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12 Ways on How Quran Controlling Your Brain and Make Quran a Habit

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Quran is the biggest revelation from Allah SWT to Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessing be upon him). Many good things come from reciting the Quran. It is counted as good deed from which Allah SWT gives many of His blessings.


However, Quran is more than just a sacred book to recite. It affects Muslims (and non-Muslims in many cases) in a unique, particular, and sometimes unexplained way. Have you ever feel like at peace when you recite the Quran? It’s one of its magic.

Many researches has been conducted to unveil the mysteries of Quran. The results usually left mankind in shock. One of the discovery is that Quran could control human brain. Here will be explained several ways on how Quran controlling your mind unknowingly.

  1. Quran Taught Us Arabic

Quran was sent down by Jibril, the Angel of Allah to His righteous Messenger (peace and blessing be upon him). The original language of Quran was Arabic. Even though it’s now has been translated into hundreds of foreign language, the original version of Quran remains special.

Thus, Muslims all over the world learn to read and speak Arabic from the Quran. We gain new knowledge through Quran, as well as the right pronunciation. Everyone who has learned Quran knows about taj’weed, the eluction required in reading Quran. Also read Tips to Getting Closer to Quran

  1. Quran Train the Brain to Memorize

To be able to read Quran in its original language, Arabic, can’t be achieved in one or two days of learning. It may take months and years until you can recite fluently. One of the hardest part in the Quran learning process is memorizing the alphabet and sound.

A beginner usually has to repeat the same thing over and over again as it’s not easy to be memorized. But by doing so, you are training your brain. If your brain is a knife, then you sharpen it little by little.

As the time goes by, your brain will get used with this process so you will find yourself easier in memorizing other things.

  1. Absorbing Knowledge is Easier by Learning Quran

Here are another ways on how Quran controlling your brain: you can absorb knowledge easier and faster. Quran recital gives a tremendous advantage for students, as the more they recite Quran, the smarter they can be.

Whoever learn Quran in traditional way (reading it Arabic with the pronunciation and taj’weed, they will be likely gain success in their knowledge seeking. Also read Rules Of Seeking Knowledge In Islam

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  1. Reciting Quran Activated the Brain

There is a good scientific proof about how Quran controls the brain. When someone was listening to or reciting Quran himself, the temporal lobe is being activated. Temporal lobe was where the hippocampus located. It’s the memory consolidation center of the brain.

Once it’s opened and activated, it’s easier for someone to receive more information and memorize it.

  1. Quran Makes Brain Works Efficiently

Making learning and reading Quran as habit do wonders to the brain. Quran enlarge the brain capacity for new information and improve the activity levels regarding in knowledge seeking.

As it activated the crucial area of memorization, brain works more efficiently because of the Quran. Also read Law of Cannot Reading Quran in Islam

  1. Quran is the Cure for Mental Illness

‘There is no disease that Allah has created, except that He also has created its treatment’ (Hadith).

Quran is the guide for life, for everyone. Moreover, Quran is the cure for illness. Those who suffers from mental disorder may use Quran to restore their condition. It may leads to the higher quality of life.

  1. Quran Gives Peace to the Soul Since Long Ago

Quran had sent down since thousands of years ago, yet the content never get old. It still can be used until today. Quran contains the best way to stabilize the emotion, which is related a lot to the brain.

Quran gives guidance to overcome the inner turmoil that often happen to everyone. It also describes to desire can lead to one’s self destruction. Also read Law of Holding Quran When Praying

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  1. Quran Control the Brain Ever Since in the Womb

Pregnant women are strongly recommended to listen to Quran recital. Baby in the womb is able to listen to sound wave and the brain would react to the vibration. Quran recital helps the baby’s brain to develop. It means Quran had been controlling human’s brain ever since in the womb.

How to Create Quran Habit for the Brain

Turns out Quran can control human’s mind indeed. Muslims must emphasize the benefits of Quran and taking advantages out of it. Thus, we need to make Quran habit in everyday life. Surely it’s not easy to do so. Also read Tips to Get a Good Time Management in Islam

But here are some steps to create Quran habit.

  • Read One Verse a Day

Big habit can be persevered by starting small. Start with reading one verse a day. Open the Holy Quran and you may pick one particular verse to read. It can be anything. Make sure you also read the meaning.

Let it immersed in your soul, take it to the brain and imagined what you just read. For example, imagining the paradise after reading Al-Mulk.

  • Be Committed

It’s easy to start but it’s hard to commit. Set the best time for you to read Quran. It’s the time where you won’t miss, such as before bed of after Fajr prayer. Put the Quran close to you when it comes for the time to read. You can place it near your bed or on the desk close to where you pray.

  • Find the Most Convenience to You

When you read Quran, make yourself feel comfortable. Sit back and relax until you feel that it’s enjoyable. The more comfortable for you to read, the more you stick to it.

  • Keep It Going without Break

Once you create a habit, it’s like starting chains. You need to keep going so it won’t break. Never miss a day without reciting the Quran, or you’ll be hard to start it again.

Those are all the ways on how Quran controlling your brain. It’s a good thing that Islam has Quran as guidance. Since it’s a holistic guide for way of living.

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