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8 Benefits of Completing Reciting Quran in Islam

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Finishing Al Quran is one of the most important things to do in our life as Moslem. To finish the Al Quran, we need to read it not only in our spare time but we need to spare some time to read it. No matter how busy we are at the moment.

Here are some of the importance to read and finish (Khatam) Al Quran in our life as Moslem. Points below are summarized and concluded from Imam Nawawi writing in his famous book, Riyadhus Shalihin:

  1. Al Quran will be Syafaat or Saving Grace for Those Who Reads It

It recognized as one of safer to someone who always reciting Quran when they lived in Dunya,

From Abu Amamah radiyallahu anhu, I hear Rasulullah Muhammad said, “Read Al Quran, because it will be a saving grace for those who read it, when its time for us to be judged.” (Muslim)

2. Those Who Learn and Study Al Quran are the Best Among human

From Usman bin Affan radiyallahu anhu, Rasulullah Muhammad Said, “For all of you, those who learn and study Al Quran but then teach it to others are the best”. (Tirmidzi)

  1. Those Who Good in Reading Al Quran, They will be Together with the Angels in the Next Life

From Aisyah radiyallahu anhuma, she said; that Rasulullah said, that, “For those who read Al Quran and he is good at reading it, in the next life, that person will be placed together with the angels that highly regarded and obedient to Allah”. (Bukhari and Muslim)

  1. Those Who Still Not Good at Reading and Have Not Finished It, Do Not Get Sad or Give Up! Because Allah Still Rewards You with Two Merits

It means that Allah SWT praised all of your efforts to completing recite Holy Quran,

“And You who read Al Quran, even if you still finds it hard and not good at reading it, that person will be granted two merits.” (Bukhari and Muslim)

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  1. Al Quran will Lift Our Place in Allah SWT

You will be places in Allah SWT’s Side in Yaumul Qiyamah ( The day of judgement ),

From Umar bin Khatab radiyallahu anhu. Rasulullah, states the following,: “Allah the mst gracious one, will lift the place of one kin with this (Al Quran), and with this (Al Quran) also Allah will disgrace another kin”. (Muslim)

  1. Allah will Calm You, Bestow His Grace, and Praise Those who Sing and Recite Al Quran Verses, while Angels Circle Around Them

These recognized how much Allah SWT Love you who always reciting and completing Holy Quran,

From Abu Hurairah radiyallahu anhu. Rasulullah. Said that, “It will be, for people that gather in one or two houses of Allah to recite and sing the sacred verses of Al Quran and learn from it, bestowed upon them peace and calm, blessed with His grace, surrounded with the angels, and Allah praise their names to every creatures nearby Him.”(Muslim)

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  1. Finishing Al Quran is What Allah Love the Most

Allah SWT loves someone who always reciting Holy Quran,

From Ibnu Abbas radiyallahu anhu, he said, one day someone asked Rasulullah, “Rasulullah, what practice is Allah loved the most?” And He replied, “Al-hal wal murtahal.” And this guy asked again, “what is al-hal wal murtahal, Rasulullah?” He said again, “it is reading Al Quran from the beginning to its end, after he finished, he starts over”. (Tirmidzi)

  1. To Finish Al Quran, It Means Following Rasulullah Shalallahu’alaihi Wassalam Sunnah

Finishing Al-Qur’an is a Sunnah from Rasulullah. As it was said in this hadeeth:

From Abdullah bin Amru bin Ash, he said this, “Rasulullah, how long do I supposed t read Al Quran?” Rasulullah replied, “Finish it in one month.” I asked again, “I really can do it faster Rasulullah”. Rasulullah replied, “Finish it in twenty days”. I replied, “I really can do it faster Rasulullah”. Rasul replied, “Finish it in fifteen days”. I replied, “I can surely do better Rasulullah”. Rasulullah said, “Finish it in ten days”. I replied, “I can surely do a lot better”. Rasulullah replied, “Finish it in five days”. I replied, “I can finish it faster Rasulullah”. But he did not let me. (Tirmidzi)

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However, even though finishing Al Quran is one of the important practice, Rasulullah Shalallahu’alaihi Wa Salaam still gives us minimum time to complete this task. He did not let us to finish Al Quran within less than three days, this is the explanation:

From Abdullah bin Amru bin Ash, from Rasulullah Shalallahu’alaihi Wa Salaam, he said, “Be satisfied and fast for three days in a month.” I said, “I am able to do more than that, Rasulullah.” But he still forbid, until he said, “Be one day fast and one day open, and read the Qur’an in a month.” I said, “I can do more than that, Rasulullah?” He continued to reduce and forbid until the limit of three days (Bukhari)

In another hadeeth, it said that, From Abdullah bin ‘Amr, he said,

“Rasulullah, how many days I can do to finish Al Quran. He said, “in a month”. I said, “I can do it faster.” And the duration keep reduced until Rasulullah said, “Finish it within a week’. I said, “I surely can do better.” Rasulullah then said, “Al Quran cannot be understood if someone finish it with less than three days.” ( Abu Daud no. 1390 and Ahmad 2: 195. Al-Hafizh Abu Thahir verdict this as shahih).

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Why is it not permitted?

By finishing Al Quran with less than three days, Rasulullah feels that the reader cannot understand and really feel the teaching and guidance in the Al Quran. It is not absolutely permitted, though. Some of the great scholars can finish (khatam) Al Quran twice a day and it is no big problem as it is not haram. There is also condition when we are at the holy land with limited time and want to finish Al Quran as much as we can. But then again, it is best to understand Al Quran as it is a guidance for Moslem so choose what best for you.

From Abdullah bin Amru, He said Rasulullah said, “If it is finished with less than three days, that person cannot understand Al Quran and its guidance”.(Abu Daud)

The scholars explained that is not permitted is the incomprehension, not the merit. Which means, that hadeeth did not show us that it is not permitted to finish Al Quran within less than three days. What it meant to say is understanding Al Quran with less than three days is very hard. Which is not the concern for those who have the capabilities such as those great Islamic theologians.

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