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13 Ways for Children to Know Islam Ever Since in the Womb

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Education usually starts when a baby is born and lasts a lifetime because it has the virtue of seeking knowledge. Even for some people, education can start from before the baby is born (prenatal education) like what a mother does by playing music or playing the holy book of the Qur’an for the baby in her womb.


According to F. Rene Van De Carr, M.D., baby in the womb really can learn the words spoken by the educator or their parents, but not in a way like adults. Because of that, there is a prayer practice for pregnant women in Islam. If an adult learns a word then they can repeat it, recognize it in writing, and modify it so that he can speak or use the word in the sentence properly and correctly.

Unlike the case with babies in the womb, the way of learning is far more basic, unlike the law of learning tajweed. When the mother teaches words to the baby in her womb, the baby only listens to the sound while experiencing certain sensations.

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Rene Van de Carr, et al. (The Prenatal Enrichment Unit at the Hua Chiew General Hospital in Bangkok Thailand) conducted a study of babies in the womb. The results stated that the womb babies were stimulated so they were more proficient in reading, imitating sounds, mentioning the first word, smiling spontaneously, being more responsive to music, and being able to develop better social patterns when the baby was mature enough.

In Islam, in accordance with the basis of Islamic law, prenatal education should actually start at the beginning of conception. If you want a smart and pious child, both parents who are blood-related to the baby should say a prayer first so that if God grants a child, the devil will not give him harm.

Mother, as the first teacher of a child, whose role is to educate children from the womb should take various educational methods for children in their womb so that later, the child is physically and mentally healthy. A pregnant woman not only fulfills her nutritional adequacy, but also by doing a lot of prayers, increasing reading or playing the holy verses of the Qur’an, inviting the dialogue of the fetus in the womb, maintaining the emotions and psyche of the mother, and maintaining the behavior of the mother during pregnancy. Then how do you get children to know Islam ever since in the womb? Check out the following review.

Some important things that a mother can do to educate children in her womb in general include:

  • Expand prayer and worship
  • Frequently read or play the Holy Quran
  • When the mother begins to be able to feel fetal movements, give a stimulation with a smooth pat or smear
  • Give stimulation by always taking the baby in the womb to talk
  • Eat halal and nutritious food
  • Maintain the behavior of pregnant women
  • Always keep the emotions and psyche of pregnant women, always think positive and try to avoid conflict with others
  1. Read the Prayer

Reading prayer includes positive effects because parents’ prayers are prayerful. Prayers are read to get the child who is pious and blessing is the prayer of the Prophet Zakariya contained in the Quran, “O, my Lord, give me from the side of You a good child (pious). Surely You are the Hearer of prayer.” (Surah Al-Imran: 38)

  1. Read the Quran

Get used to pregnant women to often read the Quran so that children are heard in the womb. This refers to research on water carried out by Prof. Masaru Emoto, a professor from Japan who studies water.

He said that water can “hear”, “read”, and “understand”. He also found that the reaction of the water crystal would be “beautiful” if it received a positive reaction. The human body contains 75% of water, so you can imagine if the fetus is in the womb when we give a positive effect like reading the Quran.

  1. Invite Talk

At week 25, the fetus can hear and recognize the voices of the people closest to him, so do Islamic communication with the fetus and stroking the stomach elusions.

  1. Maintaining Food Nutrition Intake

As long as the baby is in the womb, try to eat nutritious foods that contain nutrients needed by the baby. First, consume foods that are fresh and natural. Try not to consume canned foods because usually canned foods contain preservatives and other chemicals.

  1. Maintaining Behavior

Maintaining behavior is very important and needed during pregnancy because the morality of parents is very influential on the morals of their children later, especially pregnant women, starting from attitude, speech to behavior. Avoiding things that are not good is not only emphasized during pregnancy but also to adult children because parents play an important role in instilling behavior and etiquettes and good morals for their children. If parents behave well, it is hoped that the child will also imitate the good behavior of their parents.

  1. Halal Sustenance

It is the duty of every parent to pay attention to every food and drink that will be consumed. God says: ‘Eat and drink from what we give to you.’

Islam really takes care and cares for its adherents so that they are not reckless in earning a living. Because, fortune is unclean (not good), will give a negative impact on speech and intellectual growth of a child.

  1. Following the Recitation

In the Islamic world, often the Quran is read in a congregation in an event. Not a few of the scholars, when his wife was pregnant, they multiplied reading the Quran, prayer, dzikir, and other kalimah toyyibah. They were convinced that the influence and strength of the Quran could shape the psyche of the fetus and later become children who prayed.

  1. Parents Get Along Well

It is recommended that both parents always get along well, intimately, harmoniously, when the mother is pregnant. If the husband and wife are often rowdy (fighting), commit immoral acts, then the child’s brain will record everything their parents have done.

  1. Explain to the Child About the Good Deeds Done By the Mother

For example, a mother who is visiting her parents’ house, then immediately say to your stomach while tapping on the stomach rather slowly, “Son, we are at grandma’s house for silaturrahmi.” and so on. Or when the mother is reading, then do not forget to invite her to talk and say what is the mother’s activity,

“Son, mother is reading to increase knowledge.” and so on. Remember to not forget to invite children to communicate when doing good things. Yes, a mother when she is pregnant should not do anything bad because this will also affect the baby. Do all good activities that have value so that the baby in the womb will feel happy.

  1. Explain the Sound to Children

For example, there is the sound of the call to prayer when it comes time to perform prayer services, so do not hesitate to tell the baby in your womb, “Son, that is the sound of the call to prayer, the sign of prayer time, let us perform the prayer.” If there is a strange sound like the sound of an airplane, for example, explain to your baby and tap slowly from the surface of the stomach.

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  1. Teach Letters and Numbers or What You Want to Be Taught to Children

Teach the sounds of letters and numbers to words to your child at the age of the womb. For example, if you want to teach numbers, then tap your stomach first and read the numbers repeatedly, invite him to communicate as if you were talking to a child in general.

This method is usually done by parents in educating their children to become an Al Quran memorizer. So, set a specific time for your baby to go to school. For example, in the morning the number study schedule, the afternoon study schedule letters, and night schedules to listen to the sentence or other things you want to convey.

  1. Condition Your Environment With Good Things

avoid the bad things, for example, keep pregnant women away from household fighting conditions, loud music sounds that pound the beat, and so on because it will have an effect on your baby’s development mentally. Be gentle and kind, and emotionally expect a pregnant woman to be able to maintain her emotions for the good of the baby she is born with.

  1. Expand Good Deeds

When pregnant, multiply good deeds such as praying at the beginning of time, routinely reading the Quran, giving alms, and working on the practices of other Sunnah. This method is a form of education so that children also behave obediently and are used to doing good deeds.

Hopefully, parents realize that educating children starts when the child is still in the womb. Educating children is not only the obligation of teachers at school but most importantly educating children is the duty of mother and father.

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