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15 How to Give Up Smoking in Islam – Danger & Risks

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Tobacco in a cigarette is very addictive, which cause many smokers hardly quit from. Islamic law doesn’t strictly forbid smoking, but it clearly stated that smoking is not suggested since it’s not good for health. To avoid many of the disease that could come out from smoking, it’s better for you to give up smoking. But it’s not easy to be done,l so here are some ways hoe yo give up smoking in Islam for your own good.


1. Make Up the Intention

Set the intention right in your heart, why would you want to stop smoking. Indeed, smoking is dangerous and risky for health, it’s not worth it to continue smoking. Believe that Allah SWT surely helps you.

“…When you have taken a decision, put your trust in Allah. For Allah loves those who put their trust in Him. If Allah helps you, none can overcome you; if He forsakes you, who is it – after that – that can help you? In Allah, then, let believers put their trust.” – Ali Imran (3:159-160)

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2. Develop a New Habits

Create a new habit that dissociate you from smoking. Avoid the situation where many people are smoking, because you will be tempted to do so. For example, when your friends invites you for a gathering, but you know all of them are smoker. Tell them you will not be attending for your own good. If you gather with your smoking friends, you will surely be tempted.

3. Spend Your Times with Positive Things

Instead of having a hard time fighting with difficulty of avoiding smoking, do activities that occupied your mind, so you don’t have time to think about smoking. In fact, you will be forgetting about it little by little and it becomes your new habits that you are not smoking anymore.

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4. Find a Replacement

At first, you are stranger to the feel that your mouth is empty. So you need to find replacement. Such as carrying candy wherever you go and drinking water every time you want to smoke. It will be hard at first, but soon you will be adjust to it. Ask for the support from your family and friends.

5. Surround Yourself with People Who Doesn’t Smoke

Be with people who doesn’t smoke, and go to the place where you are not allowed to smoke. It will be hugely beneficial because you don’t have to hold on all by yourself. Spend more time in the mosque and you will get the double advantages. Beside you are not smoking, you can do good deeds as well.

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6. Remember Your Family

Your family will the one who is hugely affected by your smoking habits, especially when you have kids, smoke is especially dangerous to them. Remember all the bad things and effects cause by cigarettes to them. Not only you, but the health of your children is in a severe danger as well.

7. Ask for Help from Allah SWT

Allah will indeed guide you to the right path. All you have to do is just ask him to help you through the process. Don’t worry a thing because Allah has said it himself:

“And those who strive hard in Our Cause, We will certainly guide them to Our Paths, for verily Allah is with those who do right.” – Al Ankaboot (29:69)

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8. Change Your Mindset 

Change your mindset about smoking first. You may used to consider smoking as a way to release stress that it has become the habit of yours, but now see smoking as a danger to your health. Departing from this mindset, you must remember about the people around you who should bear the risks of your bad habit as well.

9. Think About Your Health

Money is useless if you are not healthy. health is the greatest gift and blessing that Allah gives, so that you must do anything your best to keep your body stay healthy. Think about the future of your children. Would you want it to be ruined by your smoking habits? The risk is really not worth it.

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10. Perform Mind and Self Control

Self and mind control is one of the most important thing in Islam. It’s how you can do the right thing and getting away from anything bad for you. Control both your head and your heart and set the intention right to give up smoking.

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Danger and Risks of Smoking

Indeed, Allah SWT will never forbid us to do something unless it’s not good for us. There are many good reasons as to why Islam doesn’t allowed smoking. It could brings danger and risks to your body and health. Know more about the risk and danger of smoking below:

  1. Cigarettes make you addicted to it. If you have been used to smoke whether you are sad, depressed, or just have nothing to do, it will be harder to stop smoking.
  2. Increasing the risks of mouth cancer. The tobacco in a cigarettes can cause a gum disease, causing your breath to stink and many other risks.
  3. Smoking not only dangerous for you, but even more dangerous to people around you. They may affected more and have a lung cancer from your cigarettes smoke.
  4. Smoking cause uneasiness in your body and get you out of your right mind until you smoke. It is more powerful and addictive than drugs.
  5. Smoking is also not good for your financial health. Before you know it, you have spent quite a fortune only for cigarettes.

So those are all the ways how to give up smoking in Islam. Smoking cause more trouble than its worth, so all of us better to stay away from cigarettes and constantly reminding our loved ones who are smoking. Don’t let smoking take away our health and life.

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