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17 Pure Ways on How to Avoid Envy in Islam

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Envy is one of the most evil deeds someone can commits. It’s the disease of the soul that can be very dangerous if you can’t stop it. When we are unhappy with other people’s blessing or achievement, then there is when envy is appearing in our heart. It’s something that should be get rid, because the words that equal to envy are unreasonable, irrational, imprudent, vicious, and wrong to feel. As something bad, here are the ways how to avoid envy in Islam:


1. Be Grateful to Allah SWT

The key on how to avoid envy in Islam is by being grateful to Allah every time. Try to count the blessing you have including the fact that you still breathing and your parent are still healthy and alive. But people are sometimes forget about that all and thinking that other people has the greater blessing than himself.

2. Remembering Allah SWT Every Time

Keep Allah inside your heart and your head wherever you go. If you are feeling short of blessing, remember that Allah never give His blessing to the wrong people. You have to look inside you once again, maybe you should worship Allah even more diligently. Because Allah knows what you don’t.

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3. Earth is Just a Test

Living on Earth won’t be forever. It’s just a test for everyone, and whoever made it safely will be granted Jannah in the Hereafter. When Allah granted someone with great blessing, there are also great consequences comes along. Such as the celebrities who makes million, most of them suffer from depression.

4. Make Du’a

Always make dua to Allah SWT whenever you see someone and you feel jealous of his blessing. Ask help from Allah to get rid of all the jealousy inside your heart. Make dua so that Allah purifies your heart and you won’t cause any harm to others because of your jealousy.

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5. Seek Refuge in Allah

Resort to Allah, seek refuge only in Allah and ask for His protection. For a self protection, recite Al Falaq and An Naas from the Holy Quran.

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6. Fear Allah SWT

By fearing Allah, we will always be following His orders and staying away from committing sins. As Allah hates whoever being envy to his fellow brother, we won’t be getting near of them. As Allah said,

“And if you are patient and fear Allaah, their plot will not harm you at all. Indeed, Allaah is encompassing of what they do.” – Ali Imran (3:120)

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7. Rely Only to Allah SWT

Do not hope from others but Allah, do not resort to other than Allah. Wherever you go and whatever you do, Allah is your final destination. He is the only one you can rely on and the One you must rely on. It’s the strongest weapon to face envy.

8. Don’t be Occupied with Envy

Don’t let the envy takes up your brain. Whenever you are envy, don’t let it stay on your heart. Don’t be concerned by it nor fear it. If you think about the envy too much, it will be difficult for you to get rid of the thought.

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9. Be More Religious

Have more sincerity while worshiping Allah and commit many good deeds as possible. Also do many Sunnah prayers and other additional worshiping act. It will brings you closer to Allah and calming your heart a lot, so you won’t be feeling that envy.

10. Repent from the Sins

Repent from the sins and never commit it ever again. Sins will make bad thoughts occupied yourself easily. As Allah said,

“And whatever strikes you of disaster – it is for what your hands have earned; but He pardons much.” – Ash Shuraa (42:30)

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11. Give Charity

Always be kind and give charity to whoever needs it. By staying kind, it brings a wonderful effects that you can’t imagine. Charity kept all the problems away, stayed out the evil and envy.

12. Show Kindness to Those Who Envy

When someone is envying you, show only kindness to them. Don’t even revenge their bad deeds. As Allah has said,

“And not equal are the fair deed and the odious deed. Repel with that which is fairest; then, only then, he between whom and you there is enmity will be as if he were an intimate constant patron.” – Fussliat (41:34)

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13. Be Sincere with Allah

Increase the Imaan and Taqwa in your heart, and be more sincere to Allah. Never questioned about the blessing He has given to you, nor feeling that others has the bigger blessing than you are.

14. Be Patience with Someone Who is Envy

Do not retaliate anyone who show envy to you or others. Treat them only with kindness and patience, so that the y feel ashamed and restraining his envy.

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15. Empty the Heart from Envy

Empty your heart from any envy thoughts and never let it to get inside your heart no matter what. It’s one good way to purify your heart and emptying all the bad deeds and evil thoughts from it.

16. Be Conscious to Allah

Keep Allah inside you and orientate yourself with Him. Keep in mind that you are sincere with Allah and living in this world to please Him only.

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17. Stop Looking at Others’ Blessing

Envy comes when you feel like others has the bigger blessing than you are. Stop looking at others and comparing your blessing to them. As everyone has different level of imaan and sins, surely the blessing levels are different too.

So those are the best ways on how to avoid envy in Islam. Remember that nobody will be able to defeat the envy except for those who fear and love Allah SWT sincerely. As Allah has always suffice us with everything, it’s such an ungratefulness we show that we feel short of anything. Give thanks to Allah every time, as He never give His blessing to the wrong servant.

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