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15 Virtues of Pregnancy in Islam for Women

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The arrival of a child is what a Muslim couple wait for the most, especially when they were just got married. When a woman got pregnant, her whole life will change, not only with the presence of a child inside her womb, but her status is also raised by Allah SWT. During the 9 months of pregnancy, a woman will be going through physical and psychological change. Not to mention all the difficulties she has when her baby is getting bigger and closer to due date.


As for how much a woman has to suffer during pregnancy, which no men could ever replace or going through the similar situations, Islam highly regards a pregnant woman. There are many virtues of pregnancy in Islam, which listed below:

1. Fulfilling the Aim of Sharia

The first of the many virtues a woman can gained during pregnancy in Islam is how she is fulfilling the aim of sharia. By pregnancy, a woman is going to produce many generation whom are dear to Allah, believing Allah and proclaim His Oneness. In the other words, a pregnant woman contributes to the continuity in Islam, since her child will be giving birth to another child and so on, and all of them becoming the believer of Allah in the future.

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2. Attaining a Great Rewards from Allah

Indeed, the reward of a pregnant woman is very great. During the 9 months of her pregnancy, a woman must been suffered a lot, encountered countless difficulties, having both physical and psychological problems, and all the pain and sickness. All of it is recorded and Allah grant her rewards for each.

3. All the Difficulty is Counted As Good Deeds

Not only Allah SWT gives big rewards for a woman during her pregnancy and after, all the problem and difficulties, which cause her troubles and giving her a hard time are counted as good deeds. So even when a pregnant is not doing any good deeds for real, all the hard times she had are the good deeds themselves.

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4. All the Bad Deeds are Erased

Another virtues of pregnancy in Islam for women are, for every single day of her pregnancy, Allah SWT writes her 1000 or good deeds and erasing 1000 of her bad deeds each day. It’s how great pregnancy is in Islam.

5. The Angels Makes Dua for Pregnant Woman

As if the blessing from Allah SWT is not enough yet, all the Angels are also pleased with the good news of a pregnancy. On her behalf, the Angels will repent for the pregnant woman, asking for the forgiveness and Allah. Everyday the Angels recite Istighfaar on her.

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6. A Pregnant Woman is at the Same Level with Martyr

When a woman got pregnant, she is like going on the battlefield. So that when any of the bad things happen, for example she has to leave the world when giving birth of the child or after that, she is on the same level with martyr.

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7. Multiplied in Blessings

When a pregnant woman is worshiping Allah SWT, the rewards Allah SWT gives is multiplied, more than any other Muslim. For the 2 raka’at of Salat, is better than 80 raka’at of non pregnant woman. The rewards a pregnant woman gets are equal with fasting during the day and worship during the night.

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8. A Pregnant Woman Got Paradise Under Her Feet

One of the best virtues for a pregnant woman in Islam is of course, she got paradise under her feet. Which means she will be the door for her children to enter the paradise, as well as gaining the blessing and forgiveness from Allah SWT.

9. Gaining a Higher Status than Men

Once the Prophet (peace and blessing upon him) has asked:

“Which of the parents have a higher status?” He replied, “The one who for nine months kept you between her two sides (stomach), and then brought you into this world and gave you milk from her breasts.”

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10. The Patience and Ability are More Than Men

When a woman is pregnant, Allah gives her the strength of 10 men in addition to the patience of a 10 men she usually has.

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More Virtues of Pregnancy in Islam

There was a story when a man was carrying her mother while doing tawaf, and he asked the Prophet (peace and blessing be upon him)“By doing this, have I repaid the rights of my mother?” To this the Prophet (S) replied, “No, you haven’t even repaid one of her cries during the time of giving birth.” 

Pregnancy is one of the greatest blessings for a woman, and here are more of the virtues of pregnancy in Islam:

  1. When a pregnant woman dies within the 40 days after giving birth, she will still considered as martyr.
  2. The rewards given to a woman when she going into labor to deliver her child is said to be incomprehensible.
  3. The blessing and virtues of pregnancy in Islam continues until the woman breastfeed her child, in which during the time Allah SWT has forgiven all of her minor sins.
  4. For every drop of the milk a baby drinks from her mother contained the utmost blessing of Allah SWT for both.
  5. Whoever woman who stays awake at night for the sake of her child, the reward Allah gives to her is equal by liberating 70 slaves in the path of Allah.

Pregnancy requires hardship and often caused difficulty for the mother. However, Islam is fully aware with it, therefore great rewards are given to the mother. The virtues of pregnancy in Islam is indeed many, but the most important thing is to raised the child in a right way, under the guidance of Allah SWT, Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessing upon him), and the Holy Quran.

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