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20 Easy Ways How to Pray Salatul Layl

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The night prayer (salatul layl) is the sunnah prayer performed between the Isha prayers and the Subuh prayers. The evening prayer consisted of an even raka’at and an odd raka’at. If we do the salatul layl prayer, we will get many rewards from Allah and our sins will be removed. There are also many benefits from doing this prayer, so we need to do this prayer if we have time. In addition, by implementing salatul layl then in the morning, we will get the blessing because it has been free from the bonds that are bound by the devil at the time of sleep.


Indeed, the righteous (will be) in Gardens and springs, Taking what their Lord has given them. Indeed, they were before that good-doers. They used to little of the night [what] sleep. And in the hours before dawn they would ask forgiveness, And in their wealth (was the) right (of) those who asked and the deprived. (Adh-Dhariyat 51:15-19)

Types of Salatul Layl

There are some types of salatul layl that we can do as Muslim, so here is presented the types of it.

1. Tahajjud Prayer

Salatul layl, when done after sleeping at night, is called Tahajjud prayer. Tahajjud comes from the verb (fi’il) tahajjada, meaning: wake up. People who pray tahajjud will get a variety of favors that surprise the eyes, the commendable place, maqomah mahmudah (in the world and in the hereafter) by Allah SWT, and removed all the sins and ugliness and avoid the disease.

And from the night arise from sleep for prayer with it (as) additional for you; it may be that will raise you your Lord (to) a station praiseworthy. (Al-Isra 17:79)

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2. Qiyamu Ramadan / Tarawih Prayer

Salatul layl is done on the night of Ramadan is called Qiyamu Ramadan.We can do this prayer to get more rewards in celebrating the Ramadan that will come after this. In one hadith narrated:

“Abu Hurayrah said: Allah’s Messenger (peace be upon him) worked on your qiyamu Ramadan with no commandment.” (HR Bukhari)

3. Layl Prayer

Salatul layl is called layl prayer because we do it at night. Imam Muslim narrated the prayer that Rasulullah worshiped together on the night of Ramadan for 3 nights and on the night of the 4th he did not come out to lead the prayer, the morning he was asked, he replied: “But I am afraid that the prayer of layl is obliged upon you.”

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4. Witir Prayer

Salatul layl is called witir prayer because the number of raka’at is odd. This prayer must be done at least one raka’at and as many as eleven raka’at. Imam Ibnu Hibban narrated the events of the Prophet’s prayer in the mosque as mentioned above with lafazh as follows which means: “I am really worried that the witir prayer is obliged upon you.”

From Abu Ayub, Prophet SAW said: witir is true, then who likes to do five, do it, and who likes to do three, do it, and who likes to do one, do it. (HR an-Nasai)

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Ways to Perform Salatul Layl

After understanding the types of salatul layl that is recommended/Sunnah to do, then we need to practice it and do it every day if we can, so we need to know how to pray salatul layl. Here is presented how to pray salatul layl in Islam.

1. Wake up at one-third night

There are several reasons why the Prophet (SAS) teaches us to rise on the throne on one-third of the night. The most important is because the Prophet SAW said that Allah SWT descended on the one-third night listening to the complaints and prayers of his servants. We are obliged to believe that Allah SWT descends to the heavens of the world. So, by doing this prayer after waking up at one-third night, our prayers will be heard and granted by Allah.

“Satan makes three bonds on the back of one neck (neck) of one of you while sleeping. In every bond, Satan will say, “Night is long, go to sleep!” If he wakes up and then dhikr to Allah, let go one bond. Then if he performs wudhu, let go another bond. Then if he does the prayer, let go of the last bond. In the morning he will be excited and happy. If he does not do this, he is not cheerful and becomes lazy. “ (HR Bukhari no 1142 and Muslim No. 776)

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2. Immediately take wudhu after waking up

We need to hurry to take wudhu after waking up so we can pray with easiness and absorption. The power of wudhu is the privilege of expelling sleepiness, clean our body, and make Satan disappear.


3. Pray at most eleven raka’at

“Rasulullah SAW never increased the number of raka’at in the night prayer in the month of Ramadan nor in any other than 11 raka’at.” (HR Bukhari no 1147 and Muslim No. 738)

From this hadith, we know that Rasulullah SAW always prays salatul layl at most eleven raka’at and never increase it even though it is in the month of Ramadan. We need to follow Him because He is the best role model as Muslim.

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4. Saying the intent of salatul layl

At the beginning of the salalul layl, we need to say the intent of salatul layl. We need to understand and absorb the meaning of it because all of the prayers have a meaning, so is salatul layl.

Who (intend) will do the night prayer, then fall asleep, Allah must write for him the reward for doing night prayer and his sleep is sadaqah for him. (HR Imam Al-Nasa’I no. 1763)

5. Read as many verses of the Qur’an as possible

We can pray salatul layl by reading Qur’an to get more understanding of it. Allah loves His servant who read Qur’an because it is a sign of obedience from His servant and He will give many rewards to the one who always does it so we need to read Qur’an as many as possible at night.

Whoever salatul layl by reading 10 verses, he is not recorded as a negligent person. Whoever salatul layl by reading 100 verses recorded as a submissive person. Whoever salatul layl with 1000 verses, recorded as a man who gets the abundant reward. (HR Abu Dawud, shahih by Ibnu Khuzaimah, Ibnu Hibban, and al-Albany)

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6. Say takbir (Allahhuakbar) while raising both hands upward

Saying takbir or Allahhuakbar will make us more devoted to Allah and add more energy when we pray salatul layl because it is done at night where drowsiness and laziness always come to the mind. Meanwhile, raising both hands upward is one of ways to show that we ask forgiveness to Allah and believe that Allah is at the top and will never leave His servant.

7. Read a iftitah prayer

The law of reading iftitah prayer is Sunnah so we should do this to get more rewards. In addition, by doing this, we can become closer to Allah and make our prayer granted easier.

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8. Read the Surah of Al-Fatihah

We have already known that when we are doing something important, especially a prayer like salatul layl, we must read the Surah of Al-Fatihah. Prophet SAW have already told that the prayer will be invalid if we don’t read Al-Fatihah first.

“The prayer is invalid in which is not read al-Fatihah.”

“Whoever prays and then does not read the Qur’an (Al Fatihah), then his prayers are less (invalid) – he repeats them three times – that is not perfect.”

9. Stand for the one who is able to do it (fardhu prayer)

It is recommended to do salatul layl while we are standing because the Prophet SAW used to do it while standing so we must follow His way. However, it is still okay if we do it while sitting .

10. Read the prayer of salatul layl

There is one special prayer that we can pray for the salatul layl. By doing this prayer, it will complete our salatul layl and we will become a better person.

O Allah, all praises are for You. You are the creator and keeper of the heavens and the earth and all that is in them. For You all blessings, Yours are the kingdom of the heavens and the earth and all that is in them. For You all praises, You are the light of the heavens and the earth. For you all praises, You are the ruler of heaven and earth. For You all praises, You are haq (True) Your promise is true, Your encounter is true, Your word is true, heaven is true, hell is true, prophets are true, Muhammad sallallaahu ‘alaihi wasallam is true, and doomsday is true. O Allah, only to You I surrender, to You I believe, to You I am tawakal and only to You I return. Because of You, I am hostile and only to You I make a decision. Forgive me for everything I have done and what I will do, what I will forgive and what I declare. You are the Ultimate and the Last Supreme, there is no one except you.

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More Ways to Pray Salatul Layl

Here is presented more how to pray salatul layl.

  • Ruku with thumaninah
  • I’tidal with thumaninah
  • Prostration twice with thumaninah
  • Sit between two prostrations with thumaninah
  • Sitting at the end
  • Read the Tashahud or the final Tahiyyaat on the final sitting
  • Shalawat over the Prophet at the end sitting
  • First greeting
  • Orderly and silence
  • Read shalawat and say istighfar

That’s all how to pray salatul layl in Islam with some types of salatul layl that will help you understand it more. Hope this article gives us benefits.

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