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15 Virtues of Reading Surah Yaasin In The Morning

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Surah Yaasin (سورة يس) is the 36th chapter in the Qur’an. This chapter consists of 83 verses, including the Makiyah surahs and revealed after the Aj-jin surah. Named Yaasin as it begins with the letter Ya – Sin.


Just as the letters of the alphabet lie at the beginning of some of the other chapters of the Qur’an, so too does Yaasin appear at the beginning of this surah, that is, God suggests that after the letters will be mentioned the important things are:

Allah swears by the Quran that Muhammad SAW was truly an apostle sent to a people who had never been sent to them apostles.

Following a hadith, Surah Yassin is named Mub’mah (good newsmaker) in the Torah as he contains manafa’at to his readers in the world as well as the hereafter, such as avoiding the suffering of the afterlife and also distancing the awesomeness of the afterlife.

This chapter is also known as ‘Rafi’ah Khafidah’, which elevates the believer of the faithful and degrades the unbelievers. Read more about Dangers of Despair in Islam

the best read Surah Yaasin after Dhuha solat. Insha Allah will open as wide as possible and sustenance abundant.

  1. Deemed Dead Shaheed

In the history of At-Thabrani also explained that someone who regularly read Yaasin letter every night so he will be easier for his death. And he died in a martyr state.

“Anyone who accustomed to reading Yaasin every night then unexpectedly his death, then his death in a martyr state.” (HR.At- thobroni, from the statement Anas bin malik).

  1. Make Things Easy

Reading Yaasin letter is also believed to facilitate a variety of life problems, such as debt problems, debts, and so forth. Read more about Laws of Answering Salaam in Social Media

“Whoever reads the letter Yaasin from the morning, then the work of the day is facilitated with success, and if read it at the end of one day then the task until the next morning will be facilitated as well.” (Sunaan daarimi juz 2 page 549).

  1. Getting The Peace of Mind

Reading Al-Quran is the same as thinking. And someone who multiply dhikr then his heart will calm down. Such is the virtue of those who diligently read the letters of Yaasin or other letters.

Allah Ta’ala says: “Those who believe and their hearts are rested in the remembrance of Allah. Remember, it is only with the remembrance of Allah that the heart is rested. “(Ar-ra’ad: 28).


“Those who believe in their hearts will rest in the remembrance of Allah SWT. remember only by remembering it so the heart becomes serene. “(Surah Ar-ra’du: 28).

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  1. Avoid The Punishment of The Grave

Who is not afraid of the punishment of the grave? Just imagine it could make the hair goose bumps. Well, virtue incredible Yaasin letter is believed to relieve us from the terrible grave punishment. Read more about Virtues of Praying Dhuha in Ramadhan

“Ready goods that visit the tomb of a person and read the letter Yaasin then on that day Almighty Allah relieve the torture of their grave and give goodness for a number of tomb buried inhabitants.” (Tafsir Nur ats-tsagalayn 4/373).

  1. Eases The Sakaratul Death

Reading yasin letters is also believed to help sakaratul death to make it easier. As explained in Tafsir Al-Quran Al azhim:

“Reading the letter Yaasin side of the body will reduce many graces and blessings and facilitate the exit of the spirit.” (Tafsir alqur’an Al-azhim 6/562 daran nassyr wat tauzi).


recommended read the letter Yaasin beside someone who is facing death.” (Al – Majmu’syaih Al muhadzdzab 5/76 Dar’alim bibitab).

  1. Improving Faith

If we read the letter of Yaasin by understanding the meaning, then we will understand how great the majesty of God is. What a terrible death, and how the struggle of the preachers in the past to defend Islam. Surely this can make our faith increasing. Read more about Law of Kissing Children When Sleeping In Islam

  1. Everything is Granted

If there is desire or intention that is desired then by reading the affair letter Yasin Always will be given by Allah Ta’ala. As explained in the hadith:

“Whoever reads the letter yasin completely and when it reaches in verse 58 letter yasin is repeated as much as 7 times then Allah SWT will simplify and grant his intentions.”

  1. Helps Forgiveness to be Accepted by God Almighty

 “Whoever recites Surah Yaasin to plead Allah’s blessings, will be forgiven his past sins” (al-baihagy in sy’abil faith and mu’qil bin yasar rabersanma kanzul aumal Juz 112629).

  1. Earned Rewards Doubled

In the narrations of At-Tirmidhi and Ad-Darimi, they explain that the Messenger of Allaah shalallahu ‘alaihi wa sallam explained that the letter yasin is the heart of the Qur’an. And whoever recites the Quran will be rewarded just like 10 times reciting the Qur’an. Read more about Law of Treated with Haram Money in Islam

  1. Gain Glory

Basically every letter in the Quran is good. By reading the Koran regularly, including the letter Yaasin then we will be glorified by Allah Ta’ala. As explained in hadith:

“Whoever reads the Qur’an and does good deeds with the content of his womb, granted both his father’s mother crown on the Day of Resurrection. Its light (crown) is better than sunlight in the homes of the world. If so the sun is in your house (filled with its rays), then what do you suppose to do with this (al-Qur’an). “(Narrated by Abu Daud).

  1. Considered a Family by Allah Ta’ala

Diligent reading of the Quran, including Yaasin letters have extraordinary privileges. One of them will be considered family by Allah Ta’ala. As exposure in the hade saheeh:

“Allah has a family of men.” He was asked, ‘Who are they O Messenger of Allah?’ He replied, ‘they are Ahlul Qur’an, they are the family of Allah and His special people. “(Narrated by Ahmad and Ibn Majah).

  1. Intercessors in The Hereafter

From the friend of Abu Umamah Al-Bahili, may Allah be pleased with him, I heard the Messenger of Allah (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) saying:

“Read by you the Qur’an. Because he (Qur’an) will come on the Day of Judgment later as a giver of syafa’at for people who diligently read it. “(Muslim).

  1. The Soul will be Clean

Routine reading the Quran can make our soul clean. This can be likened to a flavorful flower. Surely this privilege applies to all letters in the Qur’an, including Yaasin. Read more about Law of Breaking Promises In Islam

From the friend of Abu Musa Al-Ash’ari (may Allah be pleased with him) said that the Messenger of Allah (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said:

“The quarreling of a mu`min who diligently reads the Qur’an is like the fruit of Al-Atrujah whose fragrance and taste are delicious. The parable of a mu’min who does not recite the Qur’an is like a fruit tamr (dates) there is no aroma but it tastes sweet.”


The parable of a hypocritical but he is diligent in reading the Qur’an is like the fruit of Raihanah whose aroma is fragrant but it tastes bitter. As for the hypocritical, who is not diligent in reciting the Qur’an, is like a Hanzalah fruit that has no aroma and tastes bitter. “(Al-Bukhari and Muslim).

  1. Giving Light in The Dark

“I will warn you to be cautious of Allah and the Qur’an in fact it is the light of darkness, the instructions in the daytime so read it seriously.” (HR Baihaqi).

  1. Earn Rewards such as Charity

“One who reads the Qur’an openly as one who gives charity overtly, one who recites the Quran in secret as one who gives charity in secret.” (Narrated by Abu Dawud, Tirmidhi and Nasa’i) .

Those are complete explanation about virtues of reading surah yaasin in the morning. Hope it will be useful for us. Thank you. Barakallah.

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