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7 Laws of Friday Prayer for Women in Islam

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Every Moslem in the world already knows well enough that Friday prayer is a mandatory and a must for men, adult male. But how is the law and regulation for women? Can they come along to Friday prayer? And what about Zuhr? Is it still mandatory for these women? We will discuss this in this article if you want to know more please read our explanation below.


Explain of Friday Prayer

Friday prayer is a prayer, that particularly needs to be done on Friday, it is mandatory for every Moslem man that already count as an adult, free or mukallaf, healthy or muqaim. All of these happened because of Rasulullah’s hadeeth, “Friday prayer is mandatory and have to be done by everyone, except slave, women, kids, and sick person.” (Abu Daud, Dan Al Hakim).

Law of Women Doing Friday Prayer

Even if women are not obligated to do Friday prayer, but they still permitted to join the prayer. It is regulated in Islam and here are the explanations:

1. Women Does not Have to Do Friday Prayer

The great theologians decide and agree to the decision that woman does not have to do Friday prayer. This is based on Rasulullah’s hadeeth, “Friday prayer is mandatory and has to be done by everyone, except slave, women, kids, and sick person.” (Abu Daud, Dan Al Hakim).

2. Women Can Follow Friday Prayer

Abu Malik Kamal bin as Sayyid Salim gives an explanation that Islamic theologists already agree that women indeed can practice Friday prayer. Like every woman in Rasulullah salallahu ‘alaihi wa sallaam’s era, they also join the men to do Friday prayer. Syaikh Kamil Muhammad Uwaidah in fiqh for women gave an explanation that if women can follow Friday prayer just like the women in Rasulullah’s time did.

Sayyid Sabiq in Fiqh  Sunnah. Also said, “Women were also there and joined Rasulullah shallallahu ‘alaihi wasallam inside the mosque and did Friday prayer.”

Ummu Hisyam binti Al Harits radhiyallahu anha said, “There is no way I can memorize Surah Qaf but from Rasulullah shallallahu ‘alaihi wasallam own mouth, He preached it every Friday prayer”. (Muslim).

3. Women Who Did Friday Prayer Does Not Have to Do Zuhr Prayer

Women do not have any obligation to do Friday Prayer but have to do Zuhr as one of the mandatory pray with or without Imam. If the women have already done Friday prayer, she has done enough and doesn’t have to do Zuhr prayer. Every Moslem theologist agreed that Women can do Friday prayer and pray with the imam like an explanation from Abu Malik Kamal bin as Sayyid Salim. You May also want to know about Benefits of Zuhr Prayer .

4. Woman Can Do Friday Prayer If Their Husband Allowed Her

According to the Islamic society and marriage norms, there is some theory that states that women can attend Friday prayer, but with the permission of her husband. It can also be her parents or guardian, this is to avoid any fitna or foul accusation. Besides, during the Friday prayer, she cannot use any jewelry or perfume.

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5. Women Can Do Prayer if It will not Cause Fitna

Women have the permission also to attend Friday prayer if it doesn’t cause fitna. If there is a possibility for that, she is not allowed to do so.

Written in the book “Al-Majmu‘” Imam Nawawi counter the argument of Syekh Al-Bandaniji who gave the explanation that it is advised or sunnah, for old women. While it is makhruh for younger women to join Friday prayer. Because young women tend to attract fitna and their behavior are still uncontrollable.

6. It Is Not Valid to Do Friday Prayer Alone in the House

Theologist also agrees that Friday prayer can only be done as a group. Without the group or imam and follower, Friday prayer will not count as valid and this is the same for both women and men.

“Friday prayer only valid if it is done by women (with religion leader). Because the group for prayer is valid. Women used to pray together with Muhammad shallallahu ‘alaihi wa sallam.” (Al-Mughni, 2:243).

7. Women Cannot Do Prayer with Group of All-Woman

Women cannot do the prayer in the group that consists of only women because their Friday prayer depends on the prayer for men. They gather in one place, listen to the preacher, and doing syiar all cannot be done by woman alone.

When Imam doing khotbah or Preaching You Have To

  • Have to listen to every word: But if you cannot hear it because certain condition, you can read Al Quran or dhikr.
  • You cannot talk to others: Rasulullah said, “If during the Friday prayer’s khutbah there is someone who said, ‘shut up’, it means the person’s Friday prayer will not be counted..” [Bukhari and Muslim].
  • Cannot cross the line: You cannot cut the line unless it is going to a seat or space you will occupy if there is someone else who willing to share the place.
  • When You Feel Sleepy during Khutbah change your Seat Position
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Importance of Jummah in Islam

Besides, there is A Lot of Importance for Friday, between that there is:

  • The day Allah create Adam
  • The day Allah sent Adam to the earth
  • The day of Adam’s death
  • The day that will the day for judgment day

The law of Friday prayer for women give us enlightenment about the confusion whether women can or cannot do Friday prayer, this because:

This ease women’s burden, as a mother, women needs to keep their children safe, tends to the chore, and support her husband. There might be inconvenience if women have to do Friday prayer.

If Friday prayer is mandatory for both women and men, it will be hard on women because the nature of mandatory is the practice is a must. It will be a sin to leave it or ignore it, as a woman this will be hard because of their responsibilities. Islam is just and fair, that is just what it is.

For women who are willing to go and got permission to go to Friday prayer, it is good for them. By coming to Friday prayer and listens to khotbah, a woman can learn something.

Sholat jamaah or prayer in group in the mosque for women is mubah with the permission from her husband, parents, or guardian. Also not using any makeup, jewelry, or perfume. But it is still advised to do prayer in the house. This is to avoid unpleasant misconduct by men, for example, khitlat, I hope this is useful, thank you.

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