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15 Magnificent Benefits of Talking Less in Islam

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What is so great about silence that the holy Quran stress the importance of talk less? It should be more than a simple way to protect your speech. In this modern world, people tend to talk much about anything be it in real or social media. Sometimes among friends or community, silence is clearly avoided even someone will say something or crack a joke to escape the awkwardness.


The truth is silence cultivates spirituality and also feeling of nearness to Allah. The less we talk in our lives and practice silence, the more benefits we find from it. Below is some elaboration on benefits of talking less.

1. Talking less as reflection

Talking less means to shut the mouth and open the mind more. It also means to observe what you are doing as well as what others are doing. Silence allows you to observe the surrounding without judging. Doing this for a long time, you will be able to sifting and organizing thoughts in your head. You simply reflect on what you have done so far and sort out rubbish on your head. See also Dua to Make Friends in Islam.

2. As part of wisdom

Wisdom does not come from nothing. It will come to those who reflect on everything. Adopting silence in everyday activity is indeed a smart thing to do. It guards secrets, get rid of nonsensical thought and speech, and also controls tongue. Imam Ali once said “the wiser the man is, the less he will speak.” Talking less also increases the value of the words as Imam Ja’far as-Sadig once said “one knows the value of his speech will also know the value of silence. In fact, if one adopts silence, he will value his speech and therefore guard it like he guards his wealth.”

3. Form of tranquility

The great benefit of talking less is tranquility. For examples if you allocates half hour to practice silence before school or work, you will be able to face the challenge of the day with a positive manner. Silence also gets rid of stress and anxiety. Practicing silence for at least ten minutes during worship helps you reach tranquility and easier to concentrate.

4. Part of intellect

The carnal self or Nafs triggers foolishness while silence strengthens the Aql. The Nafs feeds on thoughtless and impulsive action which mostly leads to careless speech. Remember what Imam says that the speech is part of the action. Silence reflects one’s intellectual because people who think before act and think before speak will never say foolish things.

5. No apologize needed

If you do not accidentally speak something foolish or reveals one’s secret (or your own secret), you do not owe anybody apologize. Why would you apologize to anybody when there is no foolish thing spoken?

6. Serves as guardian

It is not difficult to find people who get in trouble because of their speech. Some of us may be in that situation without we even realize what we are talking about. Thus, Islam strongly advises its people to talk less and practice more silence. This is because silent people will always be protected from trouble for not being able to tame their tongue.

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7. Strengthen iman

Muslims always practice silent and does not speak carelessly usually spent most their time to think. Silence strengthen the iman when they think of Allah, remembering the bless they receive and thinking of death. As recorded by Abu Hurrairah that the prophet said “those who believe in Allah and doom day should always speak good deed or stay silent.” See also signs of strong iman and Akhlaq.

8. Avoid indomitable heart

A person who talks carelessly and speaks sinful speech, the heart is full of illness. Those people have indomitable heart. They cannot receive advice even when listen to Quran, their heart will not quiver. Ibnu Umar reported that the prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, “Don’t you talk much unless for zikr to Allah, because much talking leads to indomitable heart and the furthest human from Allah is the one with indomitable heart, those who unwilling to receive guidance.” Hadeeth Tirmidzi. See also importance of istighfar in Islam.

9. Sins protection

Besides prayers, recite Quran, and fasting, there is another way to escape from sin of grave and punishment which is to protect speech. Instead of talking others or nonsensical; it is better to stay silent and recite more zikr.

Hisham Ibn Hassan reported that Muhammad Ibn Sireen said “We used to say that the people with most faults are the quickest of them to mention the faults of other.” See also importance of prayer in Islam.

10. Good deed without trying much

In Islam, thinking before speaking is considered good deeds with rewards. But when it comes to speech management, not only stay silent but also talking good deed is rewarded. Only if a person says something useful such as reciting Quran or talking knowledge, the very person will receive reward.

Ar-Razi reported that Ali ibn Abi Talib said “No good in silence when it comes to knowledge, just as there is no good in speaking when it comes to ignorance.”

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11. Silence is gold

Stay silent does not mean that a person is dumb. In fact, Islam strongly advises its people to think first before speaking. If a person is incapable to speak something good or not having enough comprehension, it is best to stay silent. As Luqman al-Hakim told his children “My son, nothing I regret at all in my silence. Because if talking is like silver, then silent is like gold.”

12. Silent is better

Generally, silence is better than just talking rubbish. It prevents us from making unnecessary sins. Talking too much is simply wasting time and it is worse than death. This is because death separates us from the world, but talk too much and wasting time separates us from Allah. See also anger management in Islam.

Besides the elaborated points above, there are also some benefits of talking less in Islam as the following.

  • Honor from Allah
  • Fortune in afterlife
  • Higher position as Muslim

Overall, mankind should only talks about good and useful things. Talking to much will lead us to hurts others’ feeling, insult other people, talk lies, and become arrogant. Even though silent is better than talking rubbish, but there is also time for Muslim to speak up which are when da’wah and defend our self. See also the importance of da’wah in Islam.

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