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Law of Food Tasting While Fasting in Islam

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“O you who have believed, decreed upon you is fasting as it was decreed upon those before you that you may become righteous.” (Q.S Al-Baqarah : 183)


The dalil of Al-Quran above shows that every Moslems must fast. We know together that fasting is a part of the five pillars of Islam that is a foundation from Islam. But, in the implementation of fasting, sometimes we meet things that can break our fasting.

One of them is food tasting while fasting. Food tasting while fasting can be done when women or mothers are cooking or worried about their food. If food tasting impacts to trust or belief from others, of course this will become a bigger problem.

In Islamic law, of course Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta’ala does not want to make it difficult and hard for human in their life. But He wants to His creature success. Including to fasting and its relationship to do activities in daily life. Food tasting must be noticed, so it does not become a problem in our fasting.

In this case,  of course there will be different opinions of Ulama. It is caused that fasting must be according to terms, pillars and the way to do Ramadan fasting.  Although there are different opinions, but it can be understood together by learning dalils which exist.

Here are explanations that relate with fasting, and some dalil that allow someone to food tasting if it is needed.

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The Dalil About Fasting in Generally

Before exploring about the law of food tasting, we have to understand first what is food tasting including to something that opposite with fasting? Ultimately, fasting is holding our lust and thirsty.

  1. Fasting is an Islamic Pillar

“Islam is built on the five pillars, they are syahadat there is no God beside Allah and Muhammad is His Messenger, build prayers, do zakat, Ramadan fasting and go Hajj to Baitul Haram.” (Hadits Muttafaq ‘Alaih)

In Hadith above, it is showed that fasting is a pillar of Islam. For that, fasting become an important part in Islam that must be fought rightly and established according to Islamic Sharia. Fasting in Islam is a practice to arrange lust, it is not only holding or pressuring, but also we have to arrange it well.

As we know that fasting in Islam is a pillar, then that pillar will move and support ourselves. Then take care and hold it on our fasting, make it better.

  1. Fasting is not only holding our hungry and thirsty

How many people who are fasting, part of their fasting (Only) hungry and thirsty.” (Narrated by Ahmad)

The hadith above showed that fasting is not only holding our hungry and thirsty. Fasting become a worship process and give up ourselves to be more faith to Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta’ala. It is also informed in the hadith below.

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“Every good deed that be done by human will be multiplied with ten goodness such as up to seven hundred times. Allah Ta’ala says (which means),


“Except the practice of fasting. That practice of fasting is for Me. I will personally respond it. Because he has left lust and food only for Me. For a fasting person, he will get two happiness, a happiness when he breaks fast and a happiness when meet with his Rabb.


Indeed bad breath from a fasting person is sweeter in Allah’s side than the smell of kasturi’s oil.” (Narrated by Muslim)

For that, we have to fast because we want to get blessings of Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta’ala and reach the degree of taqwa. Of course, Fasting that only hold hungry or thirsty can be controlled and done by everyone. But, fasting to be a faith and taqwa servant is a challenge for us. You may also read ways how to improve faith in Islam.

The Dalil for Food Tasting

Because fasting is a practice to arrange our lust, self and worship, then it becomes a basic to answer the problem of food tasting. While food tasting is needed to a benefit thing, then it is not a contradictory thing.

Here is a dalil that allows food tasting while fasting. Of course, food tasting is not same with eating food. Sense tasting is not same with eating that food in plenty and complete. For that, it must be noticed, so Moslems are not misunderstand and misguided in fasting.

No problem if taste vinegar or other food as long as it is not entering to the esophagus.” (Narrated by Bukhari)

This hadith of Bukhari said that food tasting to know the sense too salty, sweet or sour is allowed as long as it is not entering to the esophagus or it is only stop in the tongue. Of course it is needed by chefs, housewives, people who receive cooking orders and many more.

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Finally, it shows that Islam is not make heavy the worship. Special thing can be done such as gargling. As long as, we do not drink the water and quench our thirsty, of course, it is not forbidden. Instead, it makes fresh and keep cleanliness in Islam.

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For people who want to fast should brush teeth at night or before the call to benefits of Fajr prayer. You should use a little tooth paste, so the taste of tooth paste does not imprint in your tongue or mouth. If we swallow our saliva that there is still the taste of toothpaste or food accidentally at noon, it is allowed.

This means that your fasting is not breaking. But, if you know that in your mouth or teeth or saliva, there is a leftover food or toothpaste, then you swallow it intentionally – indeed we can avoid it – then your fasting will break.

Including when it is not intentionally and stopped immediately. As dalil below,

“Anyone who forget when fasting then eats or drinks, then he should perfect his fasting, because Allah has given him food or drink.” (Narrated by Bukhari and Muslim)

For that food tasting while fasting for some Ulama are allowed. But, for others still forbid it because they are afraid, it can break fast. By there is the hadith of Bukhari can be understood that tasting is not same with eating and trying food. It only determines sweet, salty, bitter or sour of food for a second.

Besides Ramadhan fasting that is obligatory for us, we can do many kind of fasting such as Monday Thursday fasting, Arafah fasting, Rajab fasting, Daud fasting and Syawal fasting.

Hopefully all of Moslems always do fasting with kaffah and according to the provision of Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta’ala. Happy fasting and may we get the victory. Amen.

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