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17 Miraculous Benefit of Talking Less in Islam

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There are a saying that silence is gold. In Islam, talking less is something important as it stressed in the Holy Quran. Talking less is not only rethinking about what you want to say, but restraining yourself from speaking what is unnecessary. It’s not a secret that now in the modern world, people talk too much and it sometimes cause a disunity among the society. It’s the important of silence that is very beneficial for us Muslim.


Talking about benefits, here are the benefit of talking less in Islam for the better life of every Muslim:

1. Practice of Wisdom

Wisdom can be gained through the reflection on self and life. A wise person guard his mouth carefully, restraining it from leaking the secrets of others, speaking unnecessary thing and controlling his tongue. According to Imam Ali, a wiser man is someone who talk less.

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2. Showing Intellectual 

Talking less show that one have an intellectual since he is always thinking before taking an action. It shows how he doesn’t act based on impulse but rather being careful, not following his nafs nor his bad desire.

3. Uniting the Community

In the modern era, disunity happens here and there. One of the biggest cause is the loose mouth of the people. Those who are talking without thinking more about what they say often cause harm and offend others while doing so.

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4. Guardian for Yourself

You mouth will either become your blessing or your curse. It depends on how much you are able to control them. Many people getting themselves in problem just because he can’t control their mouth. Don’t let what your brain thinks flowing down your mouth and becoming a speak that would damage you.

5. Soften the Stone Heart

A person who talks ill show that his heart is indeed ill. Their heart was made of stone, unable to be soften by the Quran or Hadtih. They act according to what they like. They are talking too much so that they never listen to others.

As reported by Ibn Umar, the Prophet (SAW) said,

“Don’t you talk much unless for zikr to Allah, because much talking leads to indomitable heart and the furthest human from Allah is the one with indomitable heart, those who unwilling to receive guidance.” – Tirmidhi

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6. Protection from Sins

It’s true that keeping your mouth shuts protects yourself from sins. Not only Shalat and reciting the Quran, act of silence keep all the sins away from you. Open your mouth for dhikr rather than speaking something not useful.

As reported by Hisham Ibn Hassan, Muhammad Ibn Sireen said,

“We used to say that the people with most faults are the quickest of them to mention the faults of other.”

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7. Committing a Good Deeds

Talking less is indeed a good deed in Islam. Whoever think before he speaks, Allah grants him with rewards. And he is saying something useful as dhikr or Quran recitation, the bigger rewards will be given.

As reported by Ar Razi, Ali ibn Abi Thalib said,

“No good in silence when it comes to knowledge, just as there is no good in speaking when it comes to ignorance.”

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8. Strengthen the Faith

Rather than talk more, it’s more important to think more in Islam. Thus a Muslim could gain wisdom, having more time to think about Allah and counting His blessing.

Recorded by Abu Hurairah, the Prophet said,

“Those who believe in Allah and doom day should always speak good deed or stay silent.”

9. As a Self Reflection

When someone is cutting of his talk, it means he close his mouth to open his mind wider. It makes us reflect on ourselves a lot, whether we are on a positioned that worthy enough to talk about others’ fault while we are sinner ourselves.

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10. Creating the Peace

The more we are silent, the less problem will appear. Talking less helps to create a peaceful, harmonious life in the world.

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More Benefit of Talking Less in Islam

Talking less in Islam can be considered as doing good deeds, because it even mentioned in the Holy Quran. Here are more the benefit of talking less in Islam for every Muslim to know:

  1. Staying silent and talking less will not make you look dumb or stupid to others. In fact, it shows that you are a matured person who thinks carefully before opening your mouth.
  2. You will not regretting all the silence you have taken, even when you have the right to talk. Luqman al Hakim told all of his children, “My son, nothing I regret at all in my silence. Because if talking is like silver, then silent is like gold.”
  3. Rather than talking nonsense, silence will be better. Talking too much makes you look dumb, and you can cause harm from the things coming out of your mouth.
  4. Talking less also keeping us away from sins. Many bad things comes out when we are talking too much, and most of them will become our sins. It such a waste of time and blessing to talk too much.
  5. Allah honoring His servants who is strong enough to control their mouth from opening so easily. Not only that, Allah will grant you many blessing from committing an act that pleased Him.
  6. Whoever keeps his mouth silent from talking rubbish, Allah promised a huge fortune in the afterlife. Because Hereafter is more important and eternal than this world, we should focus on doing deeds that benefit us in the afterlife, not seeking for the worldly pleasure.
  7. It’s no secret that a Muslim who is not talking too much is in a higher position than others. Allah loves those who restrain themselves from talking unnecessary thing so that He elevates their position.

So those are all the benefit of talking less in Islam. Every Muslim must remember that your tiger lives inside your mouth, so be careful not to unleash it. It’s true that your mouth can either be your blessing or your curse.

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