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20 Miraculous Benefits of Asr Prayer

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Asr prayer is a prayer done when the length of the shadow is the same as the length of the object.The Asr prayer salvation limit is when the color of the sun changes to yellow. In Asr prayer, there are benefits and special features. Previous discussions we already know about the importance of Zuhr prayer. This time we will explore the benefits of Asr prayer. In fact, both Zuhr and Asr’s prayers have the same benefits and virtues. The difference is only in the specialty. What are the benefits of Asr’s prayer? Here are 20 benefits of asr prayer written in Quran and Hadith.


1. Just Allah is the only real Lord

The main benefit of Asr’s prayer is to create a human mind that is only real Lord the only Merciful, the Rescuer and the Bestower for all of us. Below is a verse from the Quran that explains this.

“And when My servants question thee concerning Me, then surely I am nigh. I answer the prayer of the suppliant when he crieth unto Me. So let them hear My call and let them trust in Me, in order that they may be led aright.” (Verse 2:186)

2. Repentances Opportunities

Doing the Asr prayer is an opportunity for the Muslim people to repent and return to the way of Allah SWT. Allah says in the Quran.

……… and turn to Him repentant. He will cause you to enjoy a fair estate until a time appointed. He giveth His bounty unto every bountiful one. But if ye turn away, lo! (then) I fear for you the retribution of an awful Day.” (Verse 11:3)

3. Solutions to various problems

When the man is having a lot of trouble, then he will certainly find a solution. The most powerful way to overcome it is by performing the Asr prayer. Praying is the best solution to deal with the various problems we are facing. Here is a hadith by Hudzaifah’s friend Radhiyallahu anhu once told of the Prophet Muhammad ‘alaihi wa Sallam.

“In the past, if the Prophet Sallallahu ‘alaihi wa Sallam fell upon an affair, then he performed the prayer.” (HR Abu Dawud)

4. Offer the Asar Prayer on time

This surah is telling to remind us as Muslims to offer the Asr prayer on time. With prayer Asr on time,  Allah Almighty will give a lots blessings whosoever that perform Asr prayer.

“Be guardians of your prayers, and of the midmost prayer, and stand up with devotion to Allah.”
(Verse 2: 238)

5. Obtains doubled reward

The person who performs the Asr prayer will be rewarded multiple times. This statement was made by Prophet Muhammad SAW. Below is the hadith Sahih by Imam Muslim in his Sahih through Khair ibn Na’im Al-Hadhrami through ibn Hubaira through Abu Tamim Al-Jishani through Abu Basra Al-Ghifari who reported. 

“The Messenger of Allah, peace be upon him, led us in the ‘Asr prayer at (the place known as) Mukhammas, and then he said: This prayer was presented to those gone before you, but they lost it, and he who guards it has two rewards in store for him.”

6. Never enter the hell of fire

Whoever carries out the Asr prayer then he will not enter the fire of hell. This statement is written in Sahih through Yahya ibn Abi Kathir through Shiban through Abdul-Malik ibn ‘Umair through Abu Bakr ibn’ Imara ibn Ru’aiba through his father who is Abu Zuhair who narrates that the Prophet, peace is upon him, said.

“He will never enter hellfire whoever prays before the sunrise and before its sunset”.

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7. Cause of entering the Heaven of Allah ta’ala

Anyone who carries out his daily prayer obligations goes to heaven, as well as in performing the Asr prayer. This statement is described in the two Sahihs through Hammam ibn Yahya through Abu Jamra Ad-Dhaba’i through Abu Bakr ibn Abu Musa from his father Abdullah ibn Qays al-Ash’ari who narrated that the Messenger of Allah, peace be upon him, said.

‘Whoever prays the two cool prayers (‘Asr and Fajr) will go to paradise.”

8. Great status of happiness in heaven

It is said that every Muslim who performs the Asr prayer will be given a great status which is the highest bliss in Paradise, to take a look at the holy face of Allah. The two Sheikhs through Marwan Ibn Mu’awiyah Al-Fazzari on the authority of Ismail Ibn Abu Khalid through Qais ibn Abu Hazim who said: I heard Jarir ibn Abdullah say: We were with the Prophet, peace be upon him, on a full moon night, He looked at the moon and said.

“You will certainly see your Lord as you see this moon, and there will be no trouble in seeing Him. So if you can avoid missing (through sleep, business, etc.) a prayer before the rising of the sun (Fajr) and before its setting (‘Asr) you must do so.” He (the Prophet) then recited the following verse: “So be patient, [O Muhammad], over what they say and exalt [Allah] with praise of your Lord before the rising of the sun and before its setting,” (Verse 50:39)”

9. Get Rewards

For every Muslim who performs the Asr prayer, it is given to him a reward by Allah ta’ala. Allah says it in the letter of Al-Baqarah below.

“Those who believe, and do deeds of righteousness, and establish regular prayers and regular charity, will have their reward with their Lord: on them shall be no fear, nor shall they grieve”
(Verse 2:227)

10. Viewing the essence of Allah in the Heaven

Another benefit for every Muslim who is timely in running the Asr prayers, then in the Day of Judgment he will be able to see the essence of God in the heaven without jostling with other. Below here is the hadith narrated by Al-Bukhari and Muslim. From Jabir bin, Abdullah R.A said that the Prophet SAW said.

