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12 Things that Spoil Prayer in Islam

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As we know, prayer is one of Islamic pillars. We must do it as a Moslem. We should do the five daily prayers and if we want to add the rewards from Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta’ala, we can do sunnah prayers (types of sunnah prayer), too.


We should know first about things that spoil prayer in Islam. So that, our prayer will not be in vain.

However, Insha Allah we will get rewards from Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta’ala. So, here are some things that spoil prayer in Islam.

  1. Speak intentionally

When we are doing prayer, we should not speak anything, except saying prayer’s reading and dhikr.

As the hadith of Rasulullah saw that was narrated by Imam Bukhari and Muslim (Muttafaqun ‘Alaih) below :

“From Zaid bun Al-Arqam r.a. said, “In the past we talked when we was praying. Someone talked with his friend in prayer.

Another talked with the person next to him. Until the word of Allah SWT descended,

“Take care all of prayers and wusthaa prayer. Stand for Allah fervently.” Then we were commanded to be silent and forbidden to talk in prayer.”

Although, you only say one word intentionally in your prayer, it will spoil your prayer. But it will be different.

If you do it accidentally or you have not known the law, then Islam still give the ease for you as long as you do not talk too much (not more than 6 words).

  1. Eat and drink

Eat and drink can also spoil prayer. If someone eats or drinks intentionally when he is praying, then his prayer is void.

And if there is sugar or something in your mouth when you are doing prayer and you swallow it, then it can also spoil your prayer.

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  1. Too much movements

It is meant that when you are doing prayer, you do many movements that are not the movements of prayer.

The mazhab of Imam Syafi’i gave limits until three movements in a row. If you do more than that, your prayer will be void.

For your information, there are some movement that will not spoil prayer, such as Rasulullah Shallallahu ‘alaihi wa sallah has done prayer while he carried his grandchild (Umamah), a daughter from his daughter.

If he saw prostrated, he put her and if he stood, she was carried again. (Narrated by Bukhari and Muslim) 

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Even, Rasulullah saw commanded people who wre praying to kill a snake and a scorpion (al-aswadain).

And he has also put his sandals while he was praying. So, all of those movements are not things that can spoil prayer in Islam.

  1. Not face the Qibla

If someone are doing prayer and not facing the Qibla intentionally, then his prayer will spoil automatically.

According to Ulama Syafi’iyah and Hanafiyah, this is signed by the movement of someone’s chest who is doing prayer.


According to Ulama from Mazhab Malikiyah, the movement of someone from Qibla is signed by the position of his feet. While according to Mazhab Hanabilah, it is determined by all of his body.

  1. Awra is opened intentionally

If someone who is doing praying opens his awra intentionally, then his prayer will spoil automatically.

However, if it is opened accidentally and it is immediately closed, the Ulama from mazhab Syafi’iyah and Hanabilah said that it is not void.

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  1. Suffer big hadats or small hadats

If someone suffers big hadats or small hadats, then his praye is voil, both it is happened intentionally or not.

However, it is different if you doubt about your hadats. Ulama said that hesitation does not spoil prayer. The prayer will spoil if there is a certainty after you get hadats.

  1. Touch najis both body, clothes or the place of prayer

If someone who is doing prayer contact najis things, then his prayer will be void automatically.

Although, that najis touch his body or his cloth and he does not clean it soon, then his prayer is void.

Besides that, sometimes the place of prayer can also get najis, but if you do not touch your body or your cloth, your prayer is still valid.

Similarly if najis is out from your body until it touches your body, such as mouth, nose, ears or others, then your prayer is void, too.

  1. Laugh

Someone who laugh when he is doing prayer, his prayer will be void. Its means that laugh with a big sound. If he only smiles, it has not spoiled his prayer.

  1. Apostate, death, crazy or lose mind

It there is someone who do prayer and he suddenly apostatize, then his prayer is void.

As well, if someone die or suddenly get crazy and lose his mind, then his prayer are void, too.

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  1. Change intention

If you are doing prayer and you suddenly change your intention to do not prayer in your heart, then at that time your prayer has been void.

Because his intention has spoiled, although he has not done things that can spoil prayer.

  1. Leave one of prayer’s pillar intentionally

If someone does not do one of prayer’s pillar intentionally, then his prayer will be void.

For example, he does not read Surah Al-Fatihah, then his prayer is void. But if he only forgets to do it, then he should do sujud sahwi. If he forgets sujud sahwi, then he can do it after Salaam.

In the matter, if you do congregation prayer, as the rule, imam should bear Al-Fatihah who is read by congregation.

So, if someone lost takbiratul ihram and Imam has done ruku, he can follow Imam  and get one rakat, too.

  1. Precede Imam in the congregation prayer

If someone precedes the movement of Imam, such as stand from sujud before Imam, then his prayer is void.

However, if he does not  do it intentionally, then it is not void his prayer. As-Syafi’iyah said that prayer will be void if someone precedes Imam until two movements that are the pillars of prayer.

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Thus the article about things that spoil prayer in Islam. Hopefully, by reading this article, we can perfect our prayers. So, our prayers will be not in vain. Amen.

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