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20 Rights of Older Siblings in Islam

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Having siblings is like having the best best friends in the world. Especially when we have older siblings, we will always have someone to rely on. Older siblings can make us feel safe because they protects us. Often they become the representation of our parents when they are away. As a younger siblings, it’s our duty to respect and love them dearly. Because our older siblings have rights to be fulfilled. Here are the rights of older siblings in Islam we must know:


1. To be Respected by Younger Siblings

In Islam and also other culture in the world, especially in Asian countries, older siblings hold more responsibility toward their younger siblings. They should love and care of their younger siblings, put aside their selfishness and put the younger first. In return, the younger siblings should respect the older. Even though the older siblings never ask for it, younger siblings should be witty and pay respect to their older siblings.

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2. To be Obeyed by Younger Siblings

Being born first and older by age too, younger siblings should obey their older siblings. When they are asked to help with house chores, the younger siblings should not reject or say no. There is even Hadith that stated older siblings should be respected by the younger. Even though the Hadith is not shahih, but it’s not wrong after all. Younger siblings have the right to disobeying the older siblings only when they asked to things that break the law or breaking the sharia rules.

3. As a Replacement When the Parents are Gone

Our parents will not always be around. When they get old or sick, our parents will leave us forever. But there also times when our parents should go somewhere else and leave us alone with our older siblings. As the parents are not around, older siblings automatically take the roles. Thus, the younger siblings should treat them as their parents. When we want to go out we have to ask for their permission and pay the salam for them.

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4. To be Treated by Good Manners

As the children of our parents, we often feel we are at the same level with our older siblings. In term of love, parents should never have more favor and love the other more. But older siblings has more responsibility, even in the eyes of the parents. When something wrong happen in the house, older siblings will be first to be questioned. We have to be aware of all of this, and treat our older siblings with good manners.

5. To be Honored by Younger Siblings

Younger siblings not only have to oblige their older siblings, they must honor them as well. Honored means to be loved, to be cherished, and to be treated with good manners. We should not talk to our older siblings with a loud voice or a harsh tone, talking lowly to them, and fight with them. Because we tend to depend on them, it is our obligation to honor them.

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6. To be Looked Up by the Younger Siblings

Younger siblings will look up to the older siblings in anything. On how they talk, how they behave, and sometime even what they like. Older siblings are indeed the mirror of their younger, so they should set a good example to be followed. If the older siblings have a good behavior, then the younger siblings would be following suit.

7. Holds the Guardianship for Younger Siblings

Nobody want their parents to leave the world early. But unexpected things often happen in life, and some of them could be unfortunate. When our parents died and we are still underage or we have an underage siblings, the guardianship fall to the older siblings. This is much as a prove that older siblings are indeed the representation of our parents.

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8. To be Loved by Younger Siblings

As much as our older siblings will love and cherish us dearly, we have to be able to love our older siblings with the same amount of love. Older siblings will always be dependable and willingly doing anything for us. They have the right to be loved by us, their younger siblings. Loving each other between siblings will strengthen our bond and make the family happier.

9. To be the Bridge Between the Younger Siblings

Siblings often have fight and quarrel. This is where older siblings play a big role. They act like a bridge between the younger siblings who are fighting. And as the younger siblings should obey and listen to the older, the fight can be stopped immediately. Fights between siblings bring much of disadvantage toward the unity of the family. As a family, siblings should love and cherish each other, and always stand up for one another. Always be grateful because we have our older siblings.

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10. To Discipline the Younger Siblings

Younger siblings can sometime be naughty and disobeying our parents behind their back. Older siblings must discipline the younger when this happen. Older siblings has to make sure that their younger siblings behave properly and not disobeying the parents. They will always know when we are about to cross the line, and know the right time to stop us. Alhamdulillah, our older siblings never lose their patient in discipline us.

How to Love Older Siblings in Islam

  1. Not shouting at them and talk with them in high tone.
  2. Obeying their words as long as it doesn’t break the law.
  3. To talk to them with a low and respectful tone.
  4. Respect them like we respect our father.
  5. Sharing our concern and problem with them.
  6. Always treat them with a good manners.
  7. Not disobeying their words.
  8. Cherish and always love them.
  9. Protects their rights.
  10. Talking good things about them to everyone.

So those are the rights of older siblings we always have to fulfilled. Older siblings are always reliable and be there for us in any situation. From now on, may we love our older siblings, cherish them and love them unconditionally. When we love them, they will multiply their love to us.

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