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13 Blessing Virtues of Rain In Islam

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Rain is a natural occurrence that we often encounter in tropical Indonesia. Often the rain that comes is the rain that is eagerly awaited, especially by farmers, who months earlier felt water shortages and suffered drought.


However, not infrequently rain is greeted with full anticipation of coming floods, traffic jams or other natural disasters in certain areas.

From the above, we may think that rain can be a blessing and can also be a disaster, depending on what it brings. It’s as if the rain is just an ordinary natural phenomenon that has both positive and negative sides for humans. Read more about  Importance of Azan in Islam

In fact, in Islam rain has a very special meaning and meaning. Therefore, consider the discussion below about the meaning of rain in Islam:

  1. Rain is a blessing

In the Qur’an there is an expression that rain is a blessing, a verse that reads,

“And We sent down from the sky of blessing water. We then grow it with the trees and the seeds of the plants that are plotted.” (QS: Qaaf (50) ): 9).

From the verses above, we know that Allah sends down rain as his grace according to the needs of all His creatures.

  1. God meets the needs of all His creatures

With the rain, the plants will re-fertile, the animals can get enough drinking, and humans can also meet the needs and conduct their activities undisturbed. So rain is God’s way of fulfilling His creature’s need to continue his life. Read more about Virtues of Shaban in Islam

In the letter of al Anbiya ‘verse 30, Allah says,

“And out of the water We made all things alive. Then why have they no faith? “

According to Al Baghowi, the interpretation of the verse above “We bring all things into life with the water that descends from the sky that animates the animals, the plants and the trees. Rain water is the cause of all things “.

  1. God’s grace is always sufficient and according to His calculations

Rain is a form of natural balance created by Allah subhanahu wa ta’ala. Without rain, the quantity of water on earth will not suffice to support life in it. Not only human life, but also the life of plants and animals. Read more about Virtues of Traveling in Islam

In the letter of Zukhruf verse 11, Allah says,

“And who sends down water from the sky according to the degree (which is necessary) and then we turn it on with the water is a dead land, that is how you will be expelled (from the grave)”.

  1. The world is created with equilibrium

With regard to the preceding points, where Allah decreases the rain according to His calculations, we can take the lesson that the world and the whole are created in balance. Read more about Rules of Seeking Knowledge in Islam

There are no advantages or disadvantages given by God. If indeed when the rain floods or natural disasters, it is certain that it is the result of the damage done by the man himself.

  1. Shows the greatness of God

If today’s scientists already know the process of rain due to technological progress, Allah has shown the greatness of His science by explaining the process of rain in the Quran. In the letter of An Nur verse 43,

“You see not that Allah moves a cloud, and then gather (part) of it, then make it overlap. Then, it appears that you rained out of its crevices and God (also) lowered (the grains) of ice from the sky, (ie) from (clumps of clouds, like) mountains. So he puts the ice goblets upon whom He wills and turns away from whom He will. The glint of the cloud was about to lose sight. “

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  1. Giving good news

Besides being a blessing, rain fall also has the meaning of the coming of good news for human. After a long period of humans experiencing drought, crop failures due to lack of water and many other disasters due to no rain fall, Allah subhanahu wa ta’ala bring down rain that brings joy to humans. this is reflected in the letter of Asy Syuura verse 28 which reads,

“It is He Who sends down the rain after they despair and spread His mercy. He is the Most Gracious, the Praised. “

  1. As a reminder to humans

In the hadith it is said that the Prophet Muhammad sallallaahu ‘alaihi wa sallam so worried at the time appear cloudy, lest will come adzab and wrath of Allah. From these traditions we can take the lesson that rain can mean that we should always fear and plead God’s protection from His wrath. Read more about Rules of Remarriage in Islam

  1. Bringing out gratitude in the human heart

In the previous point it is said that rain is a blessing from God. So, in the rain it means we are reminded to always give thanks to God. That with the descent of the rain God is still guarding our lives and giving His mercy to us.

This is reflected in the hadith of the Prophet sallallaahu ‘alaihi wa sallam,’ Aisha radhiallahu ‘anha said, “the Prophet sallallaahu’ alaihi wa sallam when he saw the rain fall, he uttered,” Allahumma shoyyiban nafi’an “. The meaning of the prayer is “O Allah send down us a useful rain”.

  1. Invite people to think

In Sura al-Waqiah verses 68-69, Allah says

“Then explain me about the water you drink. Are you the one who dropped it or did We bring it down? “

From that verse Allah invites us to contemplate that all happened because of the greatness and power of Allah subhanahu wa ta’ala. Therefore, we must always believe in Almighty Allah.

  1. That man should not be arrogant

In connection with the previous point, where God invites us to think about the water we drink even created and given by God. So, we as human beings do not have the slightest thing to boast about. Indeed, all things exist because Allah created them. Read more about Prayers to Get Your Hope Accepted

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  1. God Who Creates Everything

In the Qur’an, there are also other verses containing the blessings of rain. As in the letter of Fushshilat verse 39, it reads “And among His signs (that is) that you see the earth dry and arid, then if We bring down water above it, undoubtedly it moves and is fertile. Truly the Lord Who raised it, Can certainly bring the dead to life. Verily He is Almighty over all things “.

  1. Gives people a chance to pray

Ibn Qudamah in Al Mughni encourages us to pray as rain falls. It is based on the narration of the Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) that says:

“Look for the prayers that are impossible on three circumstances: (1) Meet the two armies, (2) Before the prayer is performed, and (3) When it rains. (Also Read: Prayer to Ease Fortune)

  1. Indicator of obligatory prayer in congregation

During this time we may think that congregational prayer is not an obligation. From Ibnul Qayyim rahimahullah,

“About mandatory prayer jama’ah, can be postulated with the jama ‘between two prayers are prescribed when it rains in order to be done in congregation. Whereas one of these prayers has been out of time, while (performing each prayer at) time (which has been set) is mandatory “.

That is 13 primacy of rain in Islam. We can find its privileges while feeling the rain of rain, as with the rain fall there are people who can drink, with rain falling the plants can receive water for growth, and so on.

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