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13 Ways How to Treat Pregnant Women in Islam

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Pregnancy is always exciting news for couples. It becomes the new stage of their married life while preparing for the bundle of joy. Besides excitement, nervousness also takes part in the time of pregnancy. Whether it is the first pregnancy or not, pregnant women becomes overwhelmed by loads of conflicting emotions, anxiety, joy, fear, uncertainty, and such. See also, powerful dua to get married.


In Islam, pregnancy is a journey calls for higher level of consciousness of Allah or taqwa. Islam also teaches the proper treatment for pregnant women. Here are 13 how to treat pregnant women in Islam.

1. Show more love

The Importance of Love in Islam is Miraculously important. Especially for Woman. Woman’s emotions during pregnancy frequently fluctuate in short time. During this time, they need more love and attention from her husband. Love and attention even in the smallest form will make her feel comfortable and safe.

Men are in charge of women by (right of) what Allah has given one over the other and what they spent (for maintenance) from their wealth. So righteous women are devoutly obedience, guarding (in husband’s) absence what Allah have them guard. (Surah An-nisa:34)

2. Provide comfortable ambiance

Pregnant women feel loads of discomfort due to the change of the body and hormone fluctuation. It is the duty of the husband to always provide comfortable ambiance. Touch her with love, caress, and other things to make her feel comfortable. Besides, husband should also provide comfortable housing or bed to help her feel comfortable.

3. Keep the health of the mother

Pregnant woman’s and the baby’s health is top priority. Husband should always pay attention to the meal, vitamin, nutrition, and such thing. Accompany her to see doctor every month. If the husband is a smoker, make sure that the pregnant wife does not inhale cigarette smoke. Also, always follow eating habits in Islam.

Let a man of wealth spend from his wealth, and he whose provision is restricted – let him spend what Allah has given him. Allah does not charge a soul except (according to) what He has given it. Allah will bring about, after hardship, ease. (Surah At-Talaq: 7)

4. Help doing house chore

During pregnancy, women need loads of rest. If she always do house chores before pregnant, may be during expecting, house chore makes her tired and disturb the pregnancy. A good husband should help ease wife’s burden of house chores. For example, help her cook and ask if there is anything you can help with. If husband does not think he can help his wife with house chores, he can ask other people to help her.

5. Build intense communication

Communicating about the pregnancy is a way to show husband’s love. Always include the wife for everything related to the pregnancy and the baby such as the name, future education, baby’s basic needs, and also parent’s future expectation of the baby. Never decide something without discussing with the wife first because it will make her feel more distressed. Husband should also communicate with the baby such as talking or recite Quran.

6. Listen to the mother’s feeling

Pregnant women usually experience things that they never had before such as sudden head ache, hip pain, lose appetite, and such things. When a pregnant woman tells her husband about such feeling, make sure to never ignore her. Let her know that you care and always with her during this pregnancy time.

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7. Make sure mother take enough rest

Pregnant women will easily get tired. It is the duty of the husband to always make sure that his pregnant wife to get sufficient rest. Make sure she gets enough sleep or perhaps couple hours of napping. Late sleeping is also forbidden for pregnant women.

8. Avoid cursing

Allah hates those who curse, speak of foul language, and ridicule others. Well, this should be avoided in every stage in life but during pregnancy, make sure that both husband and wife pay more attention to what their language. Avoid foul language and cursing as well as talking others in order to get positive vibes during pregnancy.

9. Get closer to Allah SWT

It is always advised to increase the level of praying during pregnancy. Both husband and wife should pray to Allah, so the baby will be born healthy, physically perfect, ask for a religious child and all the good prayers as well as seek forgiveness. See also ways How to be closer to Allah.

Behold! A woman of ‘Imran said: ‘O my Lord! I do dedicate unto you what is in my womb for Your special service: So accept this of me: For You hear and know all things.’” (Surah Ali Imran: 35)

10. Learn to be a good dad

As a soon-to-be-dad, waiting for the baby to born, especially the first is full of excitement. Despite the excitement, husband should prepare to be a great father for the children. This includes learn to baby bathing, holding, change diapers, massage, and such thing. Joining a baby preparation class and read books on parenting should be great help.

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11. Protect the mother everywhere

Husband’s first duty to his pregnant wife is give her protection physically and emotionally everywhere and every time. Pregnant women have a quick mood swings and her physical condition also changes much.

12. Avoid quarrel

Perhaps there are lots of thing that a pregnant wife dislikes from her husband. If this happens, it is better to just avoid anything that triggers quarrel and anger. See also ways How to live a happy married life.

13. Accompany her in labor

A husband should never miss any process during pregnancy from the very first time until labor. Unless a husband has a very important job that cannot be ignored, and the wife understands his condition, it is important to stay by his side until the baby is born. Be the witness of Allah’s miracle. See also women’s role in Muslim Society.

Pregnancy will be next step of jihad-nursing and caring for the baby. With the help of Allah, everything will be easier and one day a woman will realize that she is able to change baby diaper in half asleep and without even turn the light on. But the journey is lifelong project, so a good cooperation of husband and wife is required.

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