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11 Benefits of Kanzul Arsh that Most People Don’t Know

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Before knowing about The Benefits of Dua Kanzul Arsh, let’s us read this following dua first :


“Bismillahir Rahmaanirrohiim, Laa ilaha illa Allah 2x , Laa ilaha illa Allah al maliikul khaqqul mubiin , Laa ilaha illa Allah al khakamul ‘adlul mubiin , Laa ilaha illa Allah Robbu abaainal awwaliin, Laa ilaha illa Anta subhaanaka inni kuntu minadzzoolimiin. Laa ilaha illa Allah wahdahu laa syariika lahu. Lahul mulku walahul khamdu yuhyii wayumiitu wahuwa khayyun daaimun laa yamuutu abada biyadihil khoir wailaihil mashir wa huwa ‘ala kulli syai’in qodiir. Wa bihi nasta’in wala haula wa laa quwwata illa billahil ‘aliyyil ‘adziim.
Laa ilaha illa Allah syukron lini’matih, Laa ilaha illa Allah iqrooron birubuubiyyatih, sybhaanallahi tanziihan li’adzomatihi. As-alukallahu bikhaqqismikal maktubi ‘ala jabhati isroofiila ‘alaika yaa Robbi. Wa bikhaqqismikal maktuubi ‘ala kaffi ‘azroiila ‘alaika yaa Robbi. Wa bikhaqqismika alladzi sammayta bihi munkaron wa nakiiron alaika ya robbi. Wa bikhaqqis mika wa asroori ‘ibaadika alaika yaa robbi, wa bikhaqqismikalladzi tamma bihil islaam alaika ya robbi. Wa bikhaqqismikalladzi talqoohu aadamu lamma habatho minal jannati fanaa daaka falabayta du’aa ahu ‘alaika ya Robbi, wa bikhaqqiismika lladzi naa daka bihi syi’tu alaika yaa robbi. Wabikhaqqismika ladzi qowwaytu bihii khamalahul ‘arsyi alaika yaa Robbi. Wa bikhaqqismikal maktuubaati fiitaurooti wal injiili wazzabuuri wal furqooni alaika yaa Robbi,  wa bikhaqqi asmaaika ila muntaha rohmatika ala ‘ibaadika ‘alaika yaa Robbi. Wa bikhaqqi tamaami kalaamika ‘alaika yaa Robbi. Wa bikhaqqismikalladzi nadaika bihi ibroohiimu faja’altannaro ‘alaihi bardan wa salaaman ‘alaika ya robbi. Wabikhaqqismikalladzii naa daaka bihii Ismaa’iilu fanajjaytuhu minadzabkhi ‘alaika ya Robbi.
Wa bikhaqqismikalladzi naa daa ka bihi iskhaaqu faqodhoyta khajatahu ‘alaika yaa Robbi. Wa bikhaqqismika lladzi naa daa ka bihi huudun alaika ya Robbi. Wa bikhaqqismika lladzi da’aaka bihi ya’quubu farodadta ‘alaihi bashorohu wawaladahu yuusufa ‘alaika yaa Robbi. Wabikhaqqismikalladzi naadaka bihiidaawuudu faja’altahu kholiifata fil ardhi wa alanta lahul khadiida fii yadiihi ‘alaika ya Robbi. Wa bikhaqqismikalladzi da’aaka bihi sulaimaanu fa’a’thoytahu mulkal ardli ‘alaika ya Robbi. Wa bikhaqqismikalladzi naadaaka bihii ayyubu fanajjaytahuminal ‘ammilladzi kaana fiihi ‘alaika yaa Robbi. Wa bikhaqqismikalladzi naadaaka ‘isaabnu maryam faakhyaytu lahul mauta ‘alaika yaa robbi. Wabikhaqqismikalladzi naadaka bihi muusa lamma khothobaka ala thuri alaika ya robbi.
Wabikhaqqismika lladzi naadatka bihi asiyyatumroatu fir’auna farozaqtahal jannata ‘alaika ya Robbi. Wa bikhaqqismikalladzi naadaaka bihi banuu isrooila lamma jaawazuul bahro alaika ya robbi. Wa bikhaqqismikalladzi naadaaka bihil khodhiiru lamaa massya ‘alal maa i alaika ya robbi. Wa bikhaqqismikalladzii naa daaka bihi muhammaun shollallahu alaihi wasallam yaumal ghoorifanajjaytahu ‘alaika ya Robbi. Innaka antalkariimul kabiiru. Wa khasbunallah wa ni’mal wakiilu wa laa khaula wa laa quwwata illa billahil ‘aliyyil ‘adziim. Wa shollallahu ‘ala sayyidina muhammadin wa ala aalihi wa sohbihi wa saallam.”

