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11 Reasons Why Good Deeds Rejected by Allah SWT

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Worship is a shape of our gratitude to Allah S.W.T for His blessing to us. There are so many God favors for us, we never can’t count all of His favors. That favors can be favors faith, Islam, health, happiness and another favors. So, we have to be grateful to Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta’ala.


Our worship should base on a willing heart only to Allah S.W.T, not to another things. Doing worship besides Allah can be reasons why good deeds rejected by Allah. See also Benefits of good deeds in Islam

These are some reasons that caused our good deeds rejected in Islam, such as :

  1. Eating Haram Foods

Eating haram foods is as same as growing haram meat in our body. That haram meat will be burnt with hell fire in the afterlife. If we prayed, but we ate haram assets, so our good deeds and perpetual charity will be rejected by Allah. Because every foods that we ate, will be meats and bloods that streamed in our body. So, we have to be careful when chose our foods. We have to know first how the food was got, halal or haram and it is kind of halal foods or not. Rasulullah said,

The worship that was accompanied with eating haram foods, it is as same as build a building on the sand.” (Al-Bihar 103 : 16)

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  1. Lawless to parents

Parents are people who have given birth us to this world, so we have to respect to them. Don’t be a disobedient child to parents. If you hurt their heart, it can cause your good deeds rejected by Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta’ala. The Prophet Muhammad always advices us to respect and take care their feeling, especially mother. Even, The Prophet said mother third times, after that father. Dua and words from mother  are very efficacious. So, we have to do good thing to our parents, especially our mother. Imam Ja’far al-shiddiq as said,

Whoever looks at both parents with a look of resentment or hate, then his prayers are not accepted.”

So, be careful when you act to them.

  1. Doing Ghibah

Ghibah is a behavior that was done with talking bad things of people behind that people. Allah S.W.T hates ghibah. Sin of ghibah is as same as sin of eating your brother corpse, how much sin if we did ghibah. Allah S.W.T will reject our good deeds if we did ghibah. So that, we have to avoid ghibah. Rasulullah sallallahu ‘alaihi wa sallam said,

Anyone who cursed (ghibah) a Moslem male or female was not accepted his prayer and fasting for forty days and forty nights, unless the one who swore forgives him.”

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  1. Lighten Prayer

We often delay to do prayer, such as Fard prayer, benefits of Tahajjud prayer and law of Friday prayer for women. We often take lightly prayer. We have not to do that again because it can cause our worship rejected by Allah S.W.T. Prayer or another worship are things that we did to Allah, So, don’t take them lightly. Lighten worship is as same as minimizing worship. Imam al-Sahdiq as said,

By Allah, that there was a man who prayed for fifty years, but none of his prayers were received. Where there is more terrible than this, by Allah, actually you know, either from your neighbors or your friends that the person is not receiving his prayer because he lighten it.”

How dangerous if we lighten prayer, so we have to be careful.

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  1. Drink Khamar

Khamar is an intoxicating liquor that make our mind unconscious. Now, many variety of intoxicating khamar, so we have to be careful. Don’t let Satan’s whisper influence you. Drink khamar will give bad effects for our body health and Allah will not accept your good deeds. Rasulullah said, “People who drink khamar, is not received his prayers for 40 dawn (days)”. In another story explained, Iman Ja’far Al-Shadiq said,

Not accepted the prayers of khamar drinkers for 40 days, except he repented.”

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  1. Unwilling

Willing is a key to be accepted our good deeds by Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta’ala. If we did good deeds with attempting for another people know, we are respected or another reasons except Allah, so it is not willing and make our good deeds rejected by Allah S.W.T. Rasulullah S.A.W said,

If you do charity (worship),  do it because Allah sincerely, because it will not be accepted good deeds of His servant, except that is done sincerely.” (Bukhari)


  1. Boast Goods

Allah S.W.T will not accept good deeds from His servant who did worship with boasting his goods, except he donate a part of his goods to poor people. Goods that owned by human are deposit from Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta’ala. Sometimes, Allah test human with his goods, can he grateful with a lot of goods or not? The promise of Allah is clear, if you are grateful for my (Allah) favors then Allah will add your pleasure, if you are not grateful then the punishment of Allah is very painful.

  1. Haughty

Haughty is as same as arrogant. In Islam, Allah doesn’t like charity that did it with haughty, then Allah will reject his good deeds. Haughty is as same as doing good deeds without attempt to Allah or attempt to Allah but you do it because human or the other else except Allah. Don’t be haughty because everything in this world belong to Allah. If it was compared with you, you are like dust that does not mean.

  1. ‘Ujub

‘Ujub is an arrogant behavior because he can do worship diligently or he do worship that another people can not do it such as hajj and ‘umra. The existence of this ‘Ujub is very soft, so people are not realize if they had this behavior. So that, be careful, take care your heart with dhikr and remember Allah. ‘Ujub is one cause of our good deeds are not accepted by Allah S.W.T.

  1. Envy

Envy person is a person who get hurt. Envy is difficult to be cured, but if you were attempted to do good deeds, then it will be cured easily. Envy is one cause of our good deeds are not accepted by Allah S.W.T. So, never take care envy in our heart.

  1. Riya

Riya is one reason why good deeds rejected by Allah S.W.T. Riya is a behavior where someone want to get praise from beside Allah because he has done good deeds. Riya want to show what he have done, so another people praise him. This thing is a bad behavior, so we have to avoid it.

Those are all reasons why good deeds rejected by Allah SWT, even we were so faithfully doing that to get rewards. Say Istighfar every time so we get forgiveness from Allah SWT.

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