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15 Importance of Bismillah in Islam – Full of Miracles

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“Bismillah” is a word that served as a holy spell for every Muslim. The simple and short meaning of Bismillah is “in the name of Allah”. Bismillah holds many meaning and importance, and saying Bismillah every time brings unexpected benefits for us, Muslim. We should look up more to the importance of Bismillah in Islam, so whenever we say it, it was not out of habit but because we know the precious and special meaning behind those words.


So here are the importance of Bismillah in Islam that need to be understood by every Muslim in the world:

1. Everything Should Begin with Bismillah

Whenever we open the Holy Quran, look at the first word written on it: Bismillah. For Muslim, Quran is the ultimate guide of living in the world happily and accordingly. Moreover, Quran also contains the complete guide in the Hereafter. If our guide in live is began with Bismillah, that what contained in it (the guide to behave and live) should also begin by Bismillah.

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2. Important Work is Not Perfect without Bismillah

Any works, whether it’s important or not, would not be perfect without Bismillah. This was confirmed by the Prophet (SAW) himself. According to a narration, the Prophet (SAW) said,

“Any important work that does not begin with Bismillah is imperfect”.

There are also other version that narrated the Prophet differently,

“Any important work that does not begin with Bismillah is devoid of Barakah”.

3. The Essence of Quran

Even though Al Fatiha is the essence of Quran, but the Surah was opened by Bismillah. It was reported by Jabir (RA), that when “Bismillaahir Rahmaanir Raheem” was revealed, the clouds gave its way moving towards the East, wind stopped blowing, oceans becam calm, dan the creatures are listening. Also, upon those words, Shaytaan got pelted from Heaven with fire.

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4. To Gain the Blessings of Allah SWT

Living in this world is just temporary, and we should rather spend it seeking for Allah SWT blessing and pleasure. Allah would be really pleased when His servants call his name in whatever they are doing. Upon calling His name, all the blessing would be given, and Allah would be accompanying them in every good deeds started with Bismillah.

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5. Showing the Beauty of Islam

There is only one Almighty in Islam who is sleepless and ruled the Earth and the sky. Allah SWT, the Almighty God worshiped by every Muslim in the world. Calling His name whenever we are about to do something is a prove that we are close to Allah and Allah is always near although we can’t see Him.

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6. Contains 3 Names of Allah SWT

Allah has 99 other names with beautiful meaning. Saying Bismillahir Rahmaanir Rahiim is equal to say 3 of Allah’s name. Rahmaan means gracious, which is only Allah can keeps things from destruction. While Rahiim means merciful, which is only by Allah’s mercy someone can be successful.

7. To Strengthen the Bond with Allah

Muslim has a strong faith in Allah SWT. We can’t see Him, but we always feel His presence that Allah is always near. Saying Bismillah is like validating those things, makes our bonds with Allah tighter than ever. This is important because when we are close to Allah SWT, we also being kept away from Shaytaan and Hell.

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8. To Protects Us from the Hell

Another importance of Bismillah in Islam is to keep us away from the disgracefulness of the Hell. Reported from Abdullah bin Mas’ood “Bismillahir Rahmanir Raheem” has 19 letters, and the angels of Jahannam are 19. Anyone who says Bismillahir Rahmanir Raheem will be protected against the angels of Jahannam.” (Tafseer Qurtubi)


9. To Gain the Higher Status in the Hereafter

It is reported that Prophet Muhammad (SAW) himself said that saying Bismillah would make the scale of a Muslim heavier on the Day of Judgement. “…there is such an honourable name of Allah that if it is placed on the one side of the scale, and the sins of the entire creation is put onto the other side then the side with the virtue will be heavier.”

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10. To Wash Off the Sins Before Wudu

Abu Hurairah (RA) reported, the Prophet (SAW) said:

“Anyone who does not say Bismillah before wudu, only the sins committed by the limbs which are washed in wudhu will be washed away; and one who says Bismillah before wudu, the sins of the entire body will be washed away.” – Mishkat

11. To Protects Against Shaytaan

It was reported by Jabir (RA) that the Prophet (SAW) said, “If a man remembers Allah as he enters his house and when he takes food, the Satan says: no place to stay the night and no food. And if he doesn’t remember Allah as he enters his house the Satan says: I found a place to spend the night. And if he doesn’t remember Allah as he takes food the Shaytaan says: I have found a place to stay the night and have dinner.”

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12. To Cure the Scars

Whenever our skin is ripped and blood flows through it, say Bismillah several times and blow air upon it. Bismillah has a magical advantage to cure the scars.

13. In Remembrance of Allah

Calling Allah’s name means that we always remember Him in everything we do. So that Allah knows and He will give His blessing to us, and anything we do will be successful and advantageous.

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14. To Prove the Love of Allah

Allah promised that whenever His servants call upon His name, He will give all His blessing to them. Bismillah thus has become the prove of Allah’s love to His worshiper.

15. To Indicates the Intensity of Mercy of Allah SWT

Bismillah contains one name of Allah which meaning is merciful. The more we say Bismillah, the more Allah’s mercy come to us.

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So after reading the long list of the importance of Bismillah in Islam, we understand the very deep meaning of Bismillah. Saying Allah’s name gain more blessing and pleasure from Him, which is the main reason why we live and exist in this world. Anything we do without remembering Allah is such a waste, and the blessing of Allah SWT won’t accompanying us as well. And also, success is not guaranteed.

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