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12 Woman’s Glories in Islam

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In the auspices of the teachings of Islam, women or the glory of women in Islam lives with glory accompanied by God’s love for women. The glory of a woman in Islam continues to be rewarded, honored and glorified since the first time she was born to Earth.


The glory of women in Islam is glorified in all phases of their lives, when she is a child, the virtue of being a mother in Islam, his wife, sister, or aunt. Women or the glory of women in Islam in all phases of their lives are always glorified and given special rights by Islam, as follows:

  1. Women’s Glory in Islam as a Child

Allah Almighty said in relation to the virtue of having a daughter in Islam: And if someone of them was told by (the birth of) a daughter, his face was black, and he was very angry. He hid from the crowd, due to the bad news delivered to him. Will he take care of her by bearing humiliation or will he bury her into the ground (alive)? Know how bad they set it. (An-Nahl/16: 58-59)

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  1. Act Mean to Mother

In fact, Allah has forbidden you the act of lawlessness to mothers and sin to mother is the most serious sin in Islam, withholding rights (which must be fulfilled), and always asking for something (which is not his right), as well as the act of burying a baby girl alive. (Bukhâri, no. 5975 and Muslim, no. 593)

  1. Islam Saves Women from the Habits of Bad Jahiliyah People

Ibn Hajar rahimahullah said that the ignorant people buried their children and ignored the glory of women in Islam with two models and violated the verses of the Qur’an about children’s rights:

First: They send their wives before the birth process to the side of a hole. If the baby bornt is a boy, then the baby is taken and cared for. However, if it is a girl, they are immediately put into a hole and buried.

Second: This happens to some family, if their daughter is six years old, she will be taken to the middle of the desert until she reached a well, then she was told to look inside the well. When she looked inside, she was pushed into it and then buried by her family. (Fathul Bâri (10/421))

  1. Women Can Get Extraordinary Rewards from Pregnancy and Bearing Their Children

It belongs to Allah, the kingdom of heaven and Earth, He created what He wanted. He gives the daughters to whom He wants and gives the sons to whom He wants, or He bestows both types of men and women (to whom) He wants, and He makes barren that He wants. He is Knower, Almighty. (As-Syra/42: 49 – 50)

  1. Parents Go to Heaven for Taking Good Care of their Daughter

Whoever has a daughter and she does not bury her alive, nor does she humiliate, and does not prioritize the son of her, then Allah will put her in heaven. (Musnad Imam Ahmad (1/223))

  1. Nurturing a Daughter Keeps Away from Hell Fire

Whoever has three daughters, and he is patient with them, and gives them clothes according to his abilities, then Allah will make them as a hijab (barrier) for him from hellfire on the Day of Judgment. (Sunan Ibn Mâjah, no. 3669)

“Whoever cares for two daughters until they reach the age of baligh, then he will come on the Day of Judgment with me like these two.” He unites his two fingers. (Shahih Muslim, no. 2631)

  1. Kissing Children Gives Love to the Heart

Have you ever kissed your children? She replied, “We did not kiss them.” Raslullah then said, “I am not able to make love in your heart, if Allah Almighty has removed it from your heart.” (Shaheeh al-Bukhari, no. 5998 and Shahih Muslim, no. 2317)

  1. Women’s Glory in Islam As A Mother

We instruct humans to do good to their mothers. His mother conceived it with difficulty and gave birth with difficulty (too). Containing it until weaning is thirty months so that when he is an adult and he is forty years old he prays:

“O my Lord, show me to be grateful for Your blessings that You have given me and to my father’s mother and that I can do righteous deeds that You are pleased with; give me kindness with (giving goodness) to my grandchildren. Lo! I repent unto you, and verily I am among those who surrender.” (Al-Ahqâf/46:15)

  1. Children Are Prohibited to Talk Roughly to Mother

And your Rabb has commanded that you do not worship other than Him and should do your best to your father as well as possible. If one of the two or both reaches old age in your care, then do not say to both words “Ah” and do not yell at them and say to them noble words, and humble yourselves against them both with love and say: “O my Lord, love them both, as they both have taught me as a child.” (Al-Isrâ’/17: 23 – 24)

  1. Mothers Are 3 Levels Above Father

O Raslullah! Who should I treat well? The Apostle replied, “Your mother.” The man asked again, “Then who?” He sallallaahu ‘alaihi wa sallam replied, “Your mother.” The man asked again, “Then who?” He sallallaahu’ alaihi wa sallam replied, “Your father.” (Shahih Al-Bukhari, no. 5971 and Muslim, no. 2548)

  1. Devoting to Mother is Jihad

I asked the Prophet sallallaahu ‘alaihi wa sallam, ‘Practice what is most loved by Allah?’ He sallallaahu’ alaihi wa sallam replied, ‘Prayers in time,’ Then I asked again, ‘Then what else?’ He sallallaahu ‘alaihi wa sallam replied, ‘Devote to parents,’ I asked again, ‘Then what else?’ He sallallaahu ‘alaihi wa sallam replied, ‘Jihad fî sabîlillâh.’ (Shahih Al-Bukhâri, no. 5970 and Muslim, no. 85)

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  1. Women’s Glory in Islam As A Wife

And associate with them accordingly. (An-Nisâ/4: 19)

Accept my will to do well to the glory of women in Islam. Indeed they are created from ribs (which are bent). And the most crooked of ribs is the top rib. If you straighten it, you will break it, but if you leave her alone she will be crooked, so be kind to her. (Shaheeh al-Bukhari, no. 3331 and Muslim, no. 1468)

The believer who is the most perfect of his faith is the best of morality, and the best of the people among you are the good morality for his family. (Ahmad (2/250,472), Abu Daud, no. 4682, and At-Tirmizi, no. 1162)

Indeed Allah has given to you your mothers, then your mothers, then Allah has given you your fathers, then the family closest to you, and new family close by. (Al-Bukhâri in Al-Adabul Mufrad, no. 60, and Ibn Majah, no. 3661)

As an additional insight, there are still many other female glories, namely:

  • Women who obey their husbands, all the fish in the sea, birds in the air, angels in the sky, the sun and the moon, all give their respects for her as long as she obeys her husband and her director (and keeps his prayer and fasting).
  • Aisha r.a. said, “I asked the Messenger of Allah S.A.W., who has greater rights to women? Answer the king, “Her husband.” “Who is also entitled to men?” Asked Aisha again, replied the Prophet S.A.W. “Her mother.”
  • A woman when praying five times, fasting in the month of Ramadan, maintaining her honor, and obeying her husband, enter her from the door of any heaven she wishes.
  • Every woman who helps her husband in religious matters, then Allah S.W.T. put her in heaven first than her husband (10,000 years).
  • When a woman contains a fetus in her womb, she angels the angels for her. Allah SWT record for her every day with 1,000 virtues and eliminate from him 1,000 crimes.
  • If a woman begins to get sick about giving birth, then Allah S.W.T. record for her the reward of the person who strives on the path of Allah S.W.T.
  • When a woman gives birth to a child, she comes out rather than the sins as her mother gave birth to her.
  • If you have been born (child) and then breastfed, then for each mother, one gulp of milk is given one virtue.
  • A woman is better than 70 guardians.

Hopefully, it can be insight and inspiration for women to continue to improve worship and good deeds and be an inspiration for men to better respect and treat women well.

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