“Surely you will see your Lord as you see this full moon, and you will not be jostling each other in seeing Him, so if you can not afford to miss praying before sunrise and before setting, then do it.” (Narrated by Al-Bukhari and Muslim)

11. The distinction of the hypocrites (munafiq)

Prayer is the light wherever whoever does it will become obedient. Praying Asr can keep us from being cruel and away from the hypocrites. This is written in the hadith below.

“That is the prayer of the hypocrites, (ie) sitting watching the sun. Until when the sun is between two devilish horns (ie, when drowning), He stands up (to do Asar prayer) four rak’ah (quickly) like a chicken stroke. He does not dhikr to remember Allah, except for just a little.” (HR. Muslim )

12. Night and day’s angel meet at the time of Asar

The time of Asr is the time of meeting the angels of the day and the angels of the night. It is as if humans are working with shift rules. It is said that when angels perform a change of duty, in this case, the angels watch us during the Subuh and Asr prayers and pray for us so that our faults are forgiven at the time of the Day of Resurrection.Abu Hurairah reported to the Prophet Muhammad SAW which means:

“The angels gather at the time of prayer Subuh then the angels (who accompanied the servant) at night (who had served night to Subuh) up (to the sky), and angels. At noon, they gather again at the time of the Asar prayer and the angel assigned during the day (until the Asar prayer rises (to the sky) while the angel in charge at night remains, so Allah asks them, ‘How do you leave my servant?’, They replied, ‘We came when they prayed and we left them as they prayed, so forgive them on the Day of Resurrection.’ “

(Ahmad and Shaykh Ahmad Syakir).

13. The goodness of human

Praying Asr is an effort to seek help and patience in life. Allah says it in the Quran below here.

“Seek help in patience and prayer, and truly it is hard save for the humble-minded. Who know that they will have to meet their Lord and that unto Him they are returning.” (Verse 2:45-46)

14. The Successful Believers

Any Muslim who performs the Asr prayers, then they are believers. Allah wrote it in the Quran which is said.“They are those who are punctual in the performance of their Prayer.” (Verse 23: 9)

15. Don’t miss to perform Asr prayer

Any Muslim who leaves Asr prayer intentionally or not. So, all good deeds of good deeds are in vain. Below is the hadith narrated by Bukhari.

“He who misses the Asr Salat (deliberately), his deeds will be rendered null and void”. (Bukhari)

16. Distract too perform middle prayer

For anyone who harms Muslims not to work on Asr prayers, Allah will fill the sides of his house and his grave with fire. This hadith is made when on the day of Khandaq (also known as the battle of Trench) Allah says in his hadith.

May Allah fill their homes and graves with fire, just as they distracted us from the middle prayer.” (Ibn Majah 684).

17. Our good deeds will be canceled

At the time in the time of the Prophet, while the war of the Prophet still ordered his troops to hasten the Asr prayers. Rasulullah also urged not to leave the Asr prayers under any circumstances. Below is the statement of Prophet Muhammad SAW in his hadith.

“Offer the ‘Asr prayer early as the Prophet said, “Whoever leaves the ‘Asr prayer, all his (good) deeds will be annulled.” (Narrated by Abu Al-Mahh)

18. Lost his family and property

Whosoever always miss their Asr Prayer or not perform it, you will lose your family and property.  Some people maybe will get natural disasters like earthquakes and floods in order to lose their family and property. Astaghfirullah, may Allah always save us from the anything bad happen. This following hadith is to remind us to keep praying Asr and not to delay it. The Prophet (PBUH) said:

“Whoever misses the Asr prayer, then it is as if he has been robbed of his family and his wealth.”
(Al-Bukhari 552)

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19. Forbid from hell of fire

Our Prophet always does the Sunnah Prayer before perform the Asr Prayer. While you perform four rak’ah Sunnah Prayer before Asr, you may save from the hell of fire. This statement was said by  Rasulullah (Sallallahu Alayhi Wa Sallam), this following hadith reported by At – Tabarani.

“May Allah grant mercy and blessings to the person who performs four rak’ah (Sunnah) before Asr.” (Abu Daawood) Rasulullah (Sallallahu Alayhi Wa Sallam) has also said:

“The person who regularly performs four rak’ah (Sunnah) before Asr, Allah will forbid his body from the Fire (of Jahannam).”

20. Good for human’s health

Every diseases, there must be a cure, this is an expression claim by the Messenger of Allah to us Muslims. Some researchers have found that while performing Asr prayer, it can make healthy bladder health. The bladder serves as a fluid converter into the urine to be released by the body.

Other facts mention also Asr times that the color is orange. It effects for our organs especially prostate, uterus, ovary, and testes which are reproductive organs. So, if we miss the Asar prayer, we will be lost of them. Below here is the following Quran.

“And when I am ill, it is He who cures me.”(Verse 26:80)

Hopefully, this benefits about Asr prayer can be knowledge of us as Muslims. Keep your daily prayer to get rewards from Allah ta’ala. Allah will beside us, hear our repentance and will forgive us for all of the sins. Performs Asr prayer is a ticket for us to entering the Heaven of Allah and forbid us from the hell of fire. Below here is some article that benefits too for us as Muslims.

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