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12 Importance Of Offering Food To Fasting People

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One of the good deeds that can be done in Ramadhan and will be greatly rewarded with charity is charity. Ramadhan is a special month for every Moslem around the world. It is the month of forgiveness and a lot of good deeds that can be practiced with folded rewards. One of the charities that very important and unfortunate to miss is to feed the fasting Moslem. And why is this so special? We will explain to you why. For those who want to know about fasting, maybe you should learn How to do Ramadan Fasting for the First Time.


1. Get the Reward and Merit as much as the Person Fasting

“Whoever feeds those who are fasting during the day, will be granted merit as much as the person who fasts, without reducing the merit of those who fast even a little.” (Tirmidzi no. 807, Ibnu Majah no. 1746, and Ahmad 5, 192. Al-Hafizh Abu Thahir said that this hadeeth shahih)

This means if by feeding those who are fasting during the day, we will get reward and merit as much as the person who fasts during the day. The one who fast will not get their merit cut or reduced because accepting the food. You can see Eating Habits in Islam.

2. Road to the Holy Heaven

The positive side of Ramadhan that you can achieve by doing charity such as feeding for people who fast during the day, followed by doing the fasting itself, then this surely is the road to seven heavens in Islam. May Allah blessed us with this chance.

From Ali radhiyallahu ‘anhu, he said, Prophet Muhammad shallallahu ‘alaihi wa sallam said this, “Indeed, in the heaven, there will be rooms which the outside can be seen from the inside and the inside can be seen from the outside.” After that, an Arabic Baduy man stood and asked, “Those rooms are meant to whom? O Rasulullah?” Rasulullah shallallahu ‘alaihi wa sallam answer the man, “For those who speak the truth, who share foods, and always fast and pray at night when everybody else asleep.” [Tirmidzi no. 1984. Syaikh Al Albani said that this hadeeth is hasan]

3. Deliver Themselves towards Allah SWT’s Blessing

By combining between praying (shalat), fasting, and giving charities in Islam. Such as feeding those who fast during the day. All of this will deliver the person who did all of that into Allah’s blessing. As Moslem, is that what we all wanted? To be blessed and looked after by the one who is the most powerful being.

“Fasting, prayer, and giving charity will deliver the one who did it in Islamic way to Allah. Some salaf said ‘prayer will deliver you into halfway, fasting will take you to the doorstep, and charities will lead you to the Lord.’“ (Lathaif Al-Ma’arif, pg. 298)

On the other hand, Giving or offering foods to Fasting people is also recognized as Best Way to Seek Forgiveness from Allah  SWT that you can applied to reduce your sins that you did in Dunya.

4. Will Receive the Fruit from the Heaven

Another benefit of feeding people who fast is the fruit of heaven. You will receive the fruit of heaven along with ar rahiq al makhtum or wine, a special wine that is very tasty from heaven. Ar rahiq al makhtum is a special khamr that cannot be made no matter how smart human is. It said that it is very tasty and enjoyable.

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5. Save Yourself from the Heat of the Judgement Day

Everybody who always share and give charity, feeding people who fast during the day. They will be looked after by Allah, in their own good deeds from their charities. It will block the blazing heat from the sun while we await for Allah to give the verdict to us.

6. Increase Your Fortune and Blessing

A charity such as feeding people who are fasting will not reduce your wealth, but you will be blessed with grace. Remove any danger that will possibly harm you. And in Islam, not being rich is not worthless, Allah will give you something else. Wealth will not stay but merit and good deeds will be forever. As Moslem, we were taught that we are not living just in this moment but in the next eternal realm.


7. To Calm Allah’s Wrath

Feeding in this context of charity will also ease and calm Allah’s wrath. Prevent yourself from dying in the bad condition. Of course to save yourself from the sins we made.

8. Erase the Sins that You Do in Dunya

Just like water that extinguishes fire, charity is such like that. Charity by giving food or feeding person who fast will do the same. It will erase our past sins that we have done. So do charity, share with other, and get your sins pardoned.

9. Earn Yourself Blessing from the Person who Ate Your Food

Another benefit you can get by feeding another person who is fasting during the day is clearly that person’s blessing. Be good to another and the other will be good to you. When they thankful to you and pray for you that is the best reward from another human being. Plus, when in Ramadhan the prayer from the person who is fasting is special because without a doubt Allah will hear that person’s prayer.

10. Separate Yourself from the Hellfire

Not only wealth, charity can be a lot of things, food, clothes, and everything useful is charity. By doing charity, you create a barrier that will hold hellfire off from you. If you are in Ramadhan, give or share your food with the other who are fasting to break their fast. Insyaalah, this type of charity will be your barrier.

“Keep youself off the hellfire, even with only giving (charity) a piece of date seed“. (Muttafaqun ‘alaih)

11. Cool Off the Heat from Our Grave

“Indeed, charity is a way to extinguish the heat from the grave, for the one who dwells in it, and a faithful Moslem will be sitting under the shadow of their charity”. (Hadeeth At-Thabrani)

12. Prolonging Your Life

A charity that given from one Moslem to the other will be useful to extend their life and keep them off from an unsightly death, or su’ul khotimah. Allah will lose every bit of bad and arrogant of that person. It also the way to keep Anger Management in Islam

Rewards for Those who Offering Food for Fasting People

From Hadith that Ali Said that The Prophet of Muhammad Said :

“In heaven there are rooms where the outside is visible from the inside and the inside is visible from the outside.” Then a Baduwi arab stood up saying, “To whom are the rooms dedicated to the Messenger of God?” The Prophet sallallaahu ‘alaihi wa sallam replied, “To the one who says the truth, the one who feeds, and who always fasts and prays at night in man’s sleep.” [9]

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And in other chance that Rasulullah SAW said that:

“Whoever feeds the fasting, then he rewards like those who fast, without reducing the reward even if in little amount.”

That is how giving charity and sharing a meal with another Moslem who is going to break their fast will benefit yourself. We hope that this is useful and help us to know Islam better. Aamiin Ya Rabbal A’lamin.

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