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20 Ways of Acquiring Knowledge in Islam

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Human being is said to be the most perfect being Allah SWT has ever created. Human blessed with desire and also brain, something that even the Angels do not possessed. So we have to use those blessing wisely by doing as many good deeds as we can. One of the good deeds is acquiring knowledge. Life is a never ending learning process, to we have to gain knowledge from the first day of our lives until the very last day.


Acquiring knowledge is half of iman and Allah SWT will blesses us if we use the knowledge wisely and spread them for good. So here are the good ways of acquiring knowledge in Islam to motivate us:

1. Through Education

Education is said to be the best way to acquire knowledge. It is a process where someone with more knowledge teach the other one with lesser knowledge. Education doesn’t necessarily has to be happen in school. As the very first education happened at home, where our mothers teach us how to speak. When we grow a little older, the mothers teach us manners before we eventually go out to the society and receiving formal education through school. Sharing with friends and older people could also be considered as education, as long as we gained positive things through it.

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2. Through Emotion

Emotional education is something that every person needs. It started from childhood and never ended unless we died. Through the emotional education, we will gain emotional intelligence. It’s involving the psychological approach, with the man as the subject. The education focused on someone’s emotional growth, and has no focused on formal knowledge progress.

3. Through Sufi Method

The Sufi method stated a human being has a spiritual momentum that has to be elevated. The purpose is to gain a wise self by depriving his physical needs. The education process continues until someone has reach some certain levels where he merges and connected to the God, and he could see the God in him. Someone who learn about this knowledge will voluntarily leaves all his worldly matters and devoted his life only to the God, Allah SWT.

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4. Through the Expert

If we want to gain or acquire knowledge, surely we have to learn it from the expert. This is the fastest way for us to get the knowledge. Children are sent to school because teacher has many knowledge to share with them. The process continue until someone attend the university. And when someone has become an expert, many people will come to him to ask for his knowledge. Knowledge could be a continued chain of good deeds that will never broke even when he died.

5. By Asking Questions

Someone would be forever at loss if he never asks questions. Let alone asking questions to the teacher inside the class. Knowledge is not always about school and teacher. When we lost and couldn’t find our way, we have to ask someone more knowledgeable than us. On the contrary, we should share our knowledge to the people who needs it the other time.

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6. Read a Lot of Books

Books are the windows of the world. There are nothing we can’t find inside the book. As long as we live,we should read as many books as we can. Many precious knowledge are stored inside the books. We can also seeks motivation through it, and we can share it to other people.

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7. Join a Community

Knowledge becomes bigger once it shared. To gain more knowledge, join a community. For example, if we want to learn about Islam deeper, we can go to the mosque and join the lecture there. From the lecture we can learn many new things, and by sharing it with the other people attend, we even multiply it. Join as many community as we want, to gain knowledge as much we curious as well.

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8. Surfing Through the Internet

Nowadays technologies has grown fast. The internet provide us with knowledge every time and every where. We should use these technologies development wisely. Surf the internet to look up for a knowledge, but we have to verify the knowledge we just found with the expert. Internet also contains things that could drive our brain to the wrong way. One things we should remember is that the internet must be used for good deeds and gaining good knowledge that we can share to other people in need.

9. Watch a Youtube Video

Beside the internet, Youtube is also useful nowadays. It has many video content about unlimited things. Acquiring knowledge through Youtube is nothing impossible now. Search for a useful video that contained a useful knowledge, and don’t use it wrongly.

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10. Making Friends with Knowledgeable People

The more friends we made, the more knowledge we could also gained. Make as many friends as possible with knowledgeable people and surround yourself with them always. It is not only extend your age but also expand your knowledge. We can always improve ourselves.

How to be Successful in Acquiring Knowledge in Islam

  1. Having a good time management, using most of the times to acquire knowledge.
  2. Spending the day with productive activities, such as repeating the knowledge we just gained.
  3. Make a note so we can reread it anytime and look for it when we forget.
  4. Store it electrically in our phone or USB devices.
  5. Pick a certain area of knowledge you can focus on.
  6. Never forget about the obligation to Allah SWT. Pray 5 times a day, dhikr, and recite Quran diligently.
  7. Take time to repeat the knowledge, in example 15 to 30 minutes in the morning.
  8. Pick a topic that you are interesting in.
  9. Keep on making dua so Allah will bless our knowledge.
  10. Spread the knowledge to everyone around, it’s the way we can enriched it.

So those are the best ways of acquiring knowledge in Islam. Gaining knowledge only brings us many good things, so we should never be lazy in gaining the knowledge. People with a lot of knowledge can live longer as their brain is always alive and sharpened with many new things everyday.

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