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10 Miracle Ways How to Improve Eyesight in Islam

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Eyes are undoubtedly one of the most important parts of our body. Eyes are the window of the world and through eyes we have an easier life. Nothing could replace the importance of eyes to our body.


But then, as we grow older or due to many other things, our eyes become weaker and it affects our eyesight directly. The bad eyesight surely bring a big inconvenience to our life and we have to cure it fast no matter what. But other than medical treatment, what could improve our eyesight better? Here are the ways how to improve eyesight in Islam that Muslims should try:

1. Read Surah An Naba After Asr

An Naba is the 78th in the Holy Quran. The title literally means a good news.  It also has benefits to help us cure our bad eyesight as well. Just recite An Naba everyday after the Asr prayer. This has been done by many other Muslim brothers and turn out to be working. Time after Asr is one of the times where Allah SWT grants any of our prayers.

2. Read Surah Qaf Verse 22

Other dua from the Quran that you can recite daily to improve the eyesight is Surah Qaf verse 50. The verse is indeed good to read if you want to improve you eyesight. The verse hold this meaning,

“[It will be said], “You were certainly in unmindfulness of this, and We have removed from you your cover, so your sight, this Day, is sharp.”

Endlessly repeat those verse after the prayer or anytime when you feel your eyesight has become weak.

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3. Do the Eye Excercise

Physical exercise is also good for the weak eyesight. One of the good exercise that you could do is by making a circle with your eyeballs without moving your head and neck. Make circle to the right first and then to the right. Blink your eyes faster for several times. This exercise is good to be performed every morning after waking up from sleep.

4. Heal with the Nature

Improve your eyesight by looking at the natural things. Look at the tree that located far away from where you stand without blinking for two minutes. Repeat this exercise for twenty times. And then followed by walking barefooted around while looking at the green trees and leaves.

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5. Avoid the Bad Habits

There are indeed certain things that causing someone’s eyesight to get weaker. Among all the cause are the habits that make your eyesight worsen. Don’t read book while lying down and keeping the light dark. Using the smartphone for too long is not good either because the light radiance cause harm to your eyes. The same thing goes to the excessive use of computer, especially when it was done in the low light.

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6. Eat Beneficial Foods

Eating healthy foods will help to improve your eyesight a lot. The vitamins and minerals contained are needed by your eyes and body. Among many of the foods, carrot contains vitamin A which is good for eyes. Beside that, nuts like almond and pistachios are good to eat and dry fruits as we. Carrots are not the only beneficial vegetables as there are also turnips and anise. Eat all these food diligently while making dua to Allah SWT before eating it.

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7. Drink Honey

Honey is the most favorite drink of the Prophet (SAW). Our Prophet (SAW) never forget to drink honey everyday as it’s really good for health. Honey contains many good vitamins and minerals for the body. The anti bacteria in honey will get rid of bad virus and bacteria inside out body, and improving the immune system at the same time so we will not easily infected with small disease. Drink raw honey just like the Prophet (SAW) did, and Inshaa Allah your eyesight would get better after some time.

8. Wash the Eyes with Truffle Water

It is said and believed that washing the eyes with truffle water would eventually make your eyesight healthier. Truffle is a kind of plant that grows without the need of being cultivated. But the use of these Truffle water should be mixed with other medicine. Boil the truffle leaves and water, and let it cooled down. Then use the water to wash your eyes.

Other than truffle  water, there is also another kind of water that helps to improve the eyesight. It is the rainfall water. Use the first water that falls down to the eart, and give it to those with bad eyesight. With the permission of Allah, this may be work.

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9. Pray to Allah SWT

Who is the best cure to all disease that let us gain health? Surely none other than Allah SWT. While doing all methods to make your eyesight better, don’t forget to pray to Allah to make everything easier. Allah’s helps appear in many form. one of them if you find the best cure to your eyesight.

10. Recite Quran Daily

Reciting the Quran is a good exercise to the eyes. The Holy Quran hold a miracle that brings health to your brain, eyes, and ears. Get your eyes used with the verse from Quran and even if you have to stuttered in reading Quran, never stop it. Each word of your stutter gain you ten times blessing from the Almighty Allah SWT.

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So those are the ways how to improve eyesight in Islam. Of course every Muslim who has a problem with their eyesight should do this. Don’t forget to try any means possible to cure the eyesight. Taking care of the body means we are taking care the biggest gifts that Allah SWT had given to us. With a healthy body, we could live longer and do even more good deeds and charity to others.

Allah SWT would be pleased by every good deeds we do, including when we know how to take care of our body well. Even our body is not ours, so let’s make Allah SWT become proud and happy that He has entrusted us with a good body.

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