According at the above dua, all The Prophet mentioned such as Ismail, Ibrahim, Yusuf, and many more. Not only that, Asiyah as the wife of Fir’aun also mentioned. It indicate that the people mentioned in this Dua is the believers and mentioned in Al-Qur’an also had a big contribution to the regilion of Allah. In the beginning of the Dua, the word ‘Laa ilaaha illaallah’ repeated that strengthen faith that there are no other God than Allah SWT. See also : 15 Benefits of Good Deeds in Islam – Importance

Here are 11 Benefits of Kanzul Arsh – Extraordinary :

1. Strenghten our faith to Allah

As the repetition of word “Laa ilaaha Illallah” in the beginning of the Dua and praise to Allah. See also : 15 Importance of Faith in Islam – Worships – Beliefs

2. Strenghten our faith to The Prophets

In the above dua, there are so many words that remind us from the history of the Prophets like Ibrahim, Ismail, Muhamaad, and many more.

3. The sin will forgiven by Allah

Allah will forgive you from all acts that you have done and any other things that erased their worship for those who read this Dua.

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There are a lot of things that could erase our worship or good deeds, 15 among them are :

  • Doing Shirk
  • Apostasy of Islam (Murtad)
  • Riya’ (doing something only to get praised by others)
  • Bringing up good deeds (shadaqah) that had been done and hurt the feeling of the receiver while doing it
  • Performing deeds only for wordly intentions
  • Busy with other ignominy or lackness
  • Said that in the name of Allah SWT that someone sins will never forgive (by Allah SWT)
  • Be happy with the killing of others (moslem)
  • Bid’ah
    It is similiar with doing a deed which not recommend by Islam thought. Whoever did this, than all that deeds definitely will never be accepted by Allah SWT.
  • Conducting prohibited acts in a deserted situation
  • The one who hate Al-Qur’an
  • Attending shamans and psychics
  • Raising pets  such as dogs with the intention other than to keep farm and livestock
  • Perfidious againt parents
  • Unbelieve in Destiny

See also : 11 Reasons Why Good Deeds Rejected by Allah SWT

4. Allah will light your life

If we often read it, then Allah will give a light in our faces as if it was the light of the 14th night in Hijriyah months.

5. Allah will make smooth your path to the bliss

We will be eased when pass through the Sirat Al-Mustaqim when the Judgement day came as if a lightning that snatched.

6. Seek for heal through Dua

Reciting Dua can help nourishing patient (sick person) besides being patient while face the test that Allah give may clean our heart from sin and free ourselves from disease.

7. His pray and wishes will be granted

To those people who recite this Dua with Istiqamah (steadfastness) won’t be worry any longer because god hears their prayers and will grant their wish.

8. Rewarded a thousand times

For those who believe in god and keep reciting Dua will cause him or her to enter the Paradise by the blessings of Dua that they recite. Allah will free them from poverty and rewarded them a thousand times more than what they should get.

9. Dua gives us strength

His believe will strengthen as well as reading that containt of reminders and strengthening of faith.

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10. Free us from disbelief

Dua will keep us away from disbelief. If we read Dua frequently, then we will free from disbelief as we keep strengthen our faith.

11. Dua will grant your wish

It will grant anything. If we read Dua of Kanzul Arsh and afterwards pray to get what we want and waged our matter, then insya Allah (if God wills) it will be granted.

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Truthfully there are a lot of benefits of Dua Kanzul Arsh if recited, for example remind us the story of Prophet Musa, Prophet Isa, the story of Fir’aun wife, the story of Prophet Ismail, the story of Prophet Ibrahim, the story of Prophet Ya’qub, the story of Prophet Yusuf, and many others as writen in the Dua.

Therefore when we recite it with a sincere and spacious heart along with a quiet and heartbreaking, then Insya Allah (if God wills) we will obtain a lot of things. Like wisdom and happiness in our heart. The happiness of heart will be obtain if we enjoying Islam and feel grateful get to know Allah deeper. Like the Sufis are. See also : 10 Importance of Reciting Salawat in Islam for Blessing Life

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