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14 Reason Why Muslim Pray Five Times a Day

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Muslims are obligated to pray five times a day or salah times which are perform since fajr (dawn or before the sun is rising), dhuhr (midday), asr (afternoon), maghrib (sunset), and isha prayer (night). Those five times daily prayer are included as fard prayer that must be done by muslims all over the world. While another prayer are consider as sunnah, or if muslims did it they will get plenty reward, but if they did not they won’t get punishment.


The are reason why muslim pray five times a day, that we will explained and try to understand in one by one and related to each of prayer.

1. To remember Allah SWT

When you are getting busy by your daily routine, there must be a time when you forget about God, Allah SWT. Isn’t it? That possibility will always stay opened and getting wider day by day when the technology reach it’s peak and take over human mind. Just mentioned about game, social media, internet, music, or job that things could draw muslims attention from Allah SWT. Therefore we needs a very sacred time to offer Allah SWT our entire mind. Therefore 5 time daily prayers are needed. To remember us about Allah SWT and what He gave to us.

“Indeed, I am Allah . There is no deity except Me, so worship Me and establish prayer for My remembrance.”

(QS. Taha : 14)

2. For getting closer to Allah SWT

When we offer 5 daily prayer it is a precous time to communicate with Allah SWT. Prayer is a way for us with our creator with a solemn heart.

“(Are) men whom neither commerce nor sale distracts from the remembrance of Allah and performance of prayer and giving of zakah. They fear a Day in which the hearts and eyes will (fearfully) turn about.

(QS. An-Nur : 37)

3. To avoid and remember about sins

Another reasons why muslim pray five times a day iis to remember them day by day and time by time of what they’ve been done this whole day. To remember them that they should avoid of conducting sins, unjust deed, or bad behaviour. Remember that there are most destructive sins in Islam we affraid off.

4. To show our gratitude of life given to us each day

Allah SWT has given us with abundance of joy, happines, and life to live on. Therefore we need to over our gratitude by performing prayer. Since prayer times are the most solemn and holy time for us to offer our gratitude towards Allah SWT.

5. To release our mind for stress of worldly matter

Sometime we facing a hard time during life, and it’s just normal today. Our problems getting bigger each time we reach new age or trying to achieve new position. When we’re stressed of our job or maybe daily task, prayer is a solution for those. Release our mind during prayer is a great way for that. You might want to know about types of night prayer in Islam.

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6. It’s soften our heart

Prayer teach us to be more discipline and humble, it naturally help us and prevent us fom commiting sins. It help us to soften our heart when we’re getting angry or sad.

7. To reminds us the supreme beings (Allah SWT)

Reason why muslim pray five times a day is to remind them for the existence of the supreme beings, our creator, the owner of this universe and all of our possesions even our life. When we offer prayer it will make us more submissive and increase our belief that there is a substance higher than us.


8. To ask forgiveness

A prayer time is a great opportunity for us to ask forgiveness of sins we’ve commited in the past towards Allah SWT. A perfect time to surrender and hope for His generosity to forgive our bad deeds. We could also perform sunnah prayer to gain rewards since there are virtues of sunnah prayer.

9. To pure ourself

Imagine of prayer as taking a bath. If you want to clean all dirts in your body, you will take a bath right? The same also applies in daily prayer.

10. It’s the key of our religion

Rasulullah said in the following hadith,

“Between faith and unbelief is abandoning the prayer.”

Narrated by Muslims, Abu Dawud, Tirmidhi, Ibn Madjah, Musnad)

“The place of prayer (salah) in religion is like the place of the head in the body.”

Narrated by Imam Tabarani

That prayer especially 5 daily prayer is very important in Islam as our religion. The important as mentioned above as if we’re unfaithfull or disbelieve of Allah SWT and Islam as our religion if we did not perform prayer. Another significant things is that prayer resemble to head in our body, which we know for sure if we loose our head we will be dead, or even if our brain got damaged we cannot be normal human or getting paralyzed. You must know ways on how to gain tranquility in your prayer if you want to perfected your prayer.

11. The proof that we are muslims

To proof that we are muslims and our religion is Islam are the reason why muslim pray five times a day. Since it is our oblgation as muslims. That distinct us from other religion, it’s also a form of our worship ritual.

12. To draw us closer into paradise

Rasulullah said,

“The key to Paradise is prayer; the key to prayer is wudu (ablution).”

Narrated by Musnad Ahmad

To openend up the key to paradise there is no doubt that we should perform prayer since in prayer there is an important things which are tauhid. A remembrance, a submissiveness, a surrender from the creation towards it’s Creator. The form of those are willingness to offer prayer without doubt. It will help us in the Judgement day and draw us closer to enter paradise. You might want to know also about things that spoil prayer in Islam.

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13. To avoid us from un useful things

Yes, indeed that prayer also help us to avoid doing something un useful or vain. It’s like our natural warning alarm when we’re complacent of doing something useless like wandering arround or daydream when adhan calls us to pray.

14. To strenghtened our heart

If you want to have a heart strong five daily prayer could help you. It will forge your heart little by little to become a strong, nice, great, and humble Muslim.

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