implementation (application) of knowledge owned. Read more about Law of Abandoning Fasting Intentionally

The benefits of science are not only perceived by individuals alone but the environment around even the wider community can be exposed to the spark of the benefits of knowledge possessed by someone. Here’s the explanation:

1.      Be able to distinguish right-wrong

The benefits of studying a person will not be trapped in the wrong actions or actions. The possibility of wrongdoing because of the influence of others is also very small.

People of knowledge will have a strong foundation of life and always try to put themselves in a position that he thinks is right.

2.      Helpful Until Death

After man died (death) then cut off all the worldly things to him. Essentially human beings will abandon all forms of affairs that are entwined in humans automatically when dead. With science left behind or delivered, someone will remember forever.

The term to write then you will be eternal is the form of the process of transmission of knowledge through writing. The science contained in the text will always be useful even after the author died. Read more about Laws for Women Safar Without Mahram

3.      The means to Heaven

Later in the next human life will occupy a space named heaven. Then how can science be called as a means to heaven? Of course already described in the first point that with the science of a person can distinguish the right and wrong things.

With knowledge of the truth, a normal-thinking person will certainly do his best to do the right action or act and stay away from the wrong actions or deeds, right? Truth is what will lead someone to a place called heaven.

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4.      Raising Human Degrees

Degree or level of human will be lifted with knowledge or knowledge owned. Whether in God’s eyes or in the eyes of fellow human beings, the man of knowledge always receives a good reverence.

Even someone who is in the process of studying has got a positive view of the surrounding environment is not it?

5.      Precious Things Apart from Treasures

In this life man assumes that wealth and wealth are the two most valuable things. Then is there anything else that has more value than property and wealth?

The answer is certainly there. What is the thing that has more value and the most precious on earth besides science? Abundant wealth and wealth will make a person try to keep the property is not lost. Unlike the science that is able to keep the human self and can bring wealth.

A rich person can not survive the abundance he is guarding. But the knowledgeable man who is able to cultivate circumstances that can bring wealth on an ongoing basis for a long time with the knowledge that he has. Read more about Law of Playing Dice in Islam

6.      The one who is most afraid of Allah SWT. is a man of knowledge

In (Surah Fathir: 28), Allah says:

“And likewise among humans, the living creatures are animate, and the animals are of varying color and kind. Among the servants of God who fear Him is only the scholars. Verily, Allah is Mighty, Oft-Forgiving.”

The ulamas in the verse are those who know and acknowledge the greatness of God and His power.

With the knowledge of a person will better understand the essence of the creation of this life and from that knowledge one will see the power and greatness of Allah as the creator, and the knowledgeable people will be afraid because he has knowledge of the power and greatness of Allah SWT. Read more about Law of Cutting Nails When Fasting

7.      The knowledgeable man inherits the wealth of the Prophet

In Shahihul Jam Al Albani it says:

“Science is the legacy of the Prophets, and the Prophets do not inherit dirhams or gold, but they pass on knowledge. Whosoever takes it then he has taken many parts. “

The point is, science is the legacy of the Prophet and whoever search for knowledge and become a knowledgeable person then we have inherited what the Prophet gave.

8.      The man of knowledge is aligned with the angels

In (Surah Ali Imran: 18), Allah says:

“Allah declares that there is no god but Him who upholds justice. The angels and the wise men (also declared such). “

From the verse can be seen that the position of the knowledgeable people equivalent to the angels who testified that there is no god worthy of worship other than Allah SWT.

9.      People who seek knowledge are the same as those who are in the way of Allah SWT

From Annas RA. Rasulullah SAW said:

It means:

“Whoever departs from his place of worship for the study of religion, means he is in the way of Allah until he returns or returns”.

10.  Teaching one chapter of the Qur’an is better than the prayer 100 rakaat.

From Abi Dzarrin, the Prophet (s) said:

It means:

“O Abaa Dzarrin, indeed you go and teach a chapter from kitabullah, it is better for you than you pray 100 congregation and indeed you go and teach a chapter of science, practiced or not, it is better for you than you pray thousand rakaat “.

11.  The man of knowledge is greater in virtue than a thousand martyrs.

Prophet’s Word:


“Goodness in the world and in the Hereafter along with science and glory in the world and in the Hereafter also with knowledge. And a righteous man is greater in virtue or service to Allah than a thousand martyrs “.

12.  Sitting on the side of the scholars is very favored by Allah SWT

The Prophet (s) said:


“Sitting one hour by the clerics more I like than a thousand years worship”.

The virtue of the wise man is above the virtue of the one who is the expert of worship.

The Prophet said:

It means:

“The virtue of the pious person above the worshiper is like my virtue above the lowest among you.”

Gain the care and kindness of the angels and the inhabitants of heaven and earth for those who teach their knowledge.

The Prophet (s) said:

It means:

“Allah, His angels, the inhabitants of the heavens and the earth up to the ants in their burrows and the fish in the sea, all ask for sholawat or goodness for those who teach kindness to others”.

13.  Visiting scholars is like visiting the prophets.

Prophet SAW. said:

“Allah Ta’ala has created a city under the Throne whose door is written:” Whoever visits the scholars; then as if he had visited the prophets “.

Well that’s some of the virtues of people who are knowledgeable in Islam. It’s amazing people who can practice their knowledge and always hungry for the science of religion. Read more about Importance of Dawud Prayer for Women

Subhanallah, may we include people who always like and love science. Science is never endless, so there is no age limit in studying.

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14.  In order not to be curbed

“The world and all are cursed, except those who use it for the sake of Dhikrullah and the like, the scholars and the people who study” (HR Turmudzi).

15.  Refine feelings and nourish wisdom as Al Imam Al Ghazali said:

“Demanding knowledge not only fills the brain and mind, but also to refine feelings and nourish wisdom.”

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