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15 Ways on How to Give Divorce to Husband in Islam – Ground & Reasons

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Marriage is considered as a scared thing in Islam that it is equal with half of the religion. Allah gives so many blessing, mercy and love in a marriage of a Muslim so that He hates divorce the most. Divorce is not something prohibited in Islam, since a dissolution in a marriage can be unavoidable sometimes. But as long as it can be talked and resolve, divorce should become the final resort. So there are a long way to divorce.


“Verily, Allah loves a house in which a wedding is held and hates a house in which a divorce is conducted and there is nothing more hateful than divorce.” – Imam Sadiq

Husband is in charge of divorce since he has the power to give Talaq to his wife. But the wife also has the right to ask and give divorce to the husband. Here are how to give divorce to husband in Islam for woman.

1. Filing for Divorce

A wife can file for divorce legally if she wants to be separated from her husband. She can go the courtship in area where she got married and filing divorce along with the motives of doing do. Once again, divorce should be the last resort of a Muslim couple in facing the difficulties and dissolution in their marriage. A wife is allowed to file divorce to her husband, but she must have a solid motive behind, or else it will be her biggest sin.

Narrated Thawban: The Prophet (peace be upon him) said: If any woman asks her husband for divorce without some strong reason, the odour of Paradise will be forbidden to her. – Abu Dawood

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2. Ask for Talaq

Woman has no power to give Talaq and divorcing her husband right away. However, she can ask her husband to give her that. There are several condition in giving Talaq. The husband should be in the right state of mind and emotion, not when he’s possessed with anger. So does the wife, before asking her husband to give her Talaq, she should think about it very carefully along with all the consequences.

Remember that Allah hates divorce the most, and there will be victims if the decision is not carefully made: your children. Becoming a broken home kids is not something a child want.

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3. Go to Council for Support

If you feel like unable to resolve the dissolution of your marriage, anymore, seek help at the council to act as the third person. You will be given a formal counseling with your husband, and there will be a mediation regarding your marriage. Your husband will be sent a letter for a meeting. And if he ignore the letter three times, the the council will take a further step, as your husband is showing no intention to think about the best solution together.

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4. Lian

Lian is an allegation of adultery made by husband to his wife. It’s not something trivial, so if the wife is proven to be not guilty, she has all the rights to get divorce from her husband. After the court has to decide whether an adultery really happen or not and whether her husband has retract the allegations or not.

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5. Talking About the Dissolution of the Marriage

Before decided, everything should be talked about first. Filing for divorce to husband is the last decision when all you find is dead end to the marriage. It’s better to talk about the marriage itself and what you both want in the future. If it turns out that you have a different about the future and couldn’t be compromised, a wife has the right to get divorce from her husband.

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Reasons and Ground for Divorce

Before finding the ways on how to give divorce to husband in Islam, a wife should know what are the valid ground and reasons for the divorce itself.

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  1. The husband is never coming home and the whereabouts remain unknown for the wife and his families for four years or more.
  2. The husband is no longer able to provide his wife with maintenance and basic needs such as housing and foods for two years or more.
  3. The husband is committing crime and for that he is sentenced to jail for at least seven years or more, which means he will be unable to provide his family.
  4. The husband turn out or become impotent in the marriage and continuing so without change for the better.
  5. The husband is not the right state of mind and going insane for two years or more.
  6. The husband is not treating the wife rightly, instead he treats her with cruelty, forces her to do immoral thing in life, disposing her properties, and doing any sort of thing abusive.
  7. The husband is alleging a false adultery to his wife and hurt his chastity. Thus become a character assassination to the wife. As it’s hard for the wife to revive her name and forgive her husband, she may ask for divorce from her husband. 
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  8. The husband both refuse to provide his wife and refusing to divorce her as well. It will be two cause in one situation: where the husband can no longer providing the wife and family needs, but also he refused to divorce her.
  9. The husband is harassing his wife, treat her unjustly, and never treat her kindly just like what Allah SWT has ordered to him. Also, he is unable to protect his wife mentally and physically.
  10. The husband has completely abandon his wife so that she lives as a suspended woman. She is neither married nor free to do so. As the husband is unable to fulfill the sexual needs of the wife, but she can’t look for satisfaction anywhere, the husband should either divorce her or coming back to her.

Allah hates divorce more than anything. So let’s all of us women never do the ways on how to give divorce in Islam. Let’s all have a happy marriage that last long for a lifetime.

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