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Importance of Subh Azan – Virtues for Life and Afterlife

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In Islam azan is a kind of call or sign that it is time to do obligation of prayer. The law of azan is fardhu kifayah to a population both in village and city as Rasulullah said,


If come (time) to a pray, shall one of you echoing azan and the oldest from all of you act as an Imam.” (HR. Bukhari and Muslim).

Muadzin Virtues

Azan is been echoing by special sentences and people who echoing azan is called muazdin or bilal. There are many virtues of become muadzin, such as :

a. Get special virtue in the doomsday

Prophet Muhammad SAW said,

“Indeed, all muazdin is has ‘a long neck’ in the doomsday.” (HR. Muslim, Ahmad and Ibnu Majah).

The meaning of a long neck is he will get the most rewards, the most get mercy from Allah SWT, the most rewards due to his deeds, and the most closely to Allah SWT.

b. Get mercy from Allah SWT

One of hadith mention,

“Those who do azan will get mercy from Allah SWT throughout his voice.” And he will be a witness from everything in earth, both dry and wet. Meanwhile, those who become witnesses of praying will be recorded to him a reward of twenty-five prayers and will be forgiven to all his sins in between.” ( HR. Abu Dawud and Nasa’i).

c. Guaranty of heaven

Abu Huairah said,

“Once, when we were with Rasul SAW and we saw Bilal is echoing azan. After he is done, Rasul said, “Those who are saying like this with full with faith, and he will get guaranty of heaven.” (HR. Nasai’).

In other hadith,

“Those who are doing azan for 12 years, then there are obligatory for him to get heaven. For each azan that has been done in daily, he will be rewarded 60 virtues. And with his iqamah, he will record 30 virtues.” (HR. Ibnu Majah).

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Subh Azan

Compared with other mandatory prayers (Dhuhur, Asr, Magrib and Isya’), azan as a sign of time to Subh pray is slightly different especially from its pronunciation. Therefore, Subh azan has its own virtues compared to the other azan at the other mandatory prayers.

Imam Al-Bukhari narrated from Abdullah bin Mas’ud RA that mentioned Rasulullah decreed,

Do not be interfere of Bilal’ azan for those who want to shaum. Indeed, Bilal is echoing azan in the night to make people awake (night pray), and shall you return (not sleep anymore) and those who awake is realize.” (HR. Bukhari).

 Here are some information related to Subh azan we should know :

Prayer is better than sleeping

There is a tatswib sentence in one of sentence in Subh Azan,” Ash-shalatu khairun minan naum” which has meaning “prayer is better than sleeping”. This sunnah sentences is voiced read loudly after the sentence in azan “Hayya ‘alal falah”.  


This theorem shows a lesson from Rasulullah SAW to Abu Mahdzurah RA,

When we are echoing azan in Subh prayer, we shall voiced read loudly Ash-shalatu khairun minan naum (2x).”  (Al- Fath Ar-Rabbani, 3/21. As it mentioned on An-Nasa’I 614).

Therefore, the tatswib is contained in Subh azan only and to confirm that Subh prayer is better than sleeping.

2. Tatswib is voiced read loudly only when Subh azan

Tatswib sentence “Ash-shalatu khairun minan naum” which has a meaning that “prayer is better than sleeping” will be echoing on Subh prayer only. Aside of the time, then the law is bid’ah which means doing something that is not including in Islam shari’a. The main virtue of this tatswib is because when Subh azan is echoing most people are still sleeping so indeed this tatswib is needed to be voiced read loudly.

Theologians are also mentioned that tatswib sentences is echoing when Subh azan only, which is means that when muadzin has already been echoing tatswib in Subh azan voiced loudly, then it will not be necessary to be echoing again in fajr azan, and so does in the vice verse. At-Tahdzib writer wrote,

” If (muadzin) doing tatswib in the first azan, he shall not tatswib anymore in the second azan, and if muadzin doing tatswib in the second azan, he shall not tatswib in the first azan.” (Al-Majmu’ Syarth Al-Muhadzdzab 3/101).

3. Advantageous for health

A command mentioning that prayer is better than sleeping is echoing in Subh azan only. It has a very close relation in Subh because most of people are still sleeping in Subh azan. In its relation to our health, wake up earlier which here we talk about the dawn time, has a good impact to our body especially to prevent cardiovascular disorder.

The exercises we are doing – means that all the Subh prayer movements – has a good impact to our body because those movements are giving stretch to our body so that the production of nitrite oxide (NO) is very useful to prevent coagulation that caused of the temperature changes.

Those activities are preventing us from cardiovascular diseases like heart attack in the morning. In generally, we are known that the culmination of the heart attack is happening around 6 am to 12 pm, whereas we should be alert among the time to help us prevent from heart attack.

4. Wide open our fortune

Logically, there are many benefits of having wake up earlier in the morning especially when we are talking about go to work. By getting up earlier, Allah SWT indeed guarantee that He will wide open our fortune for people who are have spirit to try.

In fact, getting up earlier in this modern era is important for those who work, because it can help them to avoid the traffic jam during working hours. Therefore, it is proven that there are many benefits of wake up earlier in Subh azan, because when Subh azan is echoing, aside as a remainder for us to do Subh prayer, it is also can make our body feels fresh

The other advantage to wake up earlier is to prevent the cause of anxious heart and wake up earlier is also can motivate us increasing the good spirit to go to work for the whole day.

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