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17 Lovely Ways How to Compliment Person in Islam

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Giving compliments is not as as as it seems. We need to look sincere so that the person we compliment will not be offended. By giving compliments means we have acknowledge that someone has indeed work hard and deserve to be credited. Sometimes compliments help us when we don’t know how to start a conversation with a new person.


Islam has the best tips how to compliment someone in Islam. It will become the most useful way for you, and you can do the steps below:

1. Say it Sincerely

Abu Huraira reported: The Messenger of Allah, peace and blessings be upon him, said, “Verily, Allah does not look at your appearance or wealth, but rather he looks at your hearts and actions.” – Muslim

It’s important to show the sincerity when we compliments others. Since we can perfectly tell whether a person talking sincerely to us or they just don’t mean it. Also don’t insult someone and hide it in your compliments.

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2. Tell Them Exactly

What aspects did you compliment should be clear. It will make you sound more sincere. If you never point out the exact point of your compliments, that person never think that you really mean it. Avoid only saying simple “Congratulation”. Tell them in details like, “Your presentation was killing.” And others.

Just think that if we are the one who complimented by others, we will be very happy to hear that person tell us in details, right?

3. Appreciate The Hard Work

Compliments can’t be given randomly. There must something to be credited for, for example is the hard work. All people will be very happy once their hard work acknowledge and even appreciated by others. Understand the effort the make even though it has nothing to do with us. Since we intend to give a sincere compliments, what’s important is what they do, not what they give to us.

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4. Praise Them Behind Their Back

Your real intention will be clearly seen not when you face that person, but when they are not around. If you really want to praise them, do it behind their back. Do it when they’re not around. Let the news passed on to that person and that’s how the real compliments work.

5. Say it in a Nice Voice

Use a low and pleasant tone when you compliment others. Don’t be shaken or loss of words since it makes you look less sincere. Never give out compliments in a lazy tone as if you’re forced to. They will be offended.

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6. Leave all Negativity

Since you want to compliment others, leave out the negativity. If you do, then you are complaining instead of complimenting. Make it clear whether you are complimenting or not. For example when you say, “Congratulation. It actually better if you can take th first place.” It’s not a compliment but a hidden insult.

7. Do It with Smile

Smile is a universal language of positivity and sincerity. Don’t forget to give compliments with smile to look more sincere. Even though your words are short, your smile help you to tell everything.

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8. Wear a Simple Expression

Being too flat will make you look not sincere, but exaggerating your expression is just the same. No need to raise your voice, crying, become hysterical, or displaying excessive body language. Nobody think it’s nice to hear and see.

9. Don’t Make Any Comparation

When you are complimenting someone, don’t make it sound like an insult for them. It could happen if you compare them with others. As if that person is not good enough, you told them that other people is actually better. It will make you look bad for them and instead of happy, they’d feel rather not to be complimented by them.

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10. Say Some Encouragement

Your compliment should affect someone in a more positive way and make them become a better person. Encourage them to be the better person by saying, “You’ve been doing good but I’m sure you got more than this.” It’s a good way to motivate and compliment someone at the same time.

Best Way to Respond to the Compliments

It’s true that compliments could weaken Muslims. If one doesn’t wisely accept the compliments to react properly to them, they can get worse of the compliments. here are the best way to respond to the compliments:

  1. Stay humble and don’t think that we have become someone’s better just because other people compliment us. It will grow the dangerous arrogance in our heart.
  2. Don’t think highly of yourself and thinking that everyone else is now below you. To this point, you feel like you are very good on your own to gain such achievements.
  3. Your success is because of Allah SWT so when somebody compliment you, you should return everything to Allah SWT. As nothing will not going to happen without His permission.
  4. Take every compliment as something to motivate you. Never feel like you have save or successful enough just because other people praise you. Achievement comes along with even bigger responsibility.
  5. Share the credits with the other person, especially when you’re doing something as group. It’s not wise to take all the credits. You should mention you mentor, parents, as other person as well.
  6. Make dua to Allah SWT to protect you from become arrogant because of compliments. Some Muslims can’t take compliment wise enough and they don’t know what to do.

So those are the ways how to compliment someone in Islam. We should be complimenting each other for their achievements, as they will do the same for us. Take it in a positive way and don’t let it make you full of yourself.

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