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13 Rules of Seeking Knowledge in Islam

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Science is a provision in life all over the world and in the hereafter because in Islam, the law of origin demands is a duty although it is not necessary, but science is a prey in Islam.


Fardhu’s law on the part of science that is used for Islam both men and women. As has been proven in the hadith of Rasulullah SAW 

طلب العلم فريضة على كل مسلم

“Seeking knowledge is necessary for every Muslim.”

Some hadiths from other narrations are added “wa muslimatin” which refers to Muslim women. This hadith is suhih and narrated by Iman Baihaqi in the book of Shu’l al-Iiman, Iman Thabarani in al-Mu’jam al-Shaghiir and al-uj’jam al-Ausath, al-Khatib al-Baghdadi in the book of Taariikh Baghdaad, and others. Read more about Law of Men Wearing Necklaces in Islam

Any method used in the study is not mentioned, therefore it is returned to a good path as long as it does not violate as it refers to the way of self-torture, must fast for 40 days as prescribed by the teacher when the fast is never prescribed in Islam.

The method used can be done by listening, reading, following a guide or guide or view.  As for Law requires science into two parts namely Fardu ‘ain and Fardu Kifayah as the following explanation:

1.      Fardlu ‘ain

Law requires science to be compulsory in all science related to worship to Allah SWT. This is an obligation considering the importance of religious knowledge in the process of worship to Allah SWT.

As a means of performing prayers, fasting, ordinances paying fidyah, zakat, Hajj pilgrimage and science related laws in muamalah in terms of Halal, Haram and skill.

As a conton the science of commerce is not fardhu ain ‘because the science of commerce is very much and widespread, especially the modern peniagaan but in studying in the case of Haram or Halanya type of commerce is done then the law becomes Fardu’ ain.

2.      Fardhu Kifayah

Fardhu Kifayah’s law in studying is devoted to the sciences related to muamalah such as law science, science falaq, science of tafsir, medical science, physics and the like. It is a duty if there is not a Muslim who demands the knowledge whereas if there is a law it is returned to the sunnah (Allahu ‘allam).

in seeking knowledge, Moslems are obliged to learn 3 such sciences, tawhid, fiqh, akhlaq.

3.      Tawhid

The first science / lesson that all Muslims must learn is the science of Tawheed that teaches about ma’rifat / knows God, recognizes the attributes of God, whether obligatory, impossible or should be for God. If not learn the science of monotheism then the same aja he does not have God because it is the law studying the Science of Tawheed Fardhu ain is obliged to learn every people who have mukallaf (balig intelligent). Read more about Prayers to Get Your Hope Accepted

4.      Fiqh

The second is the science of Fiqh, after we know our Lord, next we must do what is commanded and stay away from what has been circulated and all that is commanded and forbidden Allah is in the science of jurisprudence. Even if already mukallaf required to study science fiqih that discusses the ways of prayer, ablution, tithe, performing hajj, shadaqah and others.

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5.      Akhlaq

Science that is required to learn the third Muslim is the science of Akhlaq, yups if Tauhidnya already steady, Fiqihnya ok then it will be more perfect if his morals also noble. Science Ahklaq is a science that discusses the relationship of human beings how to behave towards the elderly, how to behave to others friend and others

Keep in mind, a lot of science created by humankind that is forbidden to the Muslims, because of the danger it creates and there is no benefit to the happiness of human life both in the world and in the hereafter. Among the forbidden sciences:

6.      As-Sihr (witchcraft)

According to the word as-sihr it absolutely shows everything that is done subtly and gently, and the causes that cause it are very hidden. In conquering and controlling this soul, then the way and the causes used are very different according to the differences of race, nation, age and era. Everything is done through obedience and submission to syaithan by doing damage and evil that whispered (syaithan). God’s Word I:

ولقد علموا الأخرة من خلاق ولبئس ماشروا به أنفسهم لو كانوا يعلمون {102}

“Indeed, verily they have believed that whoso exchangeth it (the Book of God) with that sorcery, he shall not profit in the Hereafter, and it is evil that their deeds sell themselves by magic, if they know. “(Surah 2: 102)

In a hadith narrated by Bukhari and Muslim mentioned that magic is one of the great sins that lead to destruction. Narrated in Sahih Bukhari from Bajalah ibn Abdah, he said: “Umar bin Khaththab e has decreed the command, namely:” Slay the witches of men or women “. Bajalah said next: “So we also carry out the death penalty against three sorcerers.” Read more about Virtues of Sickness in Islam


7.      Ath-Thilasmat (Spell Science)

Ath-Thilasmat said jama ‘from the word thilasm. This word is taken from the words of those who say thilasmah which means a very dark night.

Besides thilasm also means incantations and amulets. According to the term: the science used to know how to combine the high forces that can affect with the low power that can be influenced, resulting in a strange act in the natural world, through writing and wafak that is well known among people who concert special attention) to this kind of science.

The object of science of spell (talisman) is essensse of stars, secret numbers, characteristics every object, and travel stars that have influence on earth objects. Seen in terms of its usefulness and its laws, this science does not provide the benefits and laws similar to witchcraft, so it is forbidden to learn and use it.

