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13 Effects of Solar Eclipse in Islam

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A solar eclipse is a rare one that not occur often in our daily life. It is a condition when an observer (on earth) passes through the shadow cast by the moon which fully or partially occults the sun.


It will happen only when the sun, moon, and earth are nearly aligned on a straigh line during a new moon when the moon close to the ecliptic plane (plane in the sky that sun follows over the course of year which is the basis of ecliptic coordinate system).

How Islam View A Solar Eclipse?

Islam interpret all the things about universe including a cosmic events as a sign of the existence and power of Allah SWT. When the solar eclipse happened in the time of the Prophet SAW, A’ishah said that Rasulullah stood up to pray and prolonged his standing very much. He praised Allah and said,

“The solar or lunar eclipse is only a sign of Allah. They do not take place for death or life of anybody. Whenever you see them, hasten to the Prayer.” (Narrated by Muslim)

Indeed Allah with all His power is almighty and we are human is nothing but mere a dust in the face of Allah.

“Indeed, your Lord is Allah, who created the heavens and earth in six days and then established Himself above the Throne. He covers the night with the day, (another night) chasing it rapidly, and (He created) the sun, the moon, and the stars, subjected by His command. Unquestionably, His is the creation and the command, blessed is Allah, Lord of the worlds.” (QS. Al-A’raf : 54)

The verse explained how Allah creating the universe easily, that human and any other substance unable to compare His power. Allah is a creator and a command where every substance is under His order. Read also : virtues of telling the truth

The Effects of Solar Eclipse In Islam

Islam see every event based on the explanation in Al-Qur’an and hadith, and muslims should not believe in superstition. But according to history in Islam, a solar eclipse may cause several effects as the following:

  1. As a remembrance for the power of Allah SWT

Allah is almighty and with His power He could turn thing upside down at ease, He is the rule of the world and everything lies in it.

“And of His signs are the night and day and the sun and moon. Do not prostrate to the sun or to the moon, but prostrate to Allah, who created them, if it should be Him that you worship.” (QS. Fussilat : 37)

Thus the effects of solar eclipse for us muslim is as the remembrance of Allah, that He is arround us with all His power. Read also : virtues of feeding the poor

2. It is a warning for mankind

Islam also see solar eclipse as a warning, that we are small and could not again the power of Allah. We should contemplate of what we already done in past, are we already performing a good deed or rather we commit a bad deed.

The occurance of solar eclipse should warn us that is easy in the God’s eyes and for that we should pray and worship to Him only.

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3. To increase knowledge

Allah says in the following verse,

“It is He who made the sun a shinning light and the moon a derived light and determined for it phases – that you may know the number of years and account (of time). Allah has not created this except in truth. He details the signs for a people who know.” (QS. Yunus : 5)

From the verse we knew that science and Islamic though are related, what we achieve now in modern science are already explained long before in Al-Qur’an. Read also : effects of social media in Islam

4. It is a sign for mankind

Sometimes the sign of Allah is clear for mankind but sometimes it is lies in an event such as a solar eclipse.

“And nothing has prevented Us from sending signs except that the former peoples denied them. And We gave Thamud the she-camel as a visible sign, but they wronged her. And We send not the signs except as a warning.” (QS. Al-Isra : 59)

The effects of solar eclipse in Islam is it clearly give a signs from Allah by means of which Allah want to make His people afraid.


5. In order to make mankind repentance

From Abu Musa said,

“These signs that Allah sends are not for the death or life of anyone, but Allah makes His people afraid through them, so if you see anything of that (eclipse), then hasten to remember Allah and call on Him and seek His forgiveness.” (Narrated by Bukhari)

A solar eclipse may also be a warn and sign but it clearly to remind mankid to repentance of what they have been done in this world. Since the blessing of Allah is better than any glorify in the world and His forgiveness is a great splendor for mankind.

6. It made for Human to adore the creation of Allah

The solar eclipse and other magnificent event are made by Allah for human to adore its miracle. The solar eclipse is a rare event and not happened all the time in our lifetime so it must be an amazing things to remember. Read also : importance of study in Islam

7. The solar eclipse is a reminder of the Judgment Day

The other effects of solar eclipse in Islam is as a reminder of muslims the coming of the judgment Day. As Abu Musa reported :

“The sun eclipsed and the Prophet got up, being afraid that it might be the Hour (Day of Judment). He went to the Mosque and offered a prayer with the longest Qiyam, bowing and prostration that I had ever seen him doing.” (Narrated by Bukhari)

8. When the eclipse occured it is recommended to perform eclipse prayer

In Islam there is an eclipse prayer that consist of two rakats (cycles of prayer), As was reported by Abu Bakr,

“In the lifetime of the Prophet, the sun eclipsed and then he offered a two rakat prayer.”

The prayer has two bowings and two prostrations as was reported by Aisha,

“The Prophet led us and performed four bowings in two rakat during the solar eclipse, and the first rakat was longer.”

9. It is a lesson to mankind

The eclipse is usually make people feeling fear as mentioned before but it is also a reminder that every day is one day closer of the Day of Judgement that we should aware of our life. Shayk Nazim Haqqan described a lesson that may be taken during an eclipse event,

“There is a lesson in it for us, when the darkness begins to appear, our power is taken, but when the skies start to clear again, that power is returned to us – except, God gives us more power that we had before. When we pray, we receive from God’s ligh – the light which reinforces the moon – in both a physical and spiritual form. Enrobing us in sweetness and in honour, it heals, taking away the burdens of the faithful, and it revives us. When the skies begin to clean, the light returns to us, taking away our illness and our troubles.” 

10. It makes muslim to be Humble

From the explanation before solar eclipse is a true nature that revealed the power of Allah, thus as human beings and His people we should keep in our mind to stay humble in our actions. Indeed, there is a greater substance from human beings, and that we are powerless in this extraordinary universe. Read also : importance of reflection of Islam


Another effects of solar eclipse in Islam are:

  • In the time of ignorance the solar eclipse event is believe to be sign of death or life but it is not true. Solar eclipse does not cause effect until it scientifically proven.
  • It is a time for mankind to thing and contemplating their existence and their deeds
  • Islam encouraged its people to study about science including astronomy and the event of solar eclipse

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