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12 Proper Ways to Use Your Social Media in Islam for Young People

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In the digital era of social media, it’s hard not to have one. Social media gets very popular among people regardless of the age. But the largest user of any social media platform is young people. If we can’t use it wisely, social media can affect us in an extremely bad way.


Young people need to be educated about the proper ways to use your social media in Islam. Here are the things you can do:

  1. Use It to Tighten the Kinship

Social media was created to connect people. Go back to the purpose by using it to stay in touch with your family and loved ones. FaceTime and Skype are among social media platform that enable you to make video call, so that you can see the face of your family and increase closeness between the members. Also read Importance of Kinship in Islam

  1. Broadcast Islam Positively

Islam has been portrayed very negatively and associated with terrorism and violence. It’s time for you to straighten the matter and broadcast many positive things about Islam through your social media. You can either make post about Islam, creating short movie, or advertising about Islamic Youth Group you join in. You can put some humor in it to make it more interesting.

  1. Create a Positive Content

When you use social media, make sure it’s full of positive content. Keep it light, interesting, and Islamic. Make sure people will be interested once they see your posts. Also read Effects of Social Media on Islam

  1. Share Your Interest

People usually share about themselves and what they like especially on Instagram. You can do yours too, focusing on things related to Islam. If you like photograph, share many Islamic architecture. If you like fashion, share the recent hijab styles. You can share anything you like with the rest of the world.

  1. Enjoy Halal Entertainment

The content of social media is unlimited. If you are not selective, you may end up following the wrong ones. That’s why you need proper ways to use your social media in Islam. You can enjoy entertainment via social media, but make sure you watch only the halal ones. Also read The Importance of Education in Islam

If it’s hard for you to find contents that suitable with Islam, you can start to make one. Create an Instagram account or Youtube channel that share useful information about Islam. Since young people enjoy light and humorous content, you can add it to yours.

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  1. Start a Good Campaign

Petitions and campaigns are now being made online. You can start funding money for people with needed, victims or nature disaster, or building opinion about something good. It makes your social media usage become beneficial of others and also medium for you to do good deeds. With social media, it’s easier for you to do good to others. Websites like Change.org and GoFundMe.com are example that you can use.

  1. Participate in Good Events

As many events are broadcast through social media, you can take part of it. You can spend your time to participate in volunteer, join a community and many other good events. Also read Ways To Earn Good Deeds In Islam

  1. Join an Islamic Group

Beside all the broadcasted events, there are also many groups of interest created in social media. Join an Islamic group that suitable with your preference. For example, if you like fashion, you can join an Islamic fashion group. As social media is very huge, you can find any group that match

  1. Stay Away from Negativity

Everyone who is using social media knows that the content is limitless, and negative things can be widely spread without stop through it. Don’t let yourself get affected by it. If you find any posts, broadcast messages, or groups that is not match with the Sharia law, get away from it as fast as possible. Also read How to Avoid Negative Thoughts in Islam

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  1. Use Social Media with Good Intention

In doing everything, it should be started with good intentions. When you create a social media account, tell yourself that you’re going to use it only for good purposes. You want to spread kindness using your social media. Keep this in mind forever while you are using your social media.

  1. Be Careful with Your Post

You might often find wrongful and negative posts in your social media. Not only you have to stay away from negative contents, you have to be careful with what you post. Make sure you don’t hurt anyone, not spreading hoax and false information, as well as unfounded allegations. Also read Benefits of Good Deeds in Islam

Social media is a public space, even when you’re in a private chat. Since there’s nothing private in social media, your words and thoughts can always be leaked to the world and causing so much disadvantages to you.

  1. Lower Your Gaze

Lowering the gaze on social media? Yes, you have to lower your gaze every time it’s needed, including when you are using your social media. And it’s applied for both men and women. Be careful when you’re interacting with others, make sure you are not violating the Islamic law.

  1. Carefully Choose Who and What to Follow

Using social media means you can follow certain people, groups, or information according to your preference. As you are on your own liberty to decide, you have to choose very carefully. You can either choose to be a leader of follower in social media.

You can start create your own content and invite others to join, or you are just browsing and selecting through the existing content and choose ones that suitable with you the most.

After reading all the proper ways to use your social media in Islam, now you have to apply it. Remember that how much you like using social media, it can be bad for you as well.

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