8.      Ar-Raml (Science Predictions)

In terms of the word ar-raml means a part of the earth that is different from the ground in terms of sorts (sand) Whereas according to the term means the study of the ways to create images or paintings on the sand or soft soil (mud), then remove it in a way delete some of the posts and leave some of the other posts by putting objects and using codes (spells).

This science is used to know what will happen in the future. This science includes the science of shamanism and astrology (astrology).

Imam Muslim in his saheeh narrated from one of the Prophet’s wives e, he said:

من أتى عرافا فسأله عن شيء فصدقه لم تقبل له صلاة أربعين يوما

“Whoever comes to the predictor then asks him about a matter and he believes it, then his prayers are not accepted for forty days.”

9.      At-Tanjim (Astrology)

According to the term, the word at-tanjim means the science that deals with heavenly bodies and stars to know its power and influence on earth’s objects as a guide to events that will take place on earth, ie events or events related to humans and other earthly beings.

In essence at-tanjim is not categorized as a science. It is more precisely categorized as a confusing and misguided thought born of people who are not guided by God I. The law of studying and practicing or practicing this astrology is categorized as an act of kufr, as it attributes events and natural events such as death and life, kemudharatan and benefits and others to other than Allah SWT. Read more about Law of Ramadan Fasting without Doing Salaah Prayer

من اقتبس شعبة من النجوم فقد اقتبس شعبة من السحر, زاد ما زاد (رواه أبو داود وإسناده صحيح)

“Whoever studies some of the astrology, in fact he has learned some of the witchcraft. Increasingly (the knowledge that he learns) is increasing as well (his sin). “(HR: Abu Daud and his isnad shahih)

10.  l Jafr (Science Code / Formula)

The word Al Jafr means a young goat or camel. According to the term means a science to know the formula or code based on secret letters, where the perpetrators think that in the code or formula there are instructions that show some events that will occur until the Day of Judgment.

In contrast to the four kinds of science above that the inventor did not know or who first made it, this science was created by Aaron bin Said Al Lajali who claimed himself as a figure of the Shiite Zaidiyah stream.

This is based on a book he wrote whose report he claimed came from Ja’far Ash Sadiq, one of the Imams of the Ahl al-Bait (family of the Prophet e), in which the book discusses a science that can predict what will happen to ahlu al bait.

In terms of benefits, the actual knowledge of Al Jafr does not provide any benefit to the Muslims. Even this science is a waste and poison spread by thinkers and zindik figures. Wallahu A’lam. Read more about Law of Women Giving Birth in the Month of Ramadhan

Ibnul Qoyyim rahimahullah has explained what science should be studied by every Muslim. That is, there can be no Muslim who does not learn it. The sciences include:

11.  The science of the subjects of faith, which is faith in Allah Almighty, his angels, his books, his apostles, and the end.

12.  Knowledge of Islamic Shari’a

Among the compulsory is the science of things that are specially done as a servant such as the science of ablution, prayer, fasting, pilgrimage, zakat. We are obliged to study matters relating to such worship, such as about terms, harmonious and cancellation

13.  The sciences relating to the interactions that occur between a person and another person in particular (eg wife, child, and immediate family) or with others in general.

The science of compulsory according to the fourth type is different according to the different circumstances and position of a person. For example, a trader is required to study laws relating to trade or buying and selling transactions. This fourth science varies according to the conditions and needs of each. (See Miftaah Daaris Sa’aadah, 1/156)

From the explanation of Ibnul Qoyyim rahimahullah above, it is clear that whatever the background of our work and profession, it is obligatory for us to study the sciences mentioned above. Claiming the science of religion is not only required to the cleric or cleric. Similarly, the duty of da’wah and give advice to the good, not only devoted to the ustad or the da’i. Prophet sallallaahu ‘alaihi wa sallam said,

فوالله لأن يهدى الله بك رجلا خير لك من أن يكون لك حمر النعم

“By Allah, if Allah guides one person only through your intercession, it is better for you than the red camel (ie the best and most expensive camel, pen.)”. (Narrated by Bukhari and Muslim)

And no doubt, that for da’wah is in need and must be accompanied by knowledge. Could be, because the condition of some people, they are not reached by the preaching of ustadz. For example, how many of our siblings lay in the hospital and they left the prayer obligation?

This is where the important role of health workers, whether doctors, nurses, or nutritionists who care for them, to advise and teach how to wash and pray when sick. Similarly, someone who works as a driver, should remind passengers for example to keep on praying even on the journey. Of course, all of that requires provision of adequate religious knowledge. Read more about Virtues of Reciting Al-Qur’an in Ramadhan

Finally, lest we become very clever about the ins and outs of the science of the world with all the problems, but neglect of the science of religion. Let us meditate on the word of Allah Ta’ala,

يعلمون ظاهرا من الحياة الدنيا وهم عن الآخرة هم غافلون

“They only know who is born (only) from the life of the world, while they neglect about the Hereafter”. (Surah Ar-Ruum [30]: 7)

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