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10 Bad Impacts of Debt in Islam Prespective

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Debt or Al-Qardh means cut or in the other words, it is giving the treasure to others where it will be used properly and later it will be returned to the person who has given that treasure. In today’s life, debt has become a common thing. Even it can be said that it have become a lifestyle of a person when he has no money.


The reason for the wish and need become a brave trigger of someone to do debt transaction. Besides that, there is a rapid development of many loan programs that are offered by banks, lending cooperatives or other institutions, so the process of borrowing the debt is easier to be done.

It is very ironic, although the law of debt in Islam is allowed and it is not a sin, but it should be avoided. Because the Prophet Muhammad shallallahu ‘alaihi wa sallam did debt to himself when he was really in an emergency and the Prophet Muhammad SAW provided assurance if he cannot pay his debt. Because of that, if you will owe, it is okay to be done. If you were in an emergency condition, even it can be said if you were on the condition between life and death.

Besides that, if a Muslim want to do debt transaction, then he is necessary to know terms and conditions of debt according to Islam. But, it will be better if that transaction is avoided. Here is the explanation about ten bad impact of debt in Islam.

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  1. His body will be not prayed by Ulama and society

The first bad impact of debt, someone who has debt died, his body will be prayed by Ulama and society. In the narration of Al-Bukhari number 2289 explained that the Messenger of Allah SAW did not want to pray the corpse of people who have debt then he has not paid it and he did not have a penny of  treasure.

The Messenger of Allah SAW prayed that corpse when there was his companion who said that he was ready to bear all the debts of that corpse. Because of that, do not accustom yourself to do debt transaction except you are in a very urgent circumstances.

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  1. Sins during life will be not forgiven until all debts are finished

The second bad impact of debt is sins during life cannot be forgiven except that person finishes all of his debts. In the narration of Muslim number 4880/1885, someone asked to  the Messenger of Allah SAW, if there was someone killed in the way of Allah SWT (shahid), will his sins be forgiven, then Rasulullah SAW answered, his sins will be forgiven if he was patient then he forwarded and he did not run away when he was fighting and he will be not forgiven if he has a debt.

That hadith explains that someone who has a good worship cannot be forgiven his sins, when he dies and he has still a debt except all of his debts have been finished.

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  1. Be held to enter the heaven although he has many good deeds in his life

According to Tsauban, the Messenger of Allah SAW said :

“Whoever dies in a state free of three things, those are arrogant, ghuluul and free from debt, he will enter the heaven.”

(Narrated by At-Tirmidzi number 1572, ibn Majah number 2412 and others). It is very clear that doing debt transaction is very dangerous, because of that do not accustom yourself to do debt transaction.

  1. Threaten akhlaq (can cause many bad behavior)

Someone who does debt transaction can trigger the appearance of bad behavior, starting from lying, broken promises and other bad things. The Messenger of Allah SAW said “Indeed if someone owes, then that person will lie and break the promise.” (Narrated by Al-Bukhari)

Some people who have debts cannot keep their promises to pay their debts. It can cause the nature of lying and broken promises that will be very dangerous for akhlaq.

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  1. Closer to kufr

The fifth bad impact of debt in Islam is it will close ourselves to kufr. According to the history of Nasa’i and Hakim, Rasulullah SAW equated debts with kufr, Naudzubillah min dzalik. So, if we want to avoid from kufr, we should avoid debts, both borrowing money to neighbors, lending cooperatives or banks.

  1. Be a trigger of dishonesty

When someone get a loan money, of course, he will feel very happy because many problems that he faced can be solved with his loan. But when he will pay his debt, may be it will not work smoothly. He does not pay debts smoothly, he gets obstacle when he will pay his debts so it will cause another problem.

Because he is afraid with a debt collector, he will be dishonest, many reasons are made to get an extended time to repay his debt. It is precisely which triggers of dishonesty.

  1. Can cause stress

The seventh bad impact of debt is causing stress. Stress can happen when someone get a heavy stress in his life. In the matter of debt, stress will be happened if he cannot pay his debt. Even it will come due date, every night he is hard to sleep because he is thinking about how to pay the debts, so it can cause stress.

For that, if you has debts and difficulty in paying them, give yourself to Allah SWT and do the best efforts. So everything can work smoothly and you will avoid from stress. Because not a few people who have a big debts, get stress and do suicide or other bad things.

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  1. The reward during his life will be made to redeem his debt on the Day of Judgment

Rasulullah SAW said

“Whoever dies with the state has still a debt although it is only one dinar or one dirham, then the goodness (on the Day of Judgment) that will pay it off because in the afterlife there will be no dinar or dirham again.”(Narrated by Ibn Majah). I

t has been clear when someone dies in the state of having a debt, then in the afterlife, the good deeds (rewards) that will pay off all debt that exist in the worlds.

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  1. Cause the grow of munafik

Rasulullah SAW said that a munafik person has four characteristics, such as if he is believed, he will betrayed, if he promises, he will deny, if he speaks, he will lie, and if he argues, he will cheat. People who have debts will lie if they have not money to pay their debts. So, when the person lies, then he can be said a munafik person.

  1. His business will hang

The last bad impact of debt is his business will hang. The Prophet Muhammad SAW said “The soul of believer will depend on the debt that he has until he pays off all of his debts.” (Narrated by Tirmidzi) Because of that, we should solve all of debt problems, so that all of our business do not hang.

The law of debt in Islam is allowed, but it will be better to avoid it. In order to avoid the various dangers that have mentioned above, then avoid debts. Give yourself to Allah SWT and keep trying hard to be made easy our rizq and all of business in this world. Thus the explanation about bad impacts of debt in Islam, may be useful. Amen.

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