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10 Great Virtues of Sunnah Rawatib Prayer for Life

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Prayer is the most important obligation for Muslims. The command of prayer becomes part of the pillars of Islam, the application of the pillars of faith, performs the Function of Faith to the Book of Allah, the Function of Faith to Allah SWT, and in accordance with the contents and Functions of the Qur’an For Mankind.


However, in addition to the obligatory prayer there is also the implementation of sunnah prayers performed Rasulullah. One of them is sunnah rawatib prayer which is sunnah or exemplified by Rasulullah SAW.

However, in addition to the obligatory prayer there is also the implementation of sunnah prayers performed Rasulullah. One of them is sunnah rawatib prayer which is sunnah or exemplified by Rasulullah SAW.
Sunnah rawatib prayers are done before or after the obligatory prayer. This is done to add the obligatory prayers, so that Muslims can be conditioned and filled with faith in the practice of prayer. As for rawatib prayer ever written in the book Riyadhussalihihn.

From Umm Habibah radhiyallahu ‘anha, Wife of the Prophet sallallaahu’ alaihi wa sallam, he said: I heard the Prophet sallallaahu ‘alaihi wa sallam said: A Muslim performs a sunnah prayer which is not obligatory, for Allah, (as many as) twelve rak’ahs in each day , Allah will build for him a house (palace) in heaven. “(Later) Umm Habibah radhiyallahu ‘anha said,” After I heard this hadith I never left the prayers. “(From the Book of Riyadhussalihin)

The Sunnah Rawatib Prayer and Its Importances

Sunnah Prayer there are various kinds. Kinds of Sunnah Prayer for example: Praying the Dead, Night Pray Before Sleep (Read Benefits of Night Prayers), and Taubat Prayers. But the Rawatib prayer itself has its own virtue.

In a hadith it has been said that “Whoever prays twelve rak’ah day and night, he will be builded a house in heaven“. The existence of this hadith indicates that the Sunnah Rawatib prayer has an enormous impact and benefit for humans, so its implementation is highly recommended.

Here are 10 virtues of Sunnah Rawatib Prayer, which are recommended for all Muslims to do.

  1. Bigger Rewards

As mentioned above, that one of Sunnah Rawatib prayer’s virtues brings great rewards so that Allah will built house for them who do it  in heaven.

For that, great rewards and rewards for the Muslims who run. Sure, everyone wants to get to heaven. For that, one of the practices that can make us go to heaven after doing the obligatory is to do the Sunnah of the Prophet we can do. That is by practicing sunnah rawatib prayer. (Read also Rewards for Helping Orphans)

2. More Self Conditioning

By performing sunnah rawatib prayer, then we will get more self-conditioning. In general prayer is an activity that brings about a positive force or energy to us. This is because our spiritual is filled with solemn prayer. With sunnah rawatib prayer then, we will also get a more charger to the spiritual divinity of our selves. It helps to keep ourselves awake and aware of Allah SWT.

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3. Implementing Sunnah Rasulullah SAW

To be the ummah of Rasulullah SAW, surely not only our identity can be classified as the ummah. Implementing the sunnah worship, imitate the behavior of the Prophet, and imitate what he does is the thing that makes us become a follower of the Messenger of Allah.

Confessing it as the ummah of the Prophet is certainly not enough, but must be consistent and continuously follow the Sunnah Rasulullah.

For that, sunnah Rawatib prayer that is exemplified by the Prophet consistently is one way to make us can be classified as ummah. For that, we need to keep consistent in doing it in order to get this virtues. (Read also Type of Sunnah Prayer in Islam)

4. Behaviors Like the Messenger of Allah SWT

The performer of this sunnah rawatib prayer, not only the Messenger of Allah but the Companions of the Prophet did it. For that, this Sunnah Prayer as performed by the Companions of the Prophet. By doing so, we will have in common with the companions of the Prophet who are righteous and full of good deeds.


5. More Prayer and Approach to Allah SWT

Every prayer we do is read the letter and of course the prayer. For that, by adding prayer with sunnah rawatib prayer then we will pray more and come closer to Allah SWT.

At certain times we often forget God and forget to pray to Him. For that, with added prayer then our prayers will increase, our munajat to God will be more and more, and we will increasingly feel close to Allah SWT.

In that way, we will be proud to be a servant who constantly remembers God’s rules, commandments and laws.

6. Not Much Lulled with the World

Prayers are like alarms that remind us of the essence of living in the world. The readings that we read, the dhikr we do make us conditioned by the practice that leads to the afterlife, not just the world.

For that, with the addition of sunnah rawatib prayer more and more reminiscent of the Hereafter, so we are not easy to lulled with the world.

7. More appreciate Islam

By performing sunnah rawatib prayer we will also be more appreciate Islam. Islam is a set of rules of God. Usually in everyday life we often forget and neglect this.

For that, with the addition of sunnah rawatib prayer then we will get appreciation of Islam is higher than just with obligatory prayers.

8. Be More Grateful

By doing many sunnah rawatib prayer, then we will also be more grateful through dizkir and reading that we chant. Grateful in this case is we are still given time in the world and also do the commandments of God as well as possible. Outside of prayer, people are often negligent to give thanks, for that in prayer is the thing we can do best to be grateful.

9. Fear the Law of Allah SWT

By doing many sunnah rawatib prayer, we also will get fear to Allah SWT. This fear arises because of our form of obedience and submission to God. The more often we interact with Allah through prayer, then we will increasingly realize that God is the God we must obey and be fear of all his tortures.

To that end, this fear arises if in prayer we often remember and solemnly run it. One of them through sunnah rawatib prayer performed.

10. Away from the Arrogant and Riya character

Sunnah rawatib prayer like obligatory prayer, making us stay away from the arrogant and riya. This is as it is done during the prayer, we will always bow and bow to God. That’s when we become someone who really devote themselves to Allah SWT.

We will be a slave or slave who bowed to God. We are nothing compared to God Who is Mastering all the universe.

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Those are the 10 virtues of the sunnah rawatib prayer. There are also other sunnah that we can do such as running grave pilgrimage, to eat such as How to Eat Rasulullah, the virtue of Fasting Arafah, implement Sunnah Before Sleep, take the Wisdom Sunnah Fasting, Marriage Duties, How To beatify Beloved Wife according to Rasulullah and so forth.

The most important of all is that we can do it with consistent and righteous intentions because of Allah SWT.

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