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10 Miracle Ways How to Have Good Dreams in Islam

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Dreams are often said as something that indicate a person has a deep sleep. But dreams could hold both good and bad meanings. Of course nobody want to have a bad dream in their sleep, as they could be waking up startled and feeling worse.


Dreams are also existed in Islam, as many of our Prophets has experienced it before. All the meaningful dreams that comes from Allah is indeed a good dreams. But sometime, instead of good dream, we experienced the worst dream ever. Everyone wished to have a good dream in their sleep, and here is how to have a good dreams in Islam:

1. Sleep After the Isya Prayer

If we are following the Sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad (SAW), Inshaa Allah we could have a good dream in our sleep. The Prophet had a good habit of sleeping after the Isya prayer. After doing the obligatory prayer, our heart will be put in a good condition, and we may have a good dream after that. Don’t forget to remind yourself to wake up for the Tahajjud prayer later at night.

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2. Read Dua Before Sleep

To have a good dreams, we should put Shaytaan away from our side during the nights. We can put the guard in ourselves by reciting the dua before sleep. Allah SWT will keep eye on us throughout the night by sending His Angels.

3. Recite the Ayatul Kursy Before Sleep

There is one verse in Surah Al Baqara that is very good to keep us away from Shaytaan. remember that bad dreams are the work of Shaytaan, and we must never let Shaytaan to enter our mind. Recite the Ayatul Kursy before sleep, after reading the dua before going to sleep.

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4. Clean the Bed Before Sleep

This is another Sunnah that Prophet Muhammad (SAW) used to do: cleaning the bed. It is important to hush away Shaytaan that had been occupying our beds while we are not sleeping. Hit the bed with the blanket three times, while saying Bismillah or Allah’s SWT other names.

5. Sleep While Facing Qibla

When you are sleeping, make sure that you sleep on your right side while facing the Qibla. This would protect us from the bad intention of Shaytaan that going to enter our mind. Shaytaan will never stop to do something bad to us, human, regardless of time. The worse is, we are in our weakest state when falling asleep, so the chance of Shaytaan to get close to us will be bigger. This is why we should put our best guard before going to sleep.

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6. Remember Allah Before Going to Sleep

Do Dhikr right before going to sleep. A Muslim should always remembers Allah in anything, including when they are going to sleep. By remembering Allah, we stay close to Him even when we are in our unconscious state.

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You can perform any Dhikr that contains Allah’s name. But the Sunnah said that the best Dhikr to do before going to sleep is saying Subhanallah 33 times, Alhamdulillah 33 times, Allahuakbar 33 times, and end it with Laa Illa Ha Illalah.

Allah is the best of protector, so entrust your life, death, and sleep only to him. Just be sure that Allah will never let Shaytaan to get close to the servants that He cherish, and a servant that always remember Him.

7. Take Wudu’ Before Going to Sleep

Don’t forget to make sure that yourself is clean before going to sleep. This is the importance of taking the Wudu’ as it is cleansed your body from the temptation of Shaytaan.

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3 Types of Dreams in Islam

Dream is said to be a company to someone who is sleeping. But then dreams are also believed as a sign or guidance, and often used to define someone’s luck.

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Muslim should know how to differentiate dreams, so that they won’t be trapped inside the false dream made by Shaytaan. Here are the 3 types of dreams in Islam.

1. Good Dreams / True Dreams

Good dreams are the dreams that come from Allah SWT. It is said that those dreams should be shared to everyone for good. But you may only tell about your dreams to the one you like. The Prophet (SAW) said,

“If anyone of you has a dream that he likes then it is from Allah. He should thank Allah for it and narrate it to others.” (Sahih Al-Bukhari)

One example is the dream that Prophet Yusoof had, and it was interpreted by his father, Prophet Yaqoob as a sign that Yusoof brothers has jealousy on him.

2. Bad Dreams

If anyone has a bad dream in their sleep, it was undoubtedly the work of Shaytan. This is why a Muslim should not going to sleep with letting his guard down. Shaytaan will easily enter your head and causing you to have a bad dream. Upon seeing bad dreams, the Prophet (SAW) said,

“So when one of you sees a dream which he does not like, he should spit on his left side three times, seek refuge with Allah from Shaitan thrice, and change the side which he was lying and in another narration in Muslim, Muhammad (SAW) told us if we spit three times and seek refuge from Allah then it (the dream) will not harm them.” (Sahih Muslim)

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3. Dream About Thoughts

This dreams comes from a heavy thought that someone has. A Muslim could be really immersed in his mind that it got carried away in their sleep. This dreams means nothing, nor from Allah SWT or the Shaytan.

So those are the ways how to have good dreams in Islam. Even more, every Muslim should know how to differentiate the dreams so that they wont’t misinterpreted them. Let us all guard ourselves before going to sleep, so the Allah would send His Angels to be by our side throughout the night. Don’t forget to pray to Allah for a good dream every night, and to be waken up by the end of night to meet Him through the Tahajjud prayer. May we become a better Muslim.

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