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13 Calm Ways How to Cure Arrogance in Islam

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Islam never taught Muslim to have a high pride and become arrogant. If there is even a tiny dust of arrogance exist in your heart, then it was the work of Shaytan. Remember when Shaytan showed his arrogance towards Prophet Adam (AS) that he refused to show respect to Adam and said,


“I am better than him (Adam), You created me from fire, and him You created from clay.” 

What is arrogance and why we should know how to cure arrogance in Islam?

Arrogance is a state where somebody feels important and special. This kind of people living in his imagination, because people are nothing in the world. How could we become arrogant while everything in the world belong to Allah? We should stay away from arrogance, as Allah SWT will humiliate him with no doubt and place him in the lowest place among the lowest.

Restrain yourself from being arrogant with taqwa, as Allah said,

 “Verily, the most honourable of you with Allah is that (believer) who has At-Taqwa [i.e. he is one of the Muttaqoon (the pious)” – Al Hujuraat (49:13)

Here are the ways how to cure arrogance in Islam:

1. Think That You are Actually Nothing

Who are you in the world, actually? Even if you are holding the important position in the society, it doesn’t mean you are that important in the eye of Allah SWT. You may become someone big, but it is only in your small world. The universe is much bigger than your existence, and you just a mere dust among them.

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2. Socialize with Better People

You may think you are the best because you haven’t met someone who is better than you at something. Meet with people who has higher ability than yours to make you realize that you even not close to good at all. This will get rid of your arrogance and make you feel humble all of sudden.

3. Everything is Due to Allah

The power, wealth, and beauty you have is due to Allah SWT. You will never have anything if Allah doesn’t let you to. Keep this in mind and every time you look at the big house you live in, remember that Allah gave you that. Nothing you gain is solely because of your effort or mere luck.

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4. Be Wise in Responding the Praise

Arrogance could arise within ourselves when we receive praise to others. Of course people give you praise because they sincerely appreciate you, not to make you become arrogant. So be wise in reacting to praise, and never forget to mention Allah whenever someone else praise you.

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5. You Never Own Anything

All you have now belong to Allah, and He kindly entrust those to you. Remember that you will be questioned of your responsibilityas said by the Prophet (SAW)

“The feet of a servant will not touch the ground (of Judgement Day) except that he will be asked about his life and how he spent it; his knowledge and how he acted upon it; his wealth and how he acquired it and spent it; and his body and how it was use…” – Tirmidhi

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6. Remember the Punishment of Arrogance

There will be a big consequence of acting proud and arrogance. They who are arrogant would be gathered as one on the Day of Resurrection, and they would be stepped underfoot.

7. Do Many Good Deeds and Charity

Dedicate yourself in doing good deeds, and that is how you could get rid of the arrogance from your heart. Good deeds has many forms, such as forgiving others who have wronged you and always think positively to everyone. Always remember to share your fortune to others as it’s never belong to you.

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8. Istighfar at Any Time

Always in remembrance of Allah to put yourself away from arrogance. Istighfar at any time and any where, so that Allah would be pleased by your act. As reported by Abu Hurayrah (RA), the Prophet (SAW) said,

 “nobody becomes modest and humbles himself for the sake of Allah, but Allah raises and honors his status.”

9. Think About the Sins You Have Committed

Human being commit sins everyday in their life without exception. There are minor sins that we unconsciously do. So what is the point of acting proud and arrogance while in fact you are still flawing you r life by committing sins?

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10. Arrogance is Dangerous

Any form of arrogance is indeed dangerous. Whether you become arrogance because of your wealth, power, or knowledge. You will think that you are better than others because you have more money, having more control to the society, and more knowledgeable than others. None of it belong to you.

11. Try Not to Give Orders

While you can do something by yourself, try not to give orders. It only make you think that you are higher than that person. and making you even closer to the act of pride and arrogance. Even though you are allowed to give orders because you are the boss, don’t make yourself get used to it.

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12. Be Humble

Indeed the best cure of arrogance in by being humble. Learn from Prophet Dawud (AS) who is a political leader who never forget to give charity to his people, as well as Sulayman who had power over other beings but living from selling baskets.

13. Say Salaam to Other Muslims

Salam contain many good meanings when it said to other Muslims. And one benefits we could gain is, it would bring our arrogance down and get rid of the self pride. Just like the Prophet (SAW) said,

 “The person who starts salam is free from takabbar/self pride”. 

Even though when you don’t know who they are, say Salaam when you passed by other Muslims.

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So those are the ways to cure arrogance in Islam. We should now know better that arrogance is one of dangerous thing that could mislead us in the wrong way and put us under the wrath of Allah. As Allah SWT loves His humble servants, let’s not act proud and thinking highly of ourselves everywhere.

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