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25 Benefits of Zuhr Prayer – The Blessings

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Prayer is the most important practice in Islam. It is a command that delivered to Prophet Muhammad SAW directly from Allah through the Isra’ Mi’raj events, where the Prophet SAW traveled from Masjid al Haram to Masjid Al Aqsa then escalates to the seventh sky to meet Allah Almighty and receive the order of obligatory prayer.


“And establish prayer and give zakah, and whatever good you put forward for yourselves – you will find it with Allah. Indeed, Allah of what you do, is Seeing.” – Al Baqara (2:110)

There are five times of obligatory prayer in Islam which every Muslim should perform everyday no matter what. The importance of prayer (Salat) is emphasized both in Quran and Hadith, where Allah SWT and Prophet Muhammad SAW stressed that there is nothing more important in the world other than your Salat. Prayer is the main pillar of Islam, and if you don’t perform it diligently, then your religion will simply falls.

Prayers perform 2 times at noon and 3 times at night. Among the 2 times at noon is the Zuhr prayer, a prayer we should perform in the middle of day. As important as other prayer, Zuhr prayer has its own benefits to the performer.

Here are the importance of Zuhr prayer every Muslim should know.

1. The door of the Heaven is opened at Zuhr

Prophet Muhammad SAW stressed the importance of Zuhr prayer as the door of the Heaven is opened at the very time. Jus before the Zuhr prayer until the end of Zuhr prayer. The time were estimated at the noon (where Zuhr prayer took time).

From a Hadith that authenticated by Shaik al Bani, as narrated by Sayyidina Abi Ayyubal-Ansari, the Prophet SAW said,

“The gates of the heavens open from zawāl (noon) until Ẓuhr prayer is performed. I desire that a good deed of mine reaches the skies at that time.”

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2. As a reminder of Allah SWT

Zuhr prayer performed at the middle of the day, when the sun is just right above our head. At the time most people is immersed in their worldly matters such as works. And those who are not, would be busy preparing for their lunch.

The sound of Adzan before the Zuhr prayer comes as a reminder for the human about their duty in this world. This is also a matters of priority, would they leave whatever business they are doing to meet their Creator, Allah Almighty. This is why the door of Heaven open widely during the period of Zuhr prayer, as a reward for those who remembering their duty in this world is to please only Allah and to worship him untuk the Day of Judgement.

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3. Improve the health of your body

The time between Fajr prayer and Zuhr prayer is quite long, taking almost half of the day. When the time for Zuhr prayer comes, our body is in the peak of tiredness and need some break to loose them up. According to the Chinese practice of health, the time of Zuhr prayer is the best time to take a rest from a stressful activity and relaxing your intestines.

When you take Wudu for the prayer, the cold water splashing to your body relaxing the heart who is tired after the activity. The blood circulation will get better and recharging your energy for the rest of day.

Zuhr times is not only good to take a rest, but also to take a lunch because your body is no longer tense and the intestines is in the relax state.

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4. The performer of Zuhr prayer is excluded from the Hellfire

The Messenger of Allah said the importance of the Zuhr prayer is, whoever perform the Zuhr prayer when the sky is cooler would be excluded from the heat of the Hellfire. The heat in the middle of the day is caused by the burning Hellfire, and the Prophet said to his follower to perform the Zuhr prayer so they would never be touched by the heat.

As narrated by Abu Huraira, The Prophet SAW said, “In very hot weather delay the Zuhr prayer till it becomes (a bit) cooler because the severity of heat is from the raging of Hell-fire. The Hell-fire of Hell complained to its Lord saying: O Lord! My parts are eating (destroying) one another. So Allah allowed it to take two breaths, one in the winter and the other in the summer. The breath in the summer is at the time when you feel the severest heat and the breath in the winter is at the time when you feel the severest cold.” – Bukhari

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5. Zuhr prayer protects Muslim from the (Hell) fire

Zuhr prayer contents of 4 rakaats of sunnah before the prayer, 4 rakaats of the Fard prayer, and 2 rakaats after the prayer. Allah promised reward to whoever willingly leave their worldly business in the remembrance of Him.

The reward of the Zuhr prayer is exactly the same as the other obligatory prayer, as said by Prophet Muhammad SAW

“Whoever observes the practice of performing four Rakat before Zuhr prayer and four (2 sunnah, 2 nafl) after the zuhr prayer, Allah will send him against the Fire (of Hell).” – Tirmidhi

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6. The good deeds would be escalates to the Heaven

As said before, one of the importance of the Zuhr prayer is that is the time where the gates of Heaven was opened widely. Prophet Muhammad SAW himself always make the most during the time, as he said

“This is an hour at which the gates of heaven are opened, and I like that my good deeds should rise to heaven at that time.” – Tirmidhi

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7. Zuhr prayer draws someone closer to Allah

In the middle of the busy day and preparation for lunch, Allah the Almight asked as to remember Him and perform the Zuhr prayer. Zuhr prayer draws someone closer to Allah SWT as they put down all the worldly business and go back to where they should be and the original purpose of their creation, to only worship and please Allah.

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8. Whoever perform the Zuhr prayer would be poured by rewards

Allah is not ignorance to His believer, thus He promised all the good things in the wolrd and in the afterlife to whoever worship and pleased him. To whoever perform the 4 rakaats of Zuhr prayer, Allah SWT will strengthen His relationship with the, the doors of goodness will be opened up for him, strayed far for the bad things that could happen, cutting off all the befalling reasons for befalling, and the path to success will be granted by Allah SWT. All the luxury things in the world would also be given to everyone perform the Zuhr prayer such as, riches, bliss, relaxation, enjoyment, and any joyful affairs would be given by Allah in an expedient manner.

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9. Improve the physical health

As Zuhr prayer was performed in the middle of day, your current body condition at the time would be stiff and tired. This can cause laziness to come along, because the body need some rest. Zuhr prayer is the best way to freshen your body once again by doing it. All the movement in prayer will loose the muscles and improve the blood circulation, which resulted in a brighter mind and refueled energy.

The Zuhr prayer is a delight to your soul and making your chest lighter and at ease. It is a good nourishment for the soul and keep you body healthy.

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10. Zuhr prayer keeps Muslim away from the danger of Dunya

People was created in the world not only to pursue the worldly life, but mainly to worship Allah SWT. Performing the Zuhr prayer keeps us reminded of the original purpose of our creation. As our worldly life has been written and planned before we even born, while our life in the Hereafter has not been decided at all. But most human doesn’t understand this and they only think about how to live a good life in Dunya. While dunya is temporary and Hereafter lasts forever.

Zuhr prayer will come as a reminder to us that no matter how hard we pursue the business in dunya, we will always turn back to Allah Almighty, as He is the only one who can help us from the danger of the dunya and the raging Hell fire.

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Other Importance of Zuhr prayer in Islam (11-25)

  • Zuhr prayer refresh our mind out of tiredness caused by work and other activity.
  • Zuhr prayer get rid of dizziness and body pain after a long day of work.
  • Every good deeds done at the Zuhr prayer will be accounted, from Wudu’ till salam.
  • Zuhr prayer casts away all illness that could harm your body.
  • It strengthen the heart and improves the blood circulation.
  • It brings joy and delights to your soul.
  • Zuhr prayer brighten your appearance and giving a nourishment for your soul.
  • Zuhr prayer keeps you away from Shaytan and Jinn and their evil whisper.
  • Zuhr prayer draws you closer to your Creator.
  • Zuhr prayer bring illumination to your heart.
  • The Zuhr prayer brings amazing effects to your body health.
  • Zuhr prayer could repels catastrophe and any bad things from us.
  • Zuhr prayer is another form of communication with Allah SWT.
  • Zuhr prayer keeps us away from any harmful things.
  • Zuhr prayer causes someone to receive sustenance.

Finally, those are the importance of Zuhr prayer in Islam. May us all can be a good Muslim and diligently perform the obligatory Salat. Amien.

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