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20 Dua to Make Friends in Islam to Build Islamic Friendship

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In general, people are happy with many friends. Humans can not live alone, so they are called as a social creature. But that does not mean, that one can arbitrarily associate with just anyone according to his lust. Because friends are the personification of self. Humans always choose friends that are similar to them in hobbies, trends, views, thoughts. Therefore, Islam provides clear boundaries in the matter of friendship.


“Someone depends on the religion of his friend. Then one of you should see who his friends are. “ (HR Ahmad and Tirmidzi)

Here is presented dua to make friends in Islam.

A. Dua to Choose a Good Friend

Not everyone can be friends. So a Muslim who wants to save his religion should choose a good friend carefully and need to dua this. Allah commands to befriends good and good people. Because friends like that will help and encourage us to do good. In contrast to bad friends, the lowest bad consequences, they will make our time out in vain useless. The greatest danger, being friends with them can ruin our faith and religion, so it will be with them in the hereafter. Therefore the Qur’an and Sunnah prohibit friends with them.

1. “Someone is above the religion of his friend, so should one of you examine who is made as his friend.” (HR Ahmad and Abu Dawud No. 4833, assigned by Asy-Shaykh Al-Albani in Ash-Shahihah No. 127)

2. “And be patient, yourself, with those who call their Lord in the morning and the evening desiring His Face. And (let) not pass beyond your eyes over them, desiring adornment (of) the life (of) the world, and (do) not obey whom We have made heedless his heart of Our remembrance, and follows his desires and is his affair (in) excess.” (Al-Kahf 18:28)

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B. Dua to Keep Our Words

Every word that comes out of the mouth when you want to be friends may be able to hurt others. Therefore, we need to always keep the word and ask Allah for words that come out of our mouths do not hurt the feelings of others and cause sin. In addition, we need to dua this to make sure our friends understand what we mean because everyone has different perceptions and understandings.

1. “Let each of us corrects ourselves and weigh his words and deeds, which are born and inward, with syar’i scales. Wallahul musta’an. “ (Al-Qaulul Hasan fi Ma’rifatil Fitan p.63)

2. “O ye who believe with his tongue, and have not entered that faith in his heart, do not curse others and do not seek the disgrace of others because people love to find the shame of his fellow Muslim, then Allah will seek his shame. And the one whose shame is made manifest by Allah will be known to the public, even if he hides in the house. “ (HR Ahmad, Bukhari-Muslim).

3. “And untie (the) knot from my tongue that they may understand my speech.” (Ta Ha 20:27-28)

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C. Dua to Always Love Our Friends

Of course, everyone wants to have a good friend. However, we must start from ourselves so that others will do the same with us. Love our friends like we love ourselves and always sincere with them. That is the first key to make friends who will someday be facing a difficult and happy time together.

1. “Muhammad (is the) Messenger (of) Allah, and those who (are) with him (are) firm against the disbelievers and merciful among themselves.” (Al-Fath 48:29)

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We need to dua this and imitate the character of Prophet Muhammad. He is firm against the disbelievers but he has a gentle and soft character against His friends and always loves them.

2. “O Allah, grant us a heart that can love our friends just because it expects your pleasure.” (Ibnu Umar)

3. “By Allah, my soul is in His hand, you will not go to heaven so you believe, and you are not (believed) to believe in each other that you love each other-will you show me something that if you do seriously, then you will they answered: yes, yes, Rasulullah SAW, his word: say greetings among your neighbor “. (HR Muslim)

In Islam greeting is one of human obligation among fellow Muslims. Greeting someone else is a social association recommended by the Prophet Muhammad. In addition, there are many Qur’an verses and hadiths which says that only a greeting can make us get rewards and go to the heaven.

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D. Dua to be Kept Away from Bad Friends

In the prayer, we ask Allah to be protected from the evil of a close friend or a treacherous and deceitful friend. Keep away from the ugliness that has various forms. It is up to Allah how He protects us. We need to keep husnuzhan, not busy suspecting some of our close friends, but Allah keeps away him from us slowly. We do not break friendships, but without feeling apart from each other. Or, may remain intimate, but Allah removes his tricks from us. In this case, we do not need to be busy exploring the ugliness of our friends, who are both away and approaching.

1. “So (now) not we have any intercessors and not a friend close.” (Ash-Shu’ara’ 26:100-101)

2. “O woe to me! I wish not I had taken that one (as) a friend.” (Al-Furqan 25:28)

3. “O Allah, verily I take refuge in You from a bad day, a bad night, a bad time, a bad friend, and a nasty neighbor in my permanent home.” (HR Thabrani)

4. “O Allah I take refuge in You from a deceitful close friend, his eyes see me but his heart suspects me. If he sees my kindness he hides. But if he sees my evil he spreads. ” (Ibnu Najjar’s hadith from Sa’id Al-Maqburi)


5. “And be patient, yourself, with those who call their Lord in the morning and the evening desiring His Face. And (let) not pass beyond your eyes over them, desiring adornment (of) the life (of) the world, and (do) not obey whom We have made heedless his heart of Our remembrance, and follows his desires and is his affair (in) excess.” (Al-Kahf 18:28)

6. “And when you see those who engage (in vain talks) about Our Verses, then turn away from them until they engage in a talk other than it. And if causes you to forget the Shaitaan, then (do) not sit after the reminder with the people – the wrongdoers.” (Al-Anam 6:68)

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E. Dua to Help Friend in Need

Every human being needs each other. We must be ready to help a friend in need when making friends. In addition, we will get some benefits when helping friends, such as replies to help from friends, get help from Allah, and get rewards from Allah.

1. “Allah always helps the servant as long as he helps his brother.” (HR Muslim No. 2699)

2. “Who used to help his brother, then Allah will always help him in his end.” (HR Bukhari 6951 and Muslim No. 2580)

3. “The man most beloved by Allah is the most beneficial to humans. The most beloved practice of Allah is to make other Muslims happy, to raise distress from others, to pay their debts or to eliminate their hunger. Indeed I walk with my Muslim brother for a need I love more than to give this mosque-mosque of Nabawi-for a whole month. “ (HR Thabrani in Al Mu’jam Al Kabir no. 13280)

F. Dua for Not to Overdo in Loving Friends

In making friends, we just need to love them within reasonable limits. Love Allah with all your heart because Allah will never leave us. Meanwhile, a friend who may now be our best friend right now may someday leave us. We may love people and friends but don’t love them excessive. It can lead to something that can create a sin such as forgetting Allah. We must always love Allah and place it at the top of our priority.

1. “Love the person you love sufficiently. It could be that person you now love someday you should hate. And hate the person you sufficiently, maybe in one day he will be the one you should love. ” (HR At-Tirmidzi no. 1997)

2. “Friends that Day, some of them to others (will be) enemies except the righteous…..” (Az-Zhukruf 43:67)

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G. Dua to be Ready to Accept the Lack of Friends

Every people has some lacks because only Allah is the one who is perfect. We need to ready to accept the lack of friends before making friends. Do not ever talk about the lack of friends which can lead to sin.

“Behold, if you seek a man who is clean from lack, you will not find it. Anyone whose virtue is more dominant than his ugliness, that is what he is looking for. ” (Mukhtashar Minhajil Qashidin p.101)

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That’s all dua to make friends in Islam. We need to dua those to keep away from bad friends and get good friends. Hope this article will give us benefits to make some friends.

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