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15 Things to Avoid During Pregnancy in Islam

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Pregnancy announce the coming of a new member in a family. It becomes the wish for every marriage couple. But then, 9 months pregnancy is a long journey, and anything could happen during that time. Both parents, especially the mother has be very careful with her pregnancy.


Checking the health of the baby is indeed important, but that is not the only thing. There are also things to avoid during pregnancy for the sake of the baby, and here are those things:

1. Speaking Ill Toward Others

Speaking ill or talking behind someone’s back is the thing a pregnant woman should avoid. Whether it’s true or not, we never know what the baby in our womb is going to be when they have born. Speak only good things, and if you don’t have one to talk about, then don’t talk negatively.

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2. Thinking Negatively About the Baby

Pregnancy could be very hard. Carrying a baby that get heavier and heavier every single day. Don’t ever get tired and thinking something bad about the baby. The similar case when a woman doubting about the baby’s future after birth, ended uo thinking about a very bad thing regarding of the baby.

3. Seeking Protection from Other Than Allah

Not everyone have their full faith in Allah SWT, even until this day. A pregnant woman who particularly worried about her pregnancy and afraid that something bad could happen, decided to go to a shaman and ask protection from them. It’s a thing Allah hates the most, as He is the greatest protector.

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4. Committing Sin Deliberately

Every single thing a pregnant woman does will affect the baby directly. Including when she deliberately committing a sin, no matter whether it’s little or big.

5. Hurting Our Mother’s Heart

When pregnant, a woman gone through what her mother has been before. Don’t hurt their heart, or she will face difficulty when delivering the child. As know she knows how hard it must have been, she should love her mother more. Imagine how heartbroken she must feel if her future child hurt her heart.

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Food to Avoid

1. Fish Contains High Mercury

Even though sea fish has high level of protein, there are also fish that contain mercury. Mercury is very toxic and there is no safe level of exposure. These high mercury fish commonly found in polluted water. Shark, swordfish, king mackerel, and tuna are the fishes that contains high mercury.

2. Raw Fish

For a pregnant woman, eating raw fish increase the risk of infection. It brought many bacteria such as norovirus, Vibrio, Salmonela, Listeria, and other parasites. All the bacteria could be passed down to the unborn baby through the placenta. Shellfish also included in here, because eating those fish could lead to premature delivery, miscarriage, and other serious health problem.

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3. Raw and Processed Meat

Raw meat and undercooked meat increase the risk of infection to a pregnant woman. The bacteria living in the raw meat are Toxoplasma, E. coli, Listeria, and Salmonella. Meat should be cooked all the way thoroughly. Processed meat is also forbidden, unless the food are reheated until it steamed hot.

4. Raw Eggs

Just like any other raw food, raw food also contain Salmonella bacteria. Even though the symptoms only felt by the mother, it still leads to premature birth. Scrambled egg is included in here, while pasteurized egg is safe to consume. But it actually better to eat fully cooked egg.

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5. Caffeine

Caffeine is easily found in any drinks and foods sold all over the world. It affects our mind and mood heavily. Caffeine is not a dangerous material, but a pregnant woman should limit her caffeine intake, because consuming excessive amount of caffeine risks infant death and increase the risk of chronic disease.


6. Organ Meat

There are many vitamin and nutrient in the organ meat. It is a good source of vitamin B12, iron, vitamin A, and copper. But the last two material could intoxicate a pregantn woman. If a pregnant woman could limit the intake, it is safe. But it’s better to avoid these kinds of food.

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7. Unwashed Food

For the similar reasons, eating unwashed foods is include in the things to avoid during pregnancy. Unpeeled fruit and unwashed raw vegetables are contaminated with bacteria and parasites. It acquired from the soil, also from any process during production, harvesting, storage, transportation and retail. It can cause harm both to the mother and baby. Rinse thoroughly all fruits and vegetables before eating it.

8. Junk Food

During the pregnancy, a mother’s body need large supplies of protein, folate and iron. Pregnant women usually have misconception that because they are now feeding 2 people, doesn’t mean they have to double the calories intake.

Which is one of the reason why they should avoid junk food. Tasty in the tongue, junk food actually a kind of food with low nutrients, high in calories, also consist mainly of fat. It increase the risks of several disease such as type 2 diabetes. Also this can cause a long term health implication for the baby.

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9. Alcohol

Alcohol is indeed a hard material that causing harm for both the mother and her unborn baby. Even when you consume it in small amount, the harm is just the same. No level of alcohol has been decided safe for pregnancy. Alcohol increases the risks of stillbirth, fetal alcohol syndrome and miscarriage. There is no other choice, a pregnant woman must avoid alcohol.

10. Raw Milk and Cheese

A pregnant woman should be especially careful with bacteria. This following foods are contained with high number of it: unpasteurized milk, cheese, and raw milk. This have a life threatening consequences for the baby and the mother. Make sure that every food eaten by a pregnant woman are perfectly processed.

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So those are what that could be listed as the things to avoid during pregnancy. A child is a great blessing from Allah SWT, so that it should be protected and loved. May Allah always bless every pregnant mother, keep them healthy until the day they give birth.

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