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13 Perfect Ways on How to Spend Spare Time in Islam

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Time is one of the most valuable thing in Islam. According to the religion, time can be either blessing or lost for human being. Thus, Muslims should use the most of his time despite many still unaware about it. The Prophet (peace be upon him) said,


“There are two blessings which many people do not make the most of and thus lose out: good health and free time.” (Bukhari)

But there are times when you feel like you have so much time in our hand you don’t know what to do. While time itself is already a privilege, free time must be a double blessing for those who have it. Only a true Muslim knows the ways on how to spend spare time in Islam.

Here are some tips that might be useful for you who want to make the most of your time.

  1. A Good Muslim Won’t Have Any Free Time

“I get up and I sleep, and I hope for the same when I sleep as I hope for when I get up.” (Bukhari and Muslim)

First of all, a true Muslim won’t have any free time—or he will never let his time free. He should spend his time usefully, doing worship after worship, remembering Allah SWT all the time, pursuit goodness, asking for forgiveness to Allah SWT, etc.

He won’t spend his time for lazying around and doing nothing useful for his life. So if you have too many free time, you must reflect on yourself a lot. Also read Tips to Get a Good Time Management in Islam

  1. Worshiping Allah SWT

When you have spare time, make sure you use it to worship Allah SWT. It doesn’t always have to be pray or Salat since there are many other kind of worshiping Allah SWT.

You can do dhikr or wird which can be done everywhere at any time, reciting the Holy Quran, counting your blessing Allah SWT gave, and many more.

  1. Studying the Holy Quran

“Read and rise (in status), for as you used to recite in this world, your position (in the Hereafter) will be determined by the last verse you read.” (Abu Dawood)

Other than reciting Quran, you can do more with paying deeper attention to it. Study about the Holy Quran by reading it on your own language so you can understand what Allah SWT means inside it. Sometime we feel only just be able to read it in Arabic but we never fully understand the meaning.

There are many Quran apps that can be downloaded right to your phone, so you can open it everywhere and every time. Also read Tips to Getting Closer to Quran

  1. Doing Good to Others

A Muslim who has free time in his hand won’t be at loss when he use it to do good to others. You can gain blessings and awards from Allah SWT through many ways.

Join a volunteering community around you, start a good cause for the society, or going to orphanage, nursery home, and so on. There are so much you can do in a little time.

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  1. Improving Knowledge About Islam

Seeking knowledge is also considered a good deed as well as worshiping Allah SWT. This one of the many ways on how to spend spare time in Islam: improve your knowledge about Islam. Read books, listen to da’wah in YouTube, or going to a local Islamic community.

You usually have spare time when you’re waiting for someone in a meeting or commuting your way to and from the office. Also read Virtues of Gaining Knowledge in Islam

  1. Meet with Good Friends

There are indeed too many blessing in Islam. Even being surrounded by good friends is also a blessing. Find good friends who affects you positively and improve your spirituality at the same time.

Meet them when you have spare time, when you’re not too busy with work, or when you miss them. Friends make hardships more bearable.

  1. Get Involved in Useful Activities

Similar with the previous point where spare time should be used to do good, you can involve yourself in useful activities which are beneficial for yourself.

You can join a da’wah community near you, working out to make your body healthier, and many more. As long as the activities doesn’t break the Allah SWT had made, it’s permissible. Also read Ways on How Fasting Can Improve Your Discipline

  1. Share Knowledge and Ideas with Others

Among deeds from which you can gain rewards from even after you die is knowledge you shared. After you read books, listening to tapes, etc. write down the summaries and share it to everyone who may need it.

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  1. Learn Some New Skill

Not only focused on spiritual aspects, you can also learning many worldly knowledge such as sewing, cooking, and many more. It will also be useful for your personal life or help you to do more good deeds. Learning new skills can be considered as seeking for knowledge, which is a good deed in Islam. Also read Tips to Gain Motivation When Learning Islam

  1. Read Books

The first word from the very first verse given to Prophet Muhammad as revelation said “Iqra’” which means “read”. Read on books about how to make the most of time and how make yourself always productive.

  1. Gather with Your Family

When you have spare time, spend it with your family. Strengthen your relationship with them because family is the strongest support system anyone can have. Also read How to Treat a Family in Islam

  1. Let Your Body Relaxed

After working hard endlessly day by day, your body deserve to rest. Relax and enjoy the spare time you have to reenergize and regain more energy for the next day.

  1. Visit a Faraway Relatives

When you have quite long spare time for several days, visit your relatives who live out of town. It can be either your grandparents or your distant relatives to tie kinship as well as seeking for blessing from Allah SWT.

So those are few of many ways how to spend spare time in Islam. May all of us always spend our time wisely and not wasting any of it.

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