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25 Importance of Marriage in Islam – Purposes

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Marriage is one of the Sunnah of Allah SWT that cannot be avoided by humans. In Islam’s view, marriage is a tranquility, serenity, tenderness, affection, fusion, understanding, union between man and woman. Therefore, Islam strongly encourages the Muslims to marry and give special attention to the partner. Islam demands the younger generation of Muslims to get married once they are able to do so.


“And of everything, We have created pairs, so that you may remember Allah.” (Surah Adh-Dhariyat 51:49)

There are some things that underlie the importance of marriage in Islam:

1. As a worship

In the marriage, it is full of worship if done sincerely. It is because of Allah and according to His law. Ibn Abbas ra said: “Marry because one day in marriage is better than a thousand years of worship”. Married is one of the most highly recommended worships by the Prophet. It is also a shodaqoh and earns a reward.

Rasulullah SAW said: “And in the genitals of one of you is shodaqoh. They said: Rasulullah, what will one of us go to his lust will get a reward? Rasulullah replied: Look, If the lust is channeled to the place of banned, will it be sin? They replied: Yes. Rasulullah said: Even if a person distributes his lust to a place that is justified, then he will get the merit and reward “. (HR. Muslim and An-Nasa’i). (See also: How to Meditate in Islam)

2. Complete half of the religion

Rasulullah SAW said: “If a person marries then he has perfected half of his religion.” The same thing has been narrated from Anas ra, He said: “When a servant is married, then he has a perfect half of his religion, then fear Allah SWT for the rest half”. (See also: Surah for Mental Illness)

3. Carry the Sunnah

Indeed, the Apostle has provided an example and advice to his people to follow his Sunnah. Marriage is one that we must pay attention. Because in a marriage, there are many pleasures and worship. Rasulullah said: “You shall not die in a state of not married”. (See also: Quran Verses about Love)

4. Open the door of sustenance

By marriage, Allah will provide sustenance, so there is no need to fear and worry about poverty. The sustenance becomes more abundant because there are wife and children in the family now. Rasulullah SAW said: “Look for sustenance in marriage”.

“And marry the single among you and the righteous among your male slaves and your female slaves. If they are poor, Allah will enrich them from His Bounty. And Allah (is) All-Encompassing, All-Knowing.” (Surah An-Nur 24:32) (See also: How to be Happy in Islam)

5. Avoid from slander

The marriage will keep away from all slanders. Many men and women go anywhere together, holding hands, so they will cause a slander. Stay away from the slander caused by your own actions especially couples that are not muhrim. (See also: How to Make Ramadhan Fasting)

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6. Fortify and abstain from committing adultery

One of the goals of marriage is to avoid the actions that are forbidden by Allah SWT. Adultery is an act that is strictly forbidden and hated by Allah, so if there is the possibility to marry, then get married immediately. Similarly, Rasulullah SAW also has a will and encourage us to marry in order to maintain self-respect, distanced from deviant behavior, and protect ourselves from damage and misconduct. Rasulullah SAW said: “O youth generation, which of you have the capability then should be married because actually marriage keeps the genitals and maintain the eyes. Whoever has not been able to do so, then he should fast, because fasting becomes a barrier (the fluctuation of lust) “. (See also: Quranic Dua for Diseases)

7. Conduct human’s biological desires

Humans are created in pairs need, complement, give, and share with each other. These are the nature of human. So Islam sees marriage as one of the best ways and it is advisable to conduct the human’s biological desires. (See also: Main Women’s Role in Islam Culture)

8. Build family which is sakinah, mawaddah warrohmah

The main purpose of marriage is to build a harmonious life, sakinah, mawaddah wa rohmah. It will become to a full of tranquility, quiet soul, full of love and affection.

“And among His Signs (is) that He created for you from yourselves mates that you may find tranquility in them; and He placed between you love and mercy. Indeed, in that surely (are) Signs for a people who reflect.” (Surah Ar-Rum 30:21) (See also: Dietary Laws in Islam)

9. Get descendant

Expected descendants are sholehah children that will be the gems and precious treasures. Besides that, when in the hereafter, the sholehah children will be able to help both their parents and the prayers of the children will always flow and become a never-ending deed. The Prophet said: “When a human being dies, his deeds are cut off except for three things namely shodaqoh jariyah, useful knowledge and the sholehah children who pray for him”. (See also: Akhlaq of Prophet Muhammad SAW)

10. Increase the number of Muslims

Marriage is very influential to increase the number of Muslims. The point here is that the fruits of the marriage will give birth to Muslim children to the world and educate them to be useful people for religion and society. Rasulullah SAW said: “Marry women who are merciful and fertile (many children) because I will be proud of (number) you in the presence of other people later on the final day.” (HR Ahmad, Ibn Hibban, At Thabrany and pledged by Al Albany) (See also: How to live a Happy Married Life)


11. Get convenience

Not only the interests of religion, marriage also aims for ourselves. The goal is to gain comfort and peace in life in this world. With marriage, we will not alone anymore, there are wife and children that will accompany us and make our life more comfortable. (See also: Character of Prophet Muhammad)

12. Build Islamic Household & Implement Shari’ah

Marriage in Islam is approved for Islamic households and the implementation of shari’ah. Indeed everything starts from the small things first. So the peaceful society and the doctrine of Allah also comes from every family that is peaceful and performs Allah’s command.

“O you who believe! Protect yourselves and your families (from) a Fire whose fuel (is) people and stones, over it (are) Angels stern, severe; not they disobey Allah (in) what He Commands them but they do what they are commanded.” (Surah. At Tahrim 66:6) (See also: How to Increase Wealth in Islam)

13. Define the Highly Akhlaq

The ultimate goal of marriage in Islam is to fortify human dignity from dirty and vile deeds, which can degrade and damage noble human dignity. Islam views marriage and family as an effective way of maintaining youth from harm and protecting society from chaos. (See also: Best Dua of Prophet Muhammad)

14. Islam dislikes celibate

A celibate person only live for himself. He has the strong lust until the purity of spirit becomes cloudy and dirty. So people who are reluctant to marry either men or women, then they are actually the most miserable people in life. Rasulullah SAW ordered to marry and strictly prohibit those who do not want to marry. Anas bin Malik radliyallahu ‘anhu said: “Rasulullah SAW instructed us to marry and forbade us to be celibate with a strict ban”. (See also: Aims of Muslim Education)

15. Expect a child’s syafa’at if he dies before baligh

From Abi Hurairah Ra: Rasulullah SAW said, “If the day of Judgment comes when the people are being asked, then the children who die before the baligh are told to them, go in to heaven they say we will not go to heaven until people we also go to heaven, then told them, go with you and your parents into heaven. “(Ihya ‘Ulumuddin) (See also: Ethical Values of Islam)

16. Focus on worship

With the marriage we can focus on worship because the wife who will take care of the cleanliness of the house, cooking, sweeping and others from the duties of the house, which is the nature of a sholehah wife. Abu Sulaiman Addaroni Rohimahullah said, “Wives are not a neglecting world because she will focus your time only for worship. “(See also: Quran Dua for Success)

17. Double the reward value

With the marriage we can double the value of our reward by earning a living for the wives and families, to endure their bad habits, to be patient in educating their children, which all contain a great reward. From Sa’ad ibn Abi Waqash Ra, Rasulullah SAW said: “What one earns living to his wife is sodaqah, and a person will be rewarded with every feed that goes into his wife’s mouth”. (Muttafaq ‘alaih) (See also: Fasting Six Days of Shawwal)

18. Grow love to Allah

Marriage makes us love family and more family-focused. It also makes us more loving of Allah because the family is Allah’s gift and we do not need to be occupied with other things when we are not married before. (See also: Cleanliness in Islam)

19. Implement the dalil of Qur’an

We need to implement the dalil of Qur’an to be the leader over the wife and family in providing her livelihood and protection.

“[The] men (are) protectors of the women because Allah (has) bestowed some of them over others and because they spend from their wealth. So the righteous women (are) obedient, guarding in the unseen that which Allah (orders) them to guard.” (Surah An-Nisa 4:34) (See also: How to Propose in Islam)

20. Gain the whole life of the world

By marriage, the husband does not just get a wife, but a husband will get the whole life of the world. From the time of marriage to the end of his life, the wife will be a partner and best friend for the husband. A wife will accompany her husband to both joy and distress, in both success and failure. When the husband is sick, the wife will give the best care and attention. When a husband needs help, a wife will do the best she can to help her husband.

“Permitted for you (in the) nights (of) fasting (is) the approach to your wives. They (are) garments for you and you (are) garments for them.” (Surah Al-Baqarah 2:187) (See also: Dua to Get a Good Husband)

21. Answer about the wife in the final day

We need to get married to know the character of our wife and make her live a happy life. For the husband, always remember the Prophet’s message “Be careful of your wife, because you will be asked on the final day of her”. (See also: How to Greetings in Islam)

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22. Keep away from Satan’s temptations

Satan always tries to tempt us in various ways. Examples are unlawful views to women, poor liver trajectories, and negative lusts. With marriage, we only focus on our family and Allah so we can prevent Satan’s temptations. (See also: Powerful Dua for Rizq)

23. Become more mature

Marriage makes the pair can give each other and receive the shortcomings and advantages of each where the pair can have the opportunity to develop themselves become more mature. Marriage will make our lives more colorful and meaningful. (See also: How to Increase Iman in Islam)

24. Protect woman from sins

Another importance of a marriage is to keep and protect a woman from perdition, because if a woman is married, then her living cost will be fulfilled by the man. In today’s age, not a few women do anyways to earn a living, including taking a profession that is forbidden by Islam (sinful profession) only because of the reason for the livelihood of her. So by marriage, a woman can be kept from it. (See also: Best Dua to Thank Allah)

25. Reduce the risk of mental illness

Married means we are not alone anymore. If alone, of course, there will be a time we can not do something and ultimately can impact on mental illness, such as depression. By getting married, we have a life companion who can help us anytime and reduce the risk of mental illness.

That’s the importance of marriage in Islam. Marriage is very important for our life, so we need to pay attention to this. Hope this article will give us benefits and know better about marriage